Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide

Learn about raids, quests, classes, exotic gear and more with Shacknews' strategy guide for all things related to Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 is out now for all gamers across the globe. Here at Shacknews, we've spent thousands of hours experiencing everything Destiny 2 has to offer, putting together this complete Destiny 2 strategy guide. In it you’ll find guides for single events, walkthroughs for raids, strikes, story missions and more. It will grow and expand in the days and weeks to come, giving you everything you need to defeat your enemies and empower your Guardians.

Last updated on July 8, 2024 @ 4:55 p.m. PT.

Table of Contents
Guides by Season & DLC
The Final Shape Into the Light
Season of the Wish Season of the Witch
Season of the Deep Lightfall/Season of Defiance
Season of the Seraph Season of Plunder
Season of the Haunted The Witch Queen/Season of the Risen Guides
30th Anniversary Guides Season of the Lost Guides
Season of the Splicer Guides Season of the Chosen Guides
Beyond Light Guides Season of Arrival Guides
Season of the Worthy Guides Season of Dawn Guides
Shadowkeep Guides/Season of the Undying Season of Opulence Guides
Season of the Drifter Guides Season of the Forge/Black Armory Guides
Forsaken Guides Dreaming City Guides
Warmind Guides Curse of Osiris Guides
Destiny 2 Raid Guides
Salvation's Edge Guides
Pantheon Guides Crota's End Guides
The Root of Nightmares Guides King's Fall Guides
Vow of the Disciple Guides Vault of Glass Guides
Deep Stone Crypt Guides Garden of Salvation Guides
Crown of Sorrow Guides Scourge of the Past Guides
Last Wish Guides Spire of Stars Guides
Eater of Worlds Guides Leviathan Guides
Destiny 2 Dungeon Guides
Warlord's Ruin Ghosts of the Deep
Spire of the Watcher Duality
Grasp of Avarice Prophecy
Pit of Heresy Shattered Throne
Destiny 2 Guides
Exotic Weapons and Armor Weapon god rolls
Error Codes & Meanings How-To Guides
Beginner's Tips, Class Creation & More Seasonal Event Guides

    Popular Guides

    destiny 2 popular guides
    Popular Guides
    All Wishes - Last Wish raid Skip to boss fights, hidden chests, activate modifiers, and start a Petra's Run.
    All Exotic Catalysts and Masterwork upgrades Take your Exotic weapons to new heights with the Exotic Catalysts.
    Legend & Master Lost Sector schedule Learn what the next Lost Sector will be and what Exotic it'll drop.
    Grandmaster Nightfall rotation & schedule Check the GM Nightfall schedule for each Season.
    Trials Map & Weapon The Trials map & weapon this week is...
    Featured raid rotation A full, seasonal schedule of the featured raid offering Pinnacle rewards.
    Featured dungeon rotation The full rotation and schedule of the featured dungeon, which also offers Pinnacle rewards.
    Exotic Mission Rotator schedule Keep track of which Exotic mission is available next.
    All classes: Subclasses, perks, Aspects, etc Everything you need to know about Destiny's three classes (Hunter, Titan, and Warlock).
    Artifact XP: Perks & Power XP tables showing the XP needed to unlock Perks and gain Power in the Artifact.
    Weapon crafting: Shaping, Alloys, Deepsight Resonance Discover the intricacies of crafting weapons in Destiny 2.
    Crafted weapon: Activity % Gains Each activity and the percent it gives towards leveling your crafted weapons.
    Altars of Sorrow schedule & rotation Plan your farming with the Altars of Sorrow schedule.
    Ascendant Challenge schedule & rotation Learn what Ascendant Challenge it is this week and where to find it.
    Exo Challenge schedule & rotation There are only three Exo Challenges to keep track of.
    Nightfall weapon rotation See which iconic weapon is dropping from the Nightfall this week.
    Crucible Glory ranks Level up your Glory rank to acquire powerful Pinnacle weapons.
    Crucible Ranks Chase better Valor ranks and reset your progress for rewards.
    Gambit Ranks Prove your worth to Drifter by increasing your Infamy rank.
    Vanguard Ranks Do good work for the Vanguard and level through the ranks.
    Lost Sectors locations, enemy factions, & Wanted targets A map of all Lost Sectors in Destiny 2, with the enemies you'll find within.
    Jade Rabbits - Moon Find all of the Jade Rabbits hiding out on the moon.
    Corrupted Egg locations Find all the Corrupted Eggs in the Dreaming City for more rewards.
    Cats locations - Dreaming City Find all of the cats hidden around the Dreaming City.
    All Mods: Armor, Raid, Combat, etc Learn about every single mod in Destiny 2 and what it does.
    All Seasons and their release date order When each Season was released in Destiny 2, the Power offered, and more.
    What engine does Destiny 2 use? Learn about the engine that supports Destiny 2.
    Which Destiny 2 expansions and DLC to buy A rundown of each item offered on Steam and whether you should get it.

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    The Final Shape Guides

    Promo image of The Final Shape with text that says The Final Shape
    The Final Shape Guides
    Everything leaving Destiny 2 with The Final Shape Every single Exotic, weapon, and more leaving Destiny 2 on June 4, 2024.
    How to prepare for The Final Shape Want to go into the last expansion ready? Here's what to do.
    The Final Shape campaign guide Enter the Traveler. Track down the Witness. Prevent the Final Shape.
    Dual Destiny & Exotic class item guide Complete one of the best Exotic missions ever.
    Hunter's Journal perks, The Final Shape Artifact All 25 perks in the Hunter's Journal Artifact and which ones to unlock.
    How to get Khvostov 7G-0X Unlock the new Exotic version of Destiny's OG gun.
    How to unlock the new Exotic armor The Final Shape introduces some new armor, but unlocking it is different.
    How to play Excision Here's how you launch the final mission in The Final Shape campaign.
    How to get Strange Coins Xur has been updated and he now accepts Strange Coins!
    How to play Overflow Discover how to progress the new patrol activity, Overflow.
    Unlock Prismatic abilities How to unlock all Prismatic Fragments, abilities, and grenades.
    Memory Vestige: Light How to get more Memory Vestige: Light drops so you can unlock the Prismatic Fragments.
    Memory Vestige: Darkness Farm more Memory Vestige: Darkness to acquire the last few Prismatic Fragments.

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    Into the Light guides

    Into the Light Guides
    Onslaught Guide Learn the best way to survive all 50 waves on Normal and Legend.
    Whispers of the Taken Where to find the Taken Blights and get your Whisper perks.
    How Attuning works Get the weapons you want from Onslaught by using Attunement.
    Whisper of the Taken quests Unlock the true potential of your Whisper of the Worm Sniper Rifle.
    All Oracle locations, The Whisper Track down all seven Oracles in The Whisper.
    Onslaught boss schedule Learn what boss is coming up next week in Onslaught.
    BRAVE Title Triumphs All the Triumphs you need to unlock the BRAVE Title.
    Forbearance god roll The roll you need to get on Forbearance from the Onslaught mode.
    The Mountaintop god roll Here are the rolls you need on the reprised version of The Mountaintop.
    Midnight Coup god roll Midnight Coup is back, and now with a god roll!
    Elsie's Rifle god roll She's no longer a stranger and her rifle is super strong.
    The Recluse god roll Shred PvE foes and upset your PvP opponents with this god roll SMG.
    Succession god roll Grab this Sniper Rifle and hope you get the powerful god roll.
    Falling Guillotine god roll This is the ultimate boss DPS sword.
    Edge Transit god roll No word of a lie, this might be the best DPS weapon.
    Hung Jury SR4 god roll Yes. Again. Another one.
    Luna's Howl god roll Get one of the best PvP and PvE Hand Cannons in Destiny 2.
    Blast Furnace god roll Blast Furnace is back with bigger and better perks.

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    Season of the Wish guides

    Season of the Wish Guides
    Destiny 2: Season of the Wish campaign Work with Mara Sov to broker a deal with Riven.
    Wishbearer Title Triumphs All the Triumphs you need to claim the Wishbearer Title.
    Queensfoil Censer, Seasonal Artifact All of the mods in the Season of the Wish Artifact.
    All Starcat locations Find all of the Starcats hidden in Riven's activities.
    Starcrossed Exotic quest Complete the Starcrossed Exotic quest to unlock Wish-Keeper.
    Wish-Keeper Exotic catalysts How to unlock all the catalysts for this Exotic bow.
    Everything leaving Destiny 2 with The Final Shape A lot of things are leaving next season. Unlock them all now!

    Season of the Witch guides

    Season of the Witch text over an image from Season 22
    Season of the Witch Guides
    Season of the Witch campaign walkthrough Eris needs your help to fight Xivu Arath.
    Season of the Witch Triumphs for the Haruspex Title Unlock the Triumphs to claim the Title!
    Imbaru Engine guide Complete the tasks in the Imbaru Engine.
    How to get Opaque, Major, & Minor cards Everything you need to know about the Whisper Cards.
    Secret chests in Savathun's Spire Find all of the secret chests for the Uncovered Truths Triumph.
    All Major & Minor Arcana cards & effects Every card you can get during Season of the Witch and what they do.
    Round and Round We Go Seasonal Challenge The quickest way to get the Round and Round We Go Seasonal Challenge completed.
    Farm Lucent Hive Ghosts Start crunching Lucent Hive Ghosts by farming them in a specific location.

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    Season of the Deep guides

    Season of the Deep Guides
    Season of the Deep campaign walkthrough Titan is back and Sloane needs your help.
    Season of the Deep Triumphs for the Aquanaut Title Claim the Season of the Deep Title!
    Season of the Deep Artifact - NPA Repulsion Regulator All the new perks you can unlock during Season of the Deep.
    How Deepsight activation works Deepsight activation allows you to craft specific weapons easily.
    How to get Deepsight Harmonizer Deepsight Harmonizer is a material necessary for Deepsight activation.
    How to go fishing & Gone Fishin' quest Trade in your weapon for a fishing pole and unlock some sweet rewards.
    Higher Voltage, Centrifuse Exotic catalyst Complete this quest to unlock the Centrifuse Exotic catalyst.
    Parting the Veil quest, unlock new Season 21 Strand Aspects You'll need to complete this quest to unlock the new Strand Aspects.
    Words and Action Triumph, Pyramid objects Where to find all the Pyramid objects in the secret Exotic mission in Deep Dives.
    How to use the Broken Blade Where to find the Hive statues that accept the Broken Blades.
    Pond Pals emblem Represent your fishy friends with the Pond Pals emblem.

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    Lightfall / Season of Defiance guides

    Lightfall / Season of Defiance Guides
    Lightfall campaign guide A complete walkthrough of the Lightfall campaign, including Legendary difficulty.
    Lightfall Triumphs - Virtual Fighter Title All the Triumphs needed to claim the Lightfall Title.
    All action figure locations Where to find all the action figures for the Triumph, They're Not Dolls.
    Season of Defiance campaign guide A guide to the weekly story missions for the Season of Defiance campaign.
    Season of Defiance Triumps & Title Claim the Season of Defiance Title, Queensguard, by finishing specific Triumphs.
    Ascendant Scepter: Seasonal Artifact perks All of the perks in the Lightfall/Season of Defiance Seasonal Artifact.
    How to prepare for Lightfall Everything you need to do to prepare for Lightfall.
    Lightfall raid release time The exact moment you can start your Lightfall raid Day One attempt.
    How to unlock Loadout slots Here's how you can get four more Loadout slots for your builds.
    Guardian Ranks guide What are Guardian Ranks, how to rank up, and what you get.
    How to get Polymorphic Shellcodes Gain access to Partition by acquiring Polymorphic Shellcodes.
    How to get Terminal Overload keys Earn more loot from the big event on Neomuna by getting Terminal Overload keys to use on the chest.
    How to get more Strand Meditations Unlock more Strand Fragments by getting Strand Meditations.
    Welcome to the Hall of Heroes One of the first quests you get after the Lightfall campaign is Welcome to the Hall of Heroes.
    Stargazer quest The Stargazer quest is the first of a few CloudStrider missions.
    Maelstrom quest Completing Maelstrom gets you one step closer to Winterbite.
    Bluejay quest With Bluejay completed, you can move on to acquiring the Exotic Glaive.
    Terminal Overload schedule & weapon rotation Learn where Terminal Overload will be and what weapon its dropping.
    All Neomuna region chests Where to find all nine golden region chests.
    How to get Defiant Keys Earn Defiant Keys and acquire Defiant gear!

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    Season of the Seraph Guides

    destiny 2 season of the seraph text on the Exo Frame face
    Season of the Seraph Guides
    Season of the Seraph campaign walkthrough Clovis, Ana, and Elsie Bray are finally working together to get Rasputin back online and fully functional. Help them.
    Season of the Seraph Triumphs Claim the Seraph Title in Season 19!
    How to get Seraph Key Codes Unlock Seraph chests to get more rewards and complete challenges.
    How to get Resonate Stems Warmind Nodes have popped back up. Time to get more Resonate Stems.
    All Security Drones All 50 yellow security drones
    How to prepare for Lightfall Season of the Seraph is the last season before Lightfall. Here's how to prepare.
    All Warmind nodes Season 19 includes more Warmind nodes for you to find.

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    Season of Plunder Guides

    Season of Plunder Guides
    Season of Plunder campaign walkthrough Each step of the Sails of the Shipstealer campaign for Season 18.
    Season of Plunder Triumphs for Scallywag Title All the Triumphs you need to call yourself a Scallywag.
    Ketchcrash guide Learn all about the new Ketchcrash activity in Season of Plunder.
    How to get Treasure Coordinates One half of acquiring new gear is to get Treasure Coordinates.
    How to get Map Fragments Can't do much with coordinates without some Map Fragments. So go get them.
    Season 18 patch notes - Update 6.2.0 Look at all the changes made to Destiny 2 with Update 6.2.0.
    Season of Plunder Artifact mods All the mods availably in the Skeleton Key Seasonal Artifact for Season 18.

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    Season of the Haunted Guides

    destiny 2 season of the haunted guides
    Season of the Haunted Guides
    Season of the Haunted campaign walkthrough The Leviathan returns and is communicating with the Pyramid below the surface of the Moon.
    Calus bobblehead collectible guide Find all the Calus bobbleheads hidden around the Derelict Leviathan.
    Calus automaton messages Where to find all the Calus robots for the Hear, Don't Heed Triumph.
    Season of the Haunted Triumphs - Reaper Title All the Triumphs you need to claim the Season of the Haunted Reaper Title.
    Shadow's Return Triumph How to unlock this tricky and rather demanding Triumph.
    Season of the Haunted end date You've got a deadline. Mark your calendar.
    Nightmare Containment extra chest locations Get more rewards from Nightmare Containment by finding two bonus chests in the Castellum.
    Farm Opulent Keys Start farming Opulent Keys to increase your odds of getting the new Opulent weapons.
    Opulent Key chest locations The solution to the clues of the Opulent Keys and where to find the chests.
    No Trespassing, Trespasser's Catalyst quest Take the Trespasser to new heights with its Catalyst.
    Solar 3.0 updates Check out how your favorite Solar subclass has changed.
    How to farm Vestiges of Dread Make sure you've always got enough Vestiges of Dread for the Nightmare Containment.
    Bound Presence What to do with it and where to get more.
    Unlock Solar grenades Where to go to unlock the Solar grenades that are missing from your subclass.
    Nightmare Containment boss rotation Learn which boss is coming up next week in Nightmare Containment.
    Nightmare Containment extra chest locations Did you know two bonus chests spawn after you defeat the Tier 3 boss? Find them.
    How to start Duality Before you jump in, make sure you visit Hawthorne.
    Duality dungeon guide We take you through each encounter of the new Duality dungeon so you can claim your loot.
    Duality dungeon loot table All the items you can get from each encounter in Duality.

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    The Witch Queen Guides

    The Witch Queen / Season of the Risen
    The Witch Queen campaign walkthrough A complete walkthrough of every mission in The Witch Queen campaign
    Witch Queen Triumphs - Gumshoe Title Every Triumph you must unlock for the Gumshoe Title, and the other tasks on offer.
    Season of the Risen campaign walkthrough Rising Tensions and Operation Elbrus kick off the Season of the Risen campaign.
    Season of the Risen Triumphs - Risen Title Each Triumph you must unlock for the Risen Title.
    Operation Elbrus - Step 11 Can't seem to get any Psychogenic Intel?
    How to unlock The Witch Queen Seasonal Artifact Unlock the Synaptic Spear Seasonal Artifact and start customizing your build.
    Memories of Ruin puzzle solution Here are some easy tips to solving the Memories of Ruin puzzle every time.
    How to get Weapon Patterns You're going to need a lot of Weapon Patterns to build your arsenal.
    How to unlock the Wellspring Unlock the Wellspring and enjoy this six-player mathmade activity.
    Wellspring weapon rotation schedule Set an alarm so you don't miss out on the weapon you need from Wellspring.
    Of Queens and Worms quest Complete the Of Queens and Worms quest to unlock the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher.
    Darkness Rift locations Track down all Darkness Rifts and close them for good.
    Lucent Moth locations Find and collect all of the moths in Savathun's Throne World.
    What We Survive Iron Banner Season 16 quest Each step of the Season 16 Iron Banner quest, What We Survive.
    How to get weapon patterns Start crafting weapons by unlocking the requisite weapon patterns.
    Witch Queen launch trailer song The Witch Queen trailer song deserves to be added to your playlist.
    Memory Alembic quest Where to find the Executioners, Inquisitors, and the Qualichor.

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    Bungie 30th Anniversary Guides

    destiny 2 bungie 30th anniversary guides
    Bungie 30th Anniversary
    Grasp of Avarice dungeon guide A complete list of all recipes and ingredients for the Dawning.
    Grasp of Avarice loot table Discover which items can drop from what encounters in Grasp of Avarice.
    How to get Artifice armor Unlock one of the most powerful armor sets in Destiny 2.
    Farm Strange Coins The best way to fill your pockets with Strange Coins.
    Start the Grasp of Avarice dungeon Find where you can start the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.
    30th Anniversary Triumphs - Vidmaster Title Every Triumph you must complete to unlock the Vidmaster Title.
    Richest Dead Man Alive, Wilhelm-7 messages The location for each of Wilhelm-7's messages in Grasp of Avarice.
    Xur's Strange Favor ranks & points required Some tips on leveling up Xur and how many points it'll take to reach higher ranks.

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    Season of the Lost Guides

    destiny 2 guides season of the lost
    Season of the Lost Guides
    Destiny 2: Season of the Lost campaign walkthrough Mara Sov has returned and strategies must be made before The Witch Queen arrives.
    Season of the Lost end date Season of the Lost may be a long, but that doesn't mean its end date isn't approaching.
    Season of the Lost Triumphs, Realmwalker Title All the Triumphs you must complete for the Season of the Lost Realmwalker Title.
    Season of the Lost Seasonal Artifact, Wayfinder's Compass A look at this Season's Artifact, the Wayfinder's Compass.
    All Seasonal Challenges - Season of the Lost Every Challenge in Season of the Lost.
    Iron Banner Season 15 quest Each step for the Season 15 Iron Banner quest.
    How to get Parallax Trajectory Collect Parallax Trajectory to upgrade your Wayfinder's Compass and more.
    Tracing the Stars quest Each part in the Tracing the Stars questline.
    All Ascendant Anchor locations - Destiny 2 Find all the Ascendant Anchors in each area.
    All Trivial Mysteries locations - Destiny 2 Track down the Trivial, Enigmatic, and Ascendant Myseries.
    Severing the Worm quest Time to help Savathun. What could go wrong?
    Points of Connection Here's how to complete the Points of Connection Triumph.

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    Season of the Splicer Guides

    destiny 2 season of the splicer guides
    Season of the Splicer Guides
    Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer campaign walkthrough The sun has not risen and a Vex simulation is to blame. Work with Mithrax to stop them.
    Season of the Splicer end date Plan your playtime accordingly so you finish everything before the end date.
    How to start Override Learn where to launch the new activity, Override.
    Season of the Splicer Triumphs for the Splicer Title - Destiny 2 Discover all the Triumphs you must complete for the Splicer Title.
    Season of the Splicer Seasonal Artifact - Destiny 2 A look at the new seasonal artifact.
    All Seasonal Challenges - Season of the Splicer Every Challenge in Season of the Splicer.
    Aspect of Influence quest Unlock your fourth Stasis Aspect.
    Armor Synthesis Introduction quest Unlock the ability to transmog your armor.
    Tying It All Together quest Learn more about earning Synthstrands, Synthchords, and Synthweave.
    How to get Ether Fill your pockets with Ether so you can make Key Codes.
    How to get Decrypted Data Upgrade the Splicer Sentinel by earning more Decrypted Data.
    Iron Banner Season 14 quest Each step for the Season 14 Iron Banner quest.
    How to Get Corrupted Key Codes You're going to need Corrupted Key Codes for Expunge missions.

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    Season of the Chosen Guides

    Season of the Chosen Guides
    Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen campaign walkthrough Empress Caiatl wanted Zavala to bow. He said no. Now you fight.
    Where is the H.E.L.M.? Find the H.E.L.M., a new location in Destiny 2.
    Season of the Chosen Triumphs for the Chosen Title - Destiny 2 Discover all the Triumphs you must complete for the Chosen Title.
    Season of the Chosen Seasonal Artifact, Bell of Conquests - Destiny 2 Unlock the Bell of Conquests and begin earning more Power.
    How to equip the Hammer of Proving - Destiny 2 Destiny 2 tells you to "equip the hammer". Here's what that actually means.
    How to get Cabal Gold - Destiny 2 Fill your pockets with Cabal Gold and start slotting in medallions.
    How to smash Tribute Chests - Destiny 2 Learn where to find this Tribute Chests you need to smash.
    Earn War Table reputation Start upgrading your War Table by earning reputation.
    Salvager's Salvo, Messy Business quest The best and fastest way to complete Messy Business for Salvager's Salvo.
    Aspect of Influence quest - Destiny 2 Unlock your third Stasis Aspect.
    All Seasonal Challenges - Season of the Chosen Every Challenge in Season of the Chosen.
    Intruder Alert Seasonal Challenge Learn how to prevent enemies from interrupting Ghost.
    Sling the Stone Seasonal Challenge Discover how to take down Champions for this Seasonal Challenge.
    Cadre of Contenders Seasonal Challenge Complete Competitive matches to complete this Challenge.
    Suited for Combat Seasonal Challenge You need to wear a specific set of armor for this challenge.
    Eliminate Caiatl's Cabal Proving Grounds Strike has VIPs, here's where they spawn.
    Iron Banner Season 13 quest Each step for the Season 13 Iron Banner quest.

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    Beyond Light guides

    Destiny 2 beyond light guides
    Beyond Light Guides
    Everything leaving Destiny 2 with Beyond Light Acquire these items before Beyond Light releases and they become unavailable for unlocking.
    Unlock Stasis Supers & abilities Discover how to get the new Stasis Supers that were added to Destiny 2.
    All Fragments & best ones to use Learn which Fragments you should unlock first and which ones work well together.
    How to unlock Fragments Start tweaking your build by unlocking Fragments.
    How to unlock Aspects Improve your build further with Aspects unique to your Class.
    Beyond Light campaign walkthrough A complete walkthrough of the Beyond Light campaign, to Europa and... beyond.
    Season of the Hunt campaign walkthrough A step-by-step guide of the new campaign added with the Season of the Hunt.
    How to start Season of the Hunt Find the start point of the Season of the Hunt.
    Born in Darkness quest A step-by-step guide for the Born in Darkness quest, from Part 1 through to Part 3.
    How to unlock the Beyond Light Seasonal Artifact You don't get the Beyond Light Seasonal Artifact from the campaign. Here's where it's found.
    Beyond Light roadmap A look at what lies ahead in the Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt roadmap.
    Season of the Hunt end date Map out how much longer you have to do everything in Season of the Hunt.
    How to get No Time to Explain Arm yourself with No Time to Explain, a new powerful Exotic Pulse Rifle.
    How to get Salvation's Grip Unlock Salvation's Grip and start destroying Entropic Shards.
    All Entropic Shards Learn where to find all the Entropic Shards on Europa.
    All dead Exo locations Track down all nine dead Exos for a Triumph.
    Reclaiming Europa quest Help Variks sabotage some of the Fallen's equipment.
    Empire's Fall quest Variks needs assistance disrupting a Fallen that's experimenting with Vex tech.
    The Dark Priestess Eramis' last remaining lieutenant is still alive. Stop that.
    Where to find Perdition Lost Sector Can't find the Perdition Lost Sector? Let us help.
    Unlock Legend & Master Lost Sectors Gain access to the new Legend and Master versions of Lost Sectors.
    All Penguin Souvenir locations Track down all the Penguin Souvenirs for one of this season's Triumphs.
    Beyond Light Triumphs - Splintered Title Unlock the Splintered Title by completing Beyond Light's Triumphs.
    Season of the Hunt Triumphs - Warden Title There's not a lot of time to complete the Season of the Hunt Triumphs, start unlocking them now!
    Find abandoned quests Where to find any of those quests you abandoned or never got around to finishing.
    How to play the New Light quest For those veterans out there, here's how you can play the New Light campaign.
    Iron Banner Season 12 quest A complete guide to the Season 12 Iron Banner quest.
    All Lure Mutation mods Every Lure mod and how it affects the hunts.
    Farm Recon Data Quickly rank up with Crow by farming up a lot of Recon Data.
    Ascendant Hunter & Coup de Grace quest A complete walkthrough of the Ascendant Hunter quest which includes Coup de Grace.

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    Season of Arrivals guides

    destiny 2 season of arrivals guide
    Season of Arrivals Guides
    Season of Arrivals campaign walkthrough Work with Eris and Drifter to push pack agaisnt the Pyramid on Io.
    Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals roadmap See what lies ahead with the Season of Arrivals roadmap.
    AFK forge farming guide The best way to AFK farm forges for Umbral Engrams.
    How to get Umbral Engrams Get your hands on as many Umbral Engrams as possible.
    How to get Altered Element Fill your pockets with Altered Element for focusing Umbral Engrams.
    How to get Twisted Energy Rank up the Prismatic Recaster by getting more Twisted Energy.
    Contact Heroic Public Event guide Turn the Contact Public Event Heroic to earn more gear.
    How to start the Prophecy dungeon Starting the Prophecy dungeon is easier than previous dungeons.
    Prophecy Dungeon guide A complete walkthrough for the Prophecy dungeon.
    Seed of Silver Wings artifact guide Learn about the Seed of Silver Wings artifact and what mods to use.
    All Season of Arrivals Triumphs Complete the Triumphs to unlock the Season of Arrivals Seal and Forerunner Title.
    Iron Banner Season 11 quest A rundown of the Season 11 Iron Banner questline.
    Season of Arrivals god rolls A look at the new weapons in Season of Arrivals and their god rolls.
    All Moments of Triumph 2020 Complete all the Triumphs during Moments of Triumph for the MMXX Seal.
    Savathun's Eyes locations Destroy all 50 Savathun's Eyes to get a Triumphe in Season of Arrivals.
    Farm Savathun's Marionettes A good way to farm the 15 Savathun's Marionettes needed for a quest.
    What to do with Transmutation Spheres So you picked up a purple ball and don't know what to do with it?
    How to get Exodus-Focused Umbral Engrams Discover how to get this new Umbral Engram type needed for the Triumph.
    Exodus: Preparation quest A step-by-step guide for the quest, Exodus: Preparation.
    Contact public event schedule Learn the schedule of the Contact public event so you can unlock the Heavy Hitter Triumph.
    How to get Truthteller, Grenade Launcher It's time to replace The Mountaintop with Truthteller.

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    Season of the Worthy guides

    destiny 2 season of the worthy guides
    Season of the Worthy Guides
    Season of the Worthy campaign walkthrough Help Zavala and Ana take down the Almighty, with Rasputin's help.
    Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy roadmap See what lies ahead with the Season of the Worthy roadmap.
    Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy end date The Season of the Worthy has an end date, plan out your goals accordingly.
    Point of the Stag Ritual weapon Learn how to unlock the new Ritaul weapon, Point of the Stag.
    Seraph Tower public event A simple guide on how to complete the Seraph Tower public event.
    Seraph Warsat Network quest A walkthrough for the first quest from Rasputin's Bunker.
    Powerful Fallen Sniper Learn where to find Powerful Fallen for one of Rasputin's bounties.
    Rocket Vex bounty Discover where to find a Vex boss to finish the Rocket Vex bounty.
    Powerful Scorn Trace bounty Track down the best place to farm Powerful Scorn.
    How to play Trials of Osiris Trials of Osiris returns, but there is a step players must do before playing.
    Legendary Spelunker Learn the steps to complete Rasputin's weekly bounty, Legendary Spelunker.
    Encrypted Warmind Bits Fill your pockets with Encrypted Warmind Bits with this helpful guide.
    Warmind Bits Get the ball rolling by farming up a lot of Warmind Bits for Rasputin.

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    Season of Dawn guides

    destiny 2 season of dawn  guides
    Season of Dawn Guides
    Season of Dawn campaign walkthrough Return to Mercury to help Osiris repair the Sundial and save a friend.
    Destiny 2 Season of Dawn roadmap & end date See the Season of Dawn roadmap and end date to prepare your game time.
    How to unlock the seasonal artifact - Lantern of Osiris Unlock the Lantern of Osiris to raise your Power and unlock new mods.
    Ritual weapons - Season of Dawn Learn about the three Ritual weapons added to Season of Dawn.
    Empyrean Foundation guide Everything you need to know about the Empyrean Foundation event.
    How to get more Polarized Fractaline Farm up more Polarized Fractaline for the Empyrean Foundation event.
    Lantern of Osiris Artifact guide A complete overview of the Lantern of Osiris mods.
    How to start the Sundial Unlock the Season of Dawn's new activity, the Sundial.
    Iron Banner Season 9 quest A step-by-step guide of the Iron Banner Season 9 quest.
    Osiris vs Rasputin - Special cutscene Our time-hopping friend Osiris confronts the enigmatic Rasputin.
    Inotam, Oblivion's Triune boss guide The last boss added to the Sundial is Inotam, Oblivion's Triune.

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    Shadowkeep Guides

    Shadowkeep guides
    Shadowkeep/Season of the Undying Guides
    Shadowkeep campaign walkthrough Team up with Eris Morn to discover what's happening below the lunar surface.
    Pit of Heresy dungeon guide A complete walkthrough of the new dungeon, Pit of Heresy.
    Best weapons & god rolls in Shadowkeep Discover the ultimate weapons to use in Shadowkeep.
    Gate Lord's Eye Seasonal Artifact mods The Gate Lord's Eye is the Shadowkeep Seasonal Artifact, here are its mods.
    All Jade Rabbit statue locations Learn where to find all the Jade Rabbit statues hidden on the Moon.
    Lectern of Enchantment Discover how to use the Lectern of Enchantment to make weapons.
    How to get the Khvostov 7G-02 Find the classic Khvostov Auto Rifle from the original Destiny.
    How to get Edgewise, Ritual weapon Learn the fastest way to unlock the Edgewise Ritual weapon.
    Iron Banner Season 8 quest A complete step-by-step guide of the Iron Banner quest for Season 8.
    All Powerful gear tiers and sources Grow fat with power by working through the various Powerful gear tiers.
    What to do with small rice cakes Discover what you need to do with the small rice cakes and how to get more.
    Shadowkeep Ritual weapons A list of all the Ritual weapons introduced with Shadowkeep.
    How to do Finisher moves Finisher moves were added with Shadowkeep, here's how to perform one.
    How to kill Champions Champions are a powerful new enemy type that do not go down easily. 
    How to get Shadowkeep pre-order bonuses Find where Bungie is hiding your Shadowkeep pre-order bonuses.
    How to play the Tire Game Learn the tricks to get a perfect score in the Tire Game.
    Trove Guardian guide Everything you need to know about the Trove Guardians on the Moon.
    How to get the Chamber of Night Find your way to the Chamber of Night, an area below the Moon's surface.
    What are cache codes? Figure out what cache codes are used for and where to get more.
    What are Vex Chassis Components Vex Chassis Components keep dropping, here's what they do.
    How to start the Vex Offensive Take the fight to the Vex by starting the Vex Offensive.
    How to get Upgrade Modules Get your hands on more Upgrade Modules to improve your gear.
    How to complete the Memory Pursuit from Eris Morn Eris Morn offers a few Memory Pursuits that must be completed for new gear.
    Memory of Toland, the Shattered Uncover the Memory of Toland, the Shattered.
    Destiny 2: Shadowkeep roadmap Everything coming to Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep.
    Essence Weapon Parts
    Bound Manacles Bound Manacles are needed to craft Love and Death.
    Captive Cord Captive Cord is needed to craft Arc Logic.
    Ethereal Charms Ethereal Charms are needed to craft A Fine Memorial.
    Fangs of Shun'gath Fangs of Shun'gath is needed to craft One Small Step.
    Horned Wreath Horned Wreath is needed to craft Tranquility.
    Necromantic Strand Necromatic Strand is needed to craft Loud Lullaby.
    Withered Plumes Withered Plumes are needed to craft Every Waking Moment.

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    Season of Opulence

    Destiny 2 Season of Opulence
    Season of Opulence Guides
    Menagerie recipes and rune combinations Create the exact weapon you want with the Menagerie rune guide.
    Season of Opulence start date The Season of Opulence start date is almost here and its time to prepare.
    Max Power fast in Season of Opulence Hit max Power as fast as possible in Season of Opulence to be raid-ready.
    All Menagerie Triumps Earn Imperials for every Menagerie Triumph unlocked in Season of Opulence.
    Unlock Luxurious Toast emote Channel your inner Calus with the Luxurious Toast emote.
    Weapons to use instead of Whipser What to use when Whisper of the Worm is nerfed.
    How to farm Imperials Best way to farm Imperials to upgrade your Chalice faster.
    An Imperial Summons, The Invitation Gain access to the Crown of Sorrow raid and the Menagerie with this quest.
    Where to find Pursuits and Bounties The inventory screen is constantly changing. Find your Pursuits and Bounties.
    Wendigo-GL3 Pinnacle weapon Unlock one of the best Grenade Launchers, the Wendigo-GL3.
    Revoker Pinnacle weapon Dominate Crucible with the Revoker Pinnacle Sniper Rifle.
    Hush Pinnacle weapon Take to Gambit to unlock the Hush Pinnacle Bow.
    What is Lost Treasure? Learn what Lost Treasure is, why it keeps dropping, and what to do with it.
    Iron Banner Season 7 quest A step-by-step guide for the Iron Banner Season 7 quest.
    How to get Blue Runes Farm up a good supply of Blue runes for your Chalice.
    Imperial Treasure Chest locations
    Alton Dynamo Alton Dynamo Imperial Treasure Chest is located on Mars.
    Chamber of Water Chamber of Water Imperial Treasure Chest is on Nessus.
    Chamber of Sky Chamber of Sky Imperial Treasure Chest is on Nessus.
    Diaviks Mine Diaviks Mine Imperial Treasure Chest is in the Tangled Shore.
    Endless Gate Endless Gate Imperial Treasure Chest is on Io.
    Maevic Square Maevic Square Imperial Treasure Chest is in the EDZ.
    Olympus Descent Olympus Descent Imperial Treasure Chest is on Mars.
    Solarium Solarium Imperial Treasure Chest is on Titan.
    Spine Burrows Spine Burrows Imperial Treasure Chest is on Io.
    Spine of Keres Spine of Keres Imperial Treasure Chest is in the Dreaming City.
    Well of Flame Well of Flame Imperial Chest is on Nessus.

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    Joker's Wild Guides

    Season of the Drifter Guides (Joker's Wild)
    Who to side with in Destiny 2: Drifter of Vanguard Drifter or Vanguard: pick your side for the Decision Point quest.
    Decision Point, Allegiance quest line A breakdown of the entire Decision Point quest, including both sides.
    Hidden Messages, Drifter Tape locations Find all of Drifter's tapes for the Hidden Messages or Survival Guide quest.
    Recluse Pinnacle Weapon - SMG Unlock the Recluse and dominate your foes in Crucible.
    21% Delirium Pinnacle Weapon - LMG Unlock Gambit's new pinnacle weapon, 21% Delirium, a machine gun.
    Oxygen SR3 Pinnacle Weapon - Scout Rifle Learn how to unlock the Oxygen SR3 pinnacle weapon.
    Get Weak Synthesizer Enter the Reckoning by getting a Weak Synthesizer for Drifter.
    Power Surge bounties and Power 640 Learn about the now-defunct Power Surge bounties.
    Get Gambit Prime Armor Get your hands on some impressive Gambit Prime armor.
    How to play The Reckoning An explainer of Drifter's new PVE mode, the Reckoning.
    What is a Sentry Synth? Learn what the Sentry Synth is, how you use it, and where you can get more.
    What is an Invader Synth? Find out more about the Invader Synth, what it does, and how to use it.
    Dust Lore collectibles Where to find all the Dust Lore collectible items in The Reckoning.
    Kill the Primeval in Gambit Prime How to easily kill the Gambit Prime boss, the Primeval.
    How to play Gambit Prime Everything you need to know to play and win in Gambit Prime.
    Get the Service Revolver Hand Cannon Learn how to unlock the new Service Revolver Hand Cannon in Destiny 2.
    Where to find Eva Levante Track down everyone's favorite space grandma and get ready to celebrate!
    Revelry guide A complete guide to the Revelry, a spring-themed event in Destiny 2.
    Where is the Verdant Forest? Learn about the Verdant Forest and where to start this activity.
    Zero Hour mission guide A complete guide for the Zero Hour mission for Outbreak Perfected.
    Invitation of the Nine Complete the weekly in-game activity to learn more about the Nine.
    Void, Arc, and Solar Configuration Puzzle How to solve the Void, Arc, and Solar Configuration puzzle in Zero Hour.

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    Black Armory Guides

    Season of the Forge/Black Armory Guides
    Mysterious Box and Black Armory Key quest Complete the Black Armory Key quest by getting the fourth key.
    Mysterious Datapad, Solve the Riddle Solve the riddle of the Mysterious Datapad and the Lost Souvenir mission.
    Unlock the Izanami Forge Gain access to the third forge in the Black Armory.
    Where to find the Bergusia Forge Track down the location of the Bergusia Forge.
    Unlock Black Armory armor A guaranteed way to get more Black Armory armor.
    How to use Forge Polymer Discover the uses of Forge Polymer, a new material in the Black Armory DLC.

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    Forsaken Guides

    Forsaken Guides
    Forsaken campaign walkthrough Seek revenge for the death of Cayde-6 in the Forsaken campaign.
    Broken Awoken Talisman quest The Key of Light and Darkness quest has players travel to a new area.
    Gambit Beginner's Guide Learn the ropes of Gambit so you can quickly defeat the Primeval.
    All Gambit Medals Earn Gambit medals so you can unlock Hush and other rewards.
    Gambit Infamy Ranks and rewards How many points to level up and point values for bounties and matches.
    Unlock Cayde's Exotic Stash preorder bonus Find your preorder bonus to let Cayde's memory live on.
    Cryo-Pod Heroic Public Event Make the Cryo-Pod Public Event go Heroic for more rewards.
    Ether Harvest Public Event Turn the Ether Harvest Public Event Heroic to gain more rewards.
    Bulk-delete Shaders Clear your inventory quickly by selling all your Shaders in bulk.
    Farm Ghost Fragments Quickly get more Ghost Fragments to buy Spider's Wanted bounties.
    How to get Prime Engrams Farm Prime Engrams to boost your Power level higher.
    How to get Eververse Bounty Notes Learn about the Eververse Bounty Notes and how to get more.
    How to get Seed of Light The Seed of Light is a now-defunct item in Destiny 2.
    Get Taken mods Farm Taken mods to gain unique and powerful abilities for your gear.
    How to use the Character Power Boost Increase your Power with a single-use item, the Character Power Boost.
    Who is Master Ives? In 2018, Master Ives was murdered. Learn who this person was in Destiny 1.
    Spider's Wanted Bounties
    Arcadian Chord Go to Nessus to Hunt the Arcadian Chord.
    Arcane Mind Go to Nessus to Hunt the Arcane Mind.
    Blood Cleaver Search Io for the Blood Cleaver.
    Calzar, Scarred Captain Shaft 13 holds Calzar, Scarred Captain.
    Combustor Valus Mercury is where you'll find Combustor Valus.
    Consul Partisan Sorik's Cut in The Tangled Shore houses the Consul Partisan.
    Devourer Darg Skydock IV is where you'll hunt Devourer Darg.
    Disgraced Bracus Winding Cove has a chance to deliver you the Disgraced Bracus.
    Downpour Captain The Weep is where you'll find the Downpour Captain.
    Drained Captain Whisphered Falls hides the Drained Captain.
    Dust-Choked Thrag Excavation Site XIII is where you'll find the Dust-Choked Thrag.
    Eye in the Dark The Eye in the Dark is found through a quest on Mars.
    Fortifier Yann Fortifier Yann is hiding in the Quarry in the EDZ.
    Ghaul Devotee Ghaul Devotee is slinking around Lost Oasis on Io.
    Golmuut Cargo Bay 3 holds Golmuut, ready for the hunting.
    Gravetide Summoner The Gravetide Summoner has made a home on Titan.
    Hirak's Familiar Siren's Watch is where Hirak's Familiar is hiding.
    Irxis Partisan The Gulch is where you can find Irxis Partisan.
    Karugul Search the Methane Flush to find Karugul.
    Keresh, Champion of Xol Core Terminus is where Keresh, Champion of Xol is hiding.
    Kurg, The All-Seeing Force Head to The Pit to find Kurg, The All-Seeing Force.
    Mazan, Lost Captain Widow's Walk in the EDZ hides Mazan, Lost Captain.
    Metal Captain The Drain is where the Metal Captain is hiding.
    Nariks Reborn Go to the Carrion Pit to locate Nariks Reborn.
    Pakrion Ancient's Haunt hides Pakrion.
    Pallas Siegebreaker Thieves' Landing on The Tangled Shore is where Pallas Siegebreaker is waiting.
    Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing Aphix Conduit on Io is where you'll find Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing.
    Phyzann, Drowned Captain Flooded Chasm is the hiding place of Phyzaan, Drowned Captain.
    Prince of Yul Jetsam of Saturn on The Tangled Shore is where you'll find the Prince of Yul.
    Qeldron, Keeper Grove of Ulan-Tan on Io hides the Qeldron, Keeper.
    Queenbreaker Trostland in the EDZ is where you'll find the Queenbreaker.
    Ruined Mind The Aphix Conduit on Io is where you'll locate the Ruined Mind.
    Saturn Survivor The Sludge on the EDZ is where you will find the Saturn Survivor.
    Shayotet Partisan The Conflux is where you can find the Shayotet Partisan.
    Silent Fang Cavern of Souls is where the Silent Fang is hiden.
    Splendid Mind Glade of Echoes is the hiding place of Splendid Mind.
    Student of Beltrik Search the Exodus Black area to find the Student of Beltrik.
    Subterranean Mind Head to the Pariah's Refuge to locate the Subterranean Mind.
    Sunless Captain The Sunless Captain is hiding in Terminus East in the EDZ.
    Tattered Dusk Captain Exodus Black on Nessus is where you'll find the Tattered Dusk Captain.
    Thaan'Hul DS Quarters-2 holds Thaan'Hul.
    Thyrdron The Orrery is where you'll find Thyrdron.
    Valus Dulurc Ma'adim Subterrane on Mars hides Valus Dulurc.
    Varghul, Fragment of Oryx Varghul, Fragment of Oryx is in the Cavern of Souls in the EDZ.
    Zerz, The Unstoppable Weight Pathfinder's Crash hides Zerz, The Unstoppable Weight.

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    Dreaming City Guides

    Dreaming City Guides
    Ascendant Challenge schedule and rotation Where the Ascendant Challenge is this week and where to find it.
    All Corrupted Eggs Unlock the Corrupted Omelette by destroying all Corrupted Eggs.
    All Cat locations Where to find all nine cats in the Dreaming City.
    All Ascendant Chests Track down all the Ascendant Chests in the Dreaming City for Triumphs.
    Shattered Throne Dungeon guide A step-by-step walkthrough of the Shattered Throne Dungeon activity.
    How to get to the Shattered Throne Where to find the entrance to the Shattered Throne activity.
    How to unlock the Dreaming City Discover how to access the new area, the Dreaming City.
    How to complete the Blind Well A guide to completing all of the Blind Well encounters.
    How to complete Heroic Blind Well Learn how to finish a Tier 4 (T4) Heroic Blind Well activity.
    What to do with Unstable Charge of Light Find out where to take the Unstable Charge of Light in the Dreaming City.
    Where to get a Charge of Light Get your hands on more Charges of Light for the Blind Well.
    What does "you lack something" mean? Discover what you need for all these strange cats you've found.
    Where to find an Offering for the Oracle Get a reward from the Oracle by handing over an Offering for the Oracle.
    Purification Ritual - Defeat any Plague of the Well The best way to defeat any Plague of the Well for a unique reward.
    How to farm Dark Fragments Farm up a supply of Dark Fragments to buy all of Petra Venj's things.
    Where to get more Tincture of Queensfoil Access the Ascendant realm by getting more Tincture of Queensfoil.
    Ascendant Challenge, Maximum Curse Learn where to find the portal hiding the Ascendant Challenge.
    How to get to Callum's Grave Discover where Callum died and their shadowy burn marks remain.
    Challenge: The Shattered - Toland Located Find Toland, the Shattered, for one of Petra's bounties.
    Challenge: Deathproof bounty The best way to get a lot of kills without dying, quickly.

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    Warmind Guides

    Warmind Guides
    All Sleeper Node locations The location of all Sleeper Nodes needed for Sleeper Simulant and an emblem.
    Escalation Protocol schedule Learn the rotation of each boss and weapon in Escalation Protocol.
    All Latent Memory locations Find all 45 Latent Memory/Memory Fragments on Mars.
    Unlock the Sleeper Simulant Exotic Catalyst Power up the Sleeper Simulant by unlocking its Exotic Catalyst.
    Get the Enigmatic Exotic Ship Blueprint A complete quite for unlocking the Enigmatic Ship from The Whisper.
    Strange Terrain Nightfall walkthrough Crush the Strange Terrain by knowing what to kill and what to skill.
    How to play Escalation Protocol with 9 friends Farm Escalation Protocol easily with nine people in one group.
    How to get Resonate Stem Consumables You'll need to farm a lot of Resonate Stems to unlock all Sleeper Nodes.
    Turn the Warsat Down Public Event Heroic Learn how to activate the Heroic version of the Warsat Down Public Event.
    Get the IKELOS HC V1.0.1 Hand Cannon The IKELOS Hand Cannon is required for some quests, here's how to get it.
    What does "Requires Armory Code" mean? Some panels on the ground say they need an Armory Code.
    What weapon to choose from Ana Bray Don't pick the wrong gun from Ana Bray, pick the best one.

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    Curse of Osiris Guides

    Curse of Osiris is Destiny 2's first piece of DLC, bringing with it a host of new story missions to play, armor and guns to collect, and activities to play. We'll be covering Curse of Osiris from now until the next piece of DLC, so be sure to bookmark this page to keep up to date with what's going on in the world of Destiny 2.

    Curse of Osiris Guides
    Curse of Osiris campaign walkthrough A step-by-step walkthrough of the Curse of Osiris campaign.
    How to unlock the chest in the Lighthouse How to access the Regional Chest behind the Vex barrier in the Lighthouse.
    What weapon to take from Ikora Rey Ikora will let you pick one weapons, here's the one you should choose.
    Who is the Osiris voice actor? Learn about the man behind Osiris, the Vex-obsessed resident on Mercury.
    Lost Prophecy Tablets and Weapon Forge Every Lost Prophecy Tablet and how to unlock them.
    Perfect Paradox, Saint-14's Shotgun An overview of a time-melting Shotgun, Saint-14's/the Guaridan's Perfect Paradox.
    How to get Concentrated Radiolarian Culture Where to get a lot of Concentrated Radiolarian Culture for the Infinite Forge.
    How to get Advanced Paradox Amplifier Craft new weapons by finding more Advanced Paradox Amplifier.
    How to get Fossilized Hermaion Blossom Get the difficult-to-acquire Fossilized Hermaion Blossom.

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    Destiny 2 Raid Guides

    Salvation's Edge Raid Guides
    Salvation's Edge raid guide Take to the Spire, defeat the Witness.
    How to start the Salvation's Edge raid What you need to do to access the raid when it launches.
    The Final Shape raid release date & time Discover when the final raid in the Light and Darkness saga begins.
    Pantheon Raid Guides
    Pantheon schedule: Bosses & Rewards Defeat every single raid boss that stands before you in an activity with weekly, escalating difficulty and modifiers.
    Godslayer Title: Pantheon Triumphs Every Triumph you must complete to unlock the Godslayer Title.
    Crota's End Raid Guides
    Crota's End raid guide Return to the Hellmouth and defeat Crota, Son of Oryx.
    Crota extra chest: Red Border Spawn an extra chest that guarantees you one Deepsight weapon.
    Crota's End loot table All the weapons you can earn from each encounter.
    How to get Essence of the Oversoul Complete the Necrochasm quests by farming for Essence of the Oversoul.
    Feather-Light Triumph How to complete one of the most difficulty tasks in Crota's End.
    Conservation of Energy Complete the Abyss challenge to earn some bonus gear.
    Precarious Balance Complete the Bridge encounter in a unique way for more loot.
    Equal Vessels Keep your order the same and you'll get this done.
    All For One Multiple swords hitting Crota at once? Sounds like a plan.
    The Root of Nightmares Raid Guides
    The Root of Nightmares raid guide Fight through the Pyramid and defeat the impending threat of the Final God of Pain.
    Nezarec extra chest - red border How to summon an extra chest at Nezarec, guaranteeing a red border weapon.
    The Root of Nightmares loot table All the loot you can unlock from each encounter in the raid.
    Root of Nightmares Triumphs - Dream Warrior Title Every Triumph you need to unlock the Dream Warrior Title.
    The Root of Nightmares Master changes All the differences and changes to the Root of Nightmares on Master.
    Illuminated Torment - Cataclysm How to complete the challenge in the first encounter.
    Crossfire - Scission Help out your teammates across the gap to complete this challenge.
    Cosmic Equilibrium - Explicator of Planets This challenge makes you do things the hard way.
    All Hands - Nezarec Everyone has to know what to do in order to claim this challenge.
    King's Fall Raid Guides
    King's Fall raid guide Take to the Dreadnaught and defeat Oryx, the Taken King once more.
    King's Fall Title: Kingslayer Every Triumph you must complete to unlock this Title and how to do them.
    Master King's Fall changes All the new Champions and Shields in the Master version of King's Fall.
    King's Fall loot table Every possible drop from each encounter in the raid.
    Oryx chest symbols - King's Fall Unlock an extra chest at Oryx by finding three symbols in King's Fall.
    Grass Is Always Greener - Annihilator challenge Play hot-potato with your teammates and keep on swapping!
    Devious Thievery - Warpriest challenge Steal and use the Brand Claimer buff with utmost speed.
    Gaze Amaze - Golgoroth challenge Stand in the Pools of Reclaimed Light at the right time.
    Under Construction - Daughters challenge Avoid standing on the same platform twice.
    Hands Off - Oryx challenge Don't kill the same Ogre and Knight twice.
    Vow of the Disciple Raid Guides
    Vow of the Disciple raid guide Fight into the Sunken Pyramid and annihilate the evil that lurks within.
    Rhulk extra chest symbol locations Find the symbols you need to spawn a chest after the Rhulk fight in Vow of the Disciple.
    Swift Destruction - Acquisition challenge Complete the Switft Destruction challenge for bonus rewards after the Acquisition encounter.
    Base Information - Caretaker challenge Learn the best way to complete the Base Information challenge.
    Defenses Down - Artifact challenge Juggle the artifacts to earn another reward during The Upending.
    Looping Catalyst - Rhulk challenge Finish the Looping Catalyst challenge for another reward for defeating Rhulk.
    Vow the Disciple loot table Every piece of gear that can drop from each enounter.
    Symbol puzzle room for lore books How to solve the symbol puzzle room before the Acquisition encounter. Unlock some lore books!
    Disciple-Slayer Title, Vow of the Disciple Triumphs Claim your Disciple-Slayer Title by completing all necessary Vow of the Disciple Triumphs.
    Vault of Glass Raid Guides
    Vault of Glass raid guide The Vex are back at it again, tinkering with time below Venus. Go and stop them.
    Conflux Challenge - Wait for It... Discover the best way to defeat the Wyverns as they're sacrificing.
    Oracle Challenge - The Only Oracle For You A challenge that requires a whole lot of communication.
    Templar Challenge - Out of Its Way One of the easiest challenges on offer. An oldie but a goodie.
    Gatekeeper Challenge - Strangers in Time Arguably one of the more difficult challenges in Vault of Glass.
    Atheon Challenge - Ensemble's Refrain The Relic holder should be prepared to shoot for this challenge.
    Vault of Glass loot table Discover what loot you can earn from each encounter in Vault of Glass.
    VoG Timelost weapon rotation Plan your raiding schedule to get yourself a Timelost weapon from Vault of Glass.
    Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guides
    Deep Stone Crypt raid guide Venture below Europa to discover the secrets hidden within the Deep Stone Crypt.
    Deep Stone Crypt loot table Farm Deep Stone Crypt with the knowledge of what drops from each fight.
    Red Rover challenge Fight past the Crypt Security in a unique way to complete this challenge.
    Copies of Copies challenge Defeat Atraks-1 while juggling debuffs to earn some extra gear.
    Of All Trades challenge Take turns using the Augment buffs to get double rewards.
    The Core Four challenge Dunk all four cores at once for some extra loot.
    Garden of Salvation Raid Guides
    Garden of Salvation raid guide Invade the Black Garden and fight back against a new Vex threat that's blooming within.
    Leftovers & Staying Alive raid challenge Complete the first encounter's challenge for some bonus rewards.
    A Link to the Chain raid challenge The second encounter's challenge requires a bit more communication.
    To the Top raid challenge The third encounter's challenge will make one person run quite a bit.
    Zero to One Hundred raid challenge The final encounter's challenge has a fine line between success and failure.
    Crown of Sorrow Raid Guides
    Crown of Sorrow raid guide Take to the Leviathan to kill Gahlran, a Cabal that Emperor Calus bestowed with a Hive relic.
    Unlock Crown of Sorrow raid You must complete a very specific task before the Crown of Sorrow raid begins.
    Scourge of the Past Raid Guides
    Scourge of the Past raid guide Take to the streets of the Last City and fight back against the Fallen.
    Last Wish Raid Guides
    Last Wish raid guide The biggest raid in Destiny 2, Last Wish, requires a lot of knowledge and teamwork.
    All Wishes for the Wall of Wishes Every code for the Wall of Wishes in the Last Wish raid - all 14 of them.
    Summoning Ritual Challenge guide Fight back against Kalli and complete her Challenge for greater rewards.
    Which Witch Challenge guide Don't get hit during the Which Witch Challenge for some more loot!
    Forever Fight Challenge guide A few more enemies on the field never hurt anyone? A guide to the Forever Fight.
    Keep Out Challenge guide Stop the enemies before they cross a line for the Keep Out Challenge.
    Strength of Memory Challenge guide Watch your shots during the Strength of Memory Challenge against Riven.
    Last Wish loot table Here's the full loot table for the Last Wish raid.
    Spire of Stars Raid Guides
    Spire of Stars raid guide A complete guide of the short and sweet Spire of Stars raid.
    Eater of Worlds Raid Guides
    Eater of Worlds raid guide Every section of the Eater of Worlds Raid Lair explained, from start to finish.
    Argos guide, Eater of Worlds An in-depth guide to the final boss of the Eater of Worlds, Argos, Planetary Core.
    Leviathan Raid Guides
    Levithan raid guide A walkthrough for the very first raid in Destiny 2, the Leviathan.
    Leviathan Underbelly code The code you need to input in order to access the Leviathan's Underbelly area.
    Leviathan raid secret chest map Study the Underbelly map so you can quickly move about the Leviathn.
    How to beat the Castellum A quick overview of the Castellum section of the Leviathan raid.
    Royal Pools Challenge guide Discover how to easily beat the Royal Pools Challenge.
    Pleasure Gardens Challenge guide Take to the Pleasure Gardens and complete the Challenge for more rewards.
    The Gauntlet Challenge guide The Gauntlet has a unique Challenge that will test your teamwork.
    Emperor Calus Challenge guide Show Emperor Calus you have the chops by completing his personal Challenge.

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    Destiny 2 Dungeon Guides

    The boss from the Grasp of Avarice dungoen with Dungeon Guides text overlayed
    Warlord's Ruin dungeon guides
    Warlord's Ruin dungeon guide Take to the snowy mountaintop and put a stop to the Ahamkara threat.
    Warlord's Ruin loot table All the unique weapons you can farm from Warlord's Ruin.
    All Ahamkara bone locations Where to find all the Ahamkara bones that are locked behind the various Taken doors.
    How to farm Dark Ether Tincture The best way to get all the Dark Ether Tincture you need for the quest, Into the Shadow of the Mountain.
    Ghosts of the Deep dungeon guides
    Ghosts of the Deep dungeon guide Dive below the waves of Titan and put an end to Hive magic.
    Ghosts of the Deep loot table All the loot you can get from each encounter.
    Memory of Darkness locations Where to find all the Memory of Darkness messages in the dungeon.
    Ghosts of the Deep Triumphs - Ghoul Title All the Triumphs to complete to earn Ghoul.
    Spire of the Watcher dungeon guides
    Spire of the Watcher dungeon guide Each encounter in the Spire of the Watcher dungeon and how to beat the bosses.
    Spire of the Watcher loot table All the loot you can get from each encounter.
    Devil in the Details, All Devilish recordings The location of all the devilish recordings in Spire of the Watcher.
    Spire of the Watcher Triumphs - Wanted Title What you need to do to get that Wanted Title.
    Duality dungeon guides
    Duality dungeon guide How to complete the Duality dungeon and the changes with Master.
    Duality dungeon loot table Farm the right encounters for your chance at some more loot.
    How to start the Duality dungeon Here's where you can launch Duality and any quests you need to begin.
    Grasp of Avarice dungeon guides
    Grasp of Avarice dungeon guide The best and easiest ways to beat the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.
    Grasp of Avarice loot table Farm encounters on Master to earn specific pieces of Artifice armor.
    How to start Grasp of Avarice dungeon Don't waste time searching: here's how to launch the dungeon.
    Richest Dead Man Alive, Wilhelm-7 messages Where to find all of Wilhelm-7 messages for a Triumph.
    Prophecy dungeon guides
    Prophecy dungeon guide Learn the secrets of the Nine with ease using this Prophecy guide.
    How to start the Prophecy dungeon Stop looking for the launch node. Here's where to find it.
    Prophecy loot table All the gear you can get from each encounter in the Prophecy dungeon.
    Pit of Heresy dungeon guides
    Pit of Heresy dungeon guide Fight through the Hellmouth once again using this dungeon guide.
    Shattered Throne dungeon guides
    Shattered Throne dungeon guide How to complete the first ever dungeon in Destiny 2: Shattered Throne.
    Shattered Throne solo guide Here's how you can complete the Shattered Throne completely solo.
    How to start the Shattered Throne Starting the Shattered Throne used to be a bit different back in 2018.

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    Exotic Weapons, Armor, and Gear in Destiny 2

    This section will detail how to get Exotic weapons and armor in Destiny 2. Exotic gear will help flesh out your Class' build, giving you new ways to play. Whether you're a Warlock, Hunter, or Titan, there are several different options out there for you, each of which will greatly improve any given subclass.

    Exotic Weapons and Armor Guides
    Exotic Armor
    Exotic Warlock Armor Min-max your Warlock in Destiny 2 with the right Exotic armor.
    Exotic Hunter Armor Make your Hunter the best with the perfect Exotic gear.
    Exotic Titan Armor Learn about all the Titan armor in Destiny 2, from the good to the bad.
    Mask of the Quiet One, Exotic Titan Armor Become unstoppable with the Mask of the Quiet One, a powerful Titan helmet.
    Celestial Nighthawk, Exotic Hunter Armor Obliterate enemies with a single, golden bullet with this beaky helmet.
    Dragon's Shadow, Exotic Hunter Armor Boost all of your stats with this powerful chest piece.
    Orpheus Rig, Exotic Hunter Armor Become and Orb-generating machine with these Hunter boots.
    Star-Eater Scales, Exotic Hunter Armor Get a pair of boots that significantly increase your damage output.
    Geomag Stabilizers, Exotic Warlock Armor Laser your foes into oblivion with one of the best pair of Warlock boots.
    Lunafaction Boots, Exotic Warlock Armor Aid your allies and boost reload speed with these Warlock shoes.
    Mantle of Battle Harmony, Exotic Warlock Armor Increase your damage output by holding onto your Super.
    Nezarec's Sin, Exotic Warlock Armor Become a Void nightmare with this incredibly powerful Warlock helmet.
    Promethium Spur, Exotic Warlock Armor One of the best Exotics for Dawnblade Warlocks.
    Transversive Steps, Exotic Warlock Armor These boots aren't the best, but they are useful in some circumstances.
    Contraverse Hold, Exotic Warlock Armor These gauntlets are the best option for Voidwalkers playing Crucible.
    Phoenix Protocol, Exotic Warlock Armor Earn a near-ending stream of Super energy with this Exotic.
    Unlock Phoenix Cradle Phoenix Cradle is locked behind an in-game activity.
    Fallen Sunstar, Exotic Warlock Armor Fallen Sunstar is about boosting Arc-related ability regen.
    Gyrfalcon's Hauberk, Exotic Hunter Armor This Exotic chest piece for Hunters does it all.
    Starfire Protocol, Exotic Warlock Armor Turn your Solar Warlock into a 'nade spamming monster.
    Heart of Inmost Light, Exotic Titan Armor Empower all of your Titan abilities. Become unstoppable.
    Citan's Ramparts, Exotic Titan Armor These let you shoot straight through your barricade. Perfect.
    Exotic Weapons
    Exotic Catalysts and Masterworks Where to find all the Exotic Catalysts and how to upgrade them.
    Ace of Spades, Exotic Hand Cannon Let Cayde's memory live on with the Ace of Spades Exotic Hand Cannon.
    Ager's Scepter, Exotic Trace Rifle Claim Crow's Stasis Trace Rifle and use it to spread some slow.
    Anarchy, Exotic Grenade Launcher Unlock the Anarchy Exotic Grenade Launcher from the Scourge of the Past raid.
    Arbalest, Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle Get your hands on the Arbalest Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle.
    Bad Juju, Exotic Pulse Rifle Unlock the Pulse Rifle that fills your Super with every single kill.
    Bastion, Exotic Fusion Rifle Acquire a new type of Fusion Rifle, the Kinetic kind.
    Chaperone, Exotic Shotgun Take to the Crucible with the ultimate Shotgun, the Chaperone.
    Coldheart Preorder Bonus How to get the Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle, a preorder bonus for Destiny 2.
    Collective Obligation, Exotic Pulse Rifle Learn all about Collective Obligation, the Vow of the Disciple Exotic weapon.
    Dead Messenger, Exotic Grenade Launcher Unlock Dead Messenger and then craft your perfect roll.
    Deathbringer, Exotic Rocket Launcher Rain destruction down on your enemies with Deathbringer.
    Deterministic Chaos, Exotic Machine Gun How to complete Unfinished Business to unlock this new Void Machine Gun in Lightfall.
    Devil's Ruin, Exotic Sidearm Use this odd laser gun to burn through enemies.
    Deterministic Chaos, Exotic Machine Gun Weaken targets and make them Volatile with this powerful MG.
    Divinity, Exotic Trace Rifle A step-by-step guide for unlocking Divinity from the Garden of Salvation raid.
    Eyes of Tomorrow, Exotic Rocket Launcher Eyes of Tomorrow will remind some players of Gjallarhorn.
    Forerunner, Exotic Hand Cannon Relive your Halo fantasies with Forerunner.
    The Fourth Horseman, Exotic Shotgun One of the best fully-auto Shotguns in Destiny's history.
    Gjallarhorn, Exotic Rocket Launcher Gjallarhorn has returned. Get it.
    Hard Light, Exotic Auto Rifle Hard Light is making an unexpected comeback.
    Hawkmoon, Exotic Hand Cannon The mighty Hand Cannon from Destiny has made its way to Destiny 2.
    Heir Apparent, Exotic Machine Gun This Machine Gun was added with the first Guardian Games event.
    Izanagi's Burden, Exotic Sniper Rifle One of the most powerful Sniper Rifles in Destiny 2.
    Jotuun, Exotic Fusion Rifle Let Jotuun track down your enemies with severe lethality.
    Khvostov 7G-0X The Khvostov returns to Destiny 2, again
    The Lament, Exotic Sword Tear through Champions and bosses with one of the best swords in the game.
    The Last Word, Exotic Hand Cannon Fulfil your cowboy fantasy with the ultimate shooter.
    Legend of Acrius, Exotic Shotgun Complete the Await the World Eater quest to acquire this beastly gun.
    Leviathan's Breath, Exotic Bow Unlock the Leviathan's Bow that was added with Shadowkeep.
    Lorentz Driver, Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle The Lorentz Driver is an unassuming yet powerful weapon.
    Lumina, Exotic Hand Cannon Become the ultimate support player with this ally-healing gun.
    Malfeasance, Exotic Hand Cannon Harness the power of the Taken with this devastating weapon.
    MIDA Multi-Tool, Exotic Scout Rifle An old favorite returns from the original Destiny.
    Le Monarque, Exotic Bow Spread poison through enemy lines with Le Monarque.
    Merciless, Exotic Fusion Rifle Discover one of the few Exotic Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2.
    One Thousand Voices, Exotic Fusion Rifle Absolutely annihilate your enemies with the best Fusion Rifles in the game.
    Osteo Striga, Exotic Submachine Gun Pick up a poison-spewing SMG and complete your loadout.
    Outbreak Perfected, Exotic Pulse Rifle A complete walkthrough of how to unlock Outbreak Perfected.
    Prometheus Lens, Exotic Trace Rifle Play laser tag by unlocking the Prometheus Lens.
    Rat King, Exotic Sidearm A step-by-step guide on how to unlock the Rat King, an underrated Sidearm.
    Riskrunner, Exotic SMG A sure-fire way to unlock one of the best SMGs in the game, Riskrunner.
    Ruinous Effigy, Exotic Trace Rifle Humiliate your enemies by turning them into purple balls that you can use as a weapon.
    Sleeper Simulant, Exotic Fusion Rifle Yet another Exotic has returned from the original Destiny. Though not as powerful, still worth it.
    Still Hunt, Exotic Sniper Rifle Want a Golden Gun on any class? You got it.
    Sturm, Exotic Hand Cannon Unlock one of the strongest Hand Cannons in Destiny 2, Sturm.
    Sunshot, Exotic Hand Cannon Get one of the Exotic weapons in Destiny 2, a powerful Hand Cannon.
    Tarrabah, Exotic SMG This impressive little SMG is locked behind the Crown of Sorrow raid.
    Tessellation, Exotic Fusion Rifle Consume your grenades to super-charge your next shot.
    Thorn, Exotic Hand Cannon Every step involved in unlocking Thorn, a return weapon from Destiny 1.
    Truth, Exotic Rocket Launcher Find Truth and blast away enemies with its incredible tracking rockets.
    Urgo Sum, Exotic Special Sword Probably one of the best Swords in Destiny 2.
    Vexcalibur, Exotic Glaive How to unlock the Vexcalibur Exotic Glaive and complete the mission, The Variable & node.ovrd.AVALON.
    Whisper of the Worm, Exotic Sniper Rifle A walkthrough of how to unlock the Whisper of the Worm.
    Wicked Implement, Exotic Scout Rifle How to unlock Wicked Implement and what makes it so special.
    Winterbite, Exotic Glaive How to unlock the Winterbite Exotic Glaive.
    Wish-Ender, Exotic Bow See through walls with the Wish-Ender Exotic Bow from the Shattered Throne.
    Witherhoard, Exotic Grenade Launcher Annihilate opponents with this Darkness-infused Grenade Launcher.
    Worldline Zero, Exotic Sword Discover the Worldline Zero Exotic Sword with its unique attack.
    Xenophage, Exotic Machine Gun Take to the Moon to acquire this creepy Machine Gun.
    Exotic Tips
    Exotic Engram farming Fill your inventory with Exotic Engrams by farming for the golden goodies.
    How to get Thunderlord Exotic catalyst Power up your Thunderlord to new heights with its catalyst.
    How to get the Thorn quest Players must reach a certain area to start the quest for Thorn.
    A Good Match, Tommy's Matchbook Lift your Tommy's Matchbook to new heights with the Exotic Catalyst.
    Gjallarhorn Exotic Catalyst Pick up the Gjallarhorn Exotic Catalyst and make it even more ridiculously powerful.
    Heavy Does It, Grand Overture Catalyst Increase the damage potential of your Grand Overture.
    The Bank Job, Witherhoard Exotic catalyst Get the Witherhoard catalyst by completing the quest, The Bank Job.
    Walk the Line, Duality Exotic Catalyst Improve the lethality of Duality with its Exotic Catalyst.
    Points Piercing Forever, Ticuu's Divination Exotic Catalyst Take Ticuu's Divination to the next level with this Catalyst.
    Stasis Trigger, Cryosthesia 77K Exotic Catalyst Improve the effects of Cryosthesia 77K with this quest.
    Revision 7.2.2, Lorentz Driver Exotic Catalyst Power up the Lorentz Driver with this quest.
    The Form of the Danger, Delicate Tomb Exotic Catalyst Increase the power of the Delicate Tomb with its Exotic catalyst.
    Heartshadow Exotic catalyst The location of all three Nightmares and Standard Essence in Duality.
    How to get Exotic Ciphers Get more Exotic Ciphers so you can unlock previous seasons' Exotics.
    Dead Man's Tale god roll Learn what perks you should have on Dead Man's Tale.
    Volantes Violentiam, The Manticore Exotic Catalyst Every step needed to unlock the Exotic catalyst for Manticore.
    Nock, Drawk, Loose, Quiet, Verglas Curve Exotic Catalyst Unlock the Exotic catalyst for the Verglas Curve bow.
    Wicked Implement Exotic catalyst Enhance the Stasis potential of this excellent Stasis Scout Rifle.
    Grenade Logic, Ex Diris Exotic catalyst Become a Hive Boomer and slay foes with deadly explosions.
    Wish-Keeper Exotic catalysts Power up this Bow with one of four available catalysts.
    Red Death Reformed catalyst Improve your killing and healing potential with the Red Death catalyst.

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    Quick Destiny 2 How-To Articles

    How-To Guides
    All Regional chests Locate every single Regional Chest in Destiny 2 for a Triumph.
    All Lost Sectors The location of every Lost Sector and the Wanted targets in them.
    Valor ranks and point requirements A breakdown of every rank and point needed to rank up normal Crucible.
    Glory ranks and point requirements An overview of the Competitive Crucible ranks and point system.
    New Max level and Power level cap Discover what the new Power level is in the latest DLC, and what came before.
    Armor stats and tier charts Learn about how armor stats and tiers work with Destiny 2's Armor 2.0 system.
    Farm Legendary Shards Fill your pockets with Legendary Shards by learning the best farming method.
    Crimson Days guide A rundown of everything involved in the Crimson Days event.
    Best Grenade Launchers Melt bosses with the best Grenade Launchers in the game.
    Best PVP Sniper Rifles Improve your PVP skills by using one of these excellent snipers.
    How to get Redrix's Claymore Pick up one of the strongest Pulse Rifles, Redrix's Claymore.
    How to get the Long Goodbye Collect one of the rare Nightfall weapons, the Long Goodbye.
    Black Scorpion-4SR, Scout Rifle This underappreciated Scout Rifle destroys in Crucible.
    How to get the D.F.A. Hand Cannon Complete your build with the Nightfall-exclusive Hand Cannon, D.F.A.
    The Vow, Crimson Days Combat Bow Unlock the Vow by completing specific tasks during Crimson Days.
    How to get Bright Engrams Earn a lot of Bright Engrams to get a lot of cool new cosmetics.
    Guided Games guide What is Guided Games? How do you use it? We answer all those questions and more.
    Sentry 4 Course on The Farm We walk you through the Sentry 4 puzzle on the Farm in Destiny 2.
    How to get your abilities back Destiny 2's base campaign strips you of your abilities. Here's how to get them back.
    How to level up fast Hit those high Power levels quicker with our fast tips.
    How to unlock a subclass Each class has three sublcasses, here's how you access them.
    Unlock and complete Flashpoints Complete Flashpoints to earn some powerful new gear.
    All Trace Rifles Here is each of the Trace Rifles you can unlock in Destiny 2.
    Gateway to Knowledge Unlock the Gateway to Knowledge emblem, a rare cosmetic in Destiny 2.
    How to get a Sparrow Move around the planets faster by unlocking a Sparrow.
    What does Rally to the Flag mean Discover what happens when you rally at a flag.
    How to trigger all Heroic Public Events Learn how to take each Public Event from normal to Heroic for extra rewards.
    Better Devils, Hand Cannon Acquire the Better Devils Hand Cannon, an all-around great weapon.
    Where to find Benedict 99-40 Locate Emperor Calus' messenger, Benedict 99-40.
    Unlock Lest Ye Be Judged Achievement Unlock the Achievement/Trophy, Lest Ye Be Judged.
    Earn more Glimmer Fill your digital bank account with more Glimmer by farming is faster.
    Unlock more Masterwork Cores Improve your gear by stockpiling more Masterwork Cores.
    How to get Masterwork weapons Some weapons drop fully Masterworked, here's how to get them easily.
    Earn more Renown The fastest and best way to earn more Renown in Destiny 2.
    Start Solstice of Heroes For some players, Solstice of Heroes won't start, here's how to fix that.
    All Solstice of Heroes armor upgrades A complete list of requirements needed to upgrade the Solstice of Heroes armor.
    Get more Elemental Orbs Orbs of Light aren't the only things Guardians will need to collect.
    New Pacific Arcology location Where to find the New Pacific Arcology for some challenges and bounties.
    How to get the Heart of the City Emblem Discover how to acquire this highly sought-after emblem in Destiny 2.
    Where to farm Acolytes The best place to farm up a lot of Acolyte kills.
    Where to farm Powerful Cabal Find the the mightiest Cabal and take them out.
    Vex Fanatics location Head to the right place where you can find a whole lot of Vex Fanatics.
    Phaseglass farming A route to farm up a whole lot of Phaseglass for upgrades and more.
    Find Dusklight Shards We've got the best method to farm up lots of Dusklight Shards.
    Where to find Datalattice Fill your pockets with more Datalattice than you'll ever need.
    Alkane Dust farming spot Discover the best place to farm a lot of Alkane Dust.
    Seraphite farming route The best place on Mars to farm a lot of Seraphite.
    Claim your Destiny 2 Twitch Prime Exotic loot drop Receive your special Twitch Drop for Destiny 2, which includes Exotic rewards!
    Salvager's Salvo, Messy Business quest Unlock the powerful Grenade Launcher, Salvager's Salvo.
    Nightfall weapon rotation schedule Learn which Legendary weapon is available from the Nightfall.
    Quickly level up crafted weapons Start unlocking Enhanced Perks faster by increasing your Weapon Level.
    Unlock the Relic Tether See your crafting material numbers at a glance with the Relic Tether.
    How Void suppression works Learn about Destiny 2's powerful Void suppression mechanic.
    How to get to Legion's Anchor Discover the location of Legion's Anchor in Destiny 2.
    How to get Darkest Before Grab the Darkest Before Pulse Rifle and tear up the Crucible.
    Pole Position Shader Claim the Pole Position Shader in Destiny 2.
    How to get the Burnt Edges emblem Grab your wallet if you want the Burnt Edges emblem.
    Ukraine "Sunflower" emblem Support Ukraine by unlocking the Sunflower emblem.
    One of Us emblem Unlock the One of Us emblem. Time is of the essence!
    Planetstrider emblem Check out the Planetstrider emblem.
    Be True emblem The code you need to unlock the Be True emblem.
    Tangled Web emblem Learn how to get the Tangled Web emblem.
    Crushed Gamma emblem Unlock the Crushed Gamma with the right code.
    Ivory Empress Exotic Sparrow Move around in style by unlocking the Ivory Empress Sparrow.
    Tip of the Spear Sparrow Unlock the Tip of the Spear Sparrow thanks to Prime Gaming.
    How to farm Funnelweb Learn the best way to get a Funnelweb SMG.
    How to farm Eyasluna Increase your chances of getting a good Eyasluna by farming for the weapon.
    How to get Forensic Nightmare Unlock the only Stasis SMG in Destiny 2.
    How to get Stelwar Skin ornament Change the look of Reckless Endangerment with the Stelwart Skin ornament.
    How to get Terminal Velocity emblem Be a bit hardcore with this red skull emblem.
    How to get Mementos Make your weapons look a bit more spiffy.
    Best Hand Cannons for PVP A list of the Hand Cannons best suited for PVP.
    How to Masterwork crafted weapons Get a golden border and stat boost for your crafted weapons.
    How to change your Bungie Name You can only change your Bungie Name once.
    How to claim the Quicksilver Storm Lightfall pre-order bonus Bring a little bit of Lightfall home early with this pre-order bonus.
    How to get Destiny 2 Twitch Drops Link your account and start getting exclusive Twitch Drops for Destiny 2.
    How to get the Field Recognition emblem Download the SteelSeries GG app and score a free emblem.
    How to get Eye of the Storm & Newtonian Acceleration Crew emblems Two emblems for the price of one!
    Glassway Grandmaster Nightfall guide The easiest way to complete the Glassway GM.
    The Lightblade Grandmaster Nightfall guide The best and easiest way to complete one of the toughest GMs out there.
    How to get Epochal Integration Unlock a rather unique Hand Cannon from Lightfall.
    How to get Tessellation Can't work out where to get your pre-order weapon?
    How to get the Jumpmaster emote Support veterans with the Jumpmaster emote.
    How to get Adept weapon mods Enhance your arsenal with Adept weapon mods.

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    Weapon god rolls

    Weapon god rolls
    All craftable weapons & how to get them Make your own god rolls by collecting craftable weapons and making patterns.
    Eyasluna god roll Eyasluna is back and there are plenty of god rolls.
    Funnelweb god roll A Funnelweb god roll will make it feel like The Recluse 2.0.
    Austringer god roll Austringer is back and it comes with some great perks.
    The Palindrome god roll Discover a Palindrome god roll for your playstyle.
    Submission god roll Craft the perfect Submission SMG.
    Cantata-57 god roll Do you play Crucible? Get a Cantata-57 god roll.
    The Swarm god roll What to look for on a Swarm god roll.
    Frontier's Cry god roll Iron Banner has a new Hand Cannon for you to perfect.
    1000 Yard Stare god roll Relive the OG Destiny glory days with the perfect 1K Yard Stare.
    Royal Entry god roll During Season of the Lost, Clown Cartridge offers unparallel damage output.
    Riiswalker god roll Get yourself a disgustingly powerful shotgun.
    Wastelander M5 god roll Get up close and personal with the well-rounded shotty.
    BxR-55 Battler The Battle Rifle returns, sort of. Find one with Blunt Execution Rounds at all costs.
    Braytech Werewolf god roll Make this spooky gun more terrifying with a god roll.
    Line in the Sand god roll The best roll for the Line in the Sand Linear Fusion Rifle.
    Martyr's Retribution god roll Take a look at the god roll options for Martyr's Retribution Grenade Launcher.
    Steelfeather Repeater god roll Learn the ideal perks for the Steelfeather Repeater Auto Rifle.
    Silicon Neuroma god roll Farm Nightfall for the perfect Silicon Neuroma god roll Sniper Rifle.
    Shadow Price god roll Shadow Price can tear up PVE with the right perks.
    Bottom Dollar god roll Bottom Dollar is a monster Hand Cannon with the right god roll.
    The Scholar god roll Here's how to make this Scout Rifle a bit more appealing.
    Vulpecula god roll Start creating more Stasis crystal with a Vulpecula god roll.
    Wolftone Draw god roll Need a bow to Overload some champs? Look no further.
    Fractethyst god roll Get up close and person with the best Fractethyst god rolls.
    The Title god roll Dig into Guardian Games and get yourself one of these nifty SMGs.
    Razor's Edge god roll The perks you need to find for your own god roll Razor's Edge.
    Igneous Hammer god roll Start ruining other player's day with a god roll Igneous Hammer.
    Fatebringer god roll Find a Fatebringer god roll that suits your playstyle.
    Vision of Confluence god roll Vision of Confluence is one of the best Solar Scouts in the game.
    Found Verdict god roll Become the ultimate close-quarters Guardian with a great Found Verdict.
    Praedyth's Revenge god roll Start farming Vault of Glass until you get your ideal Praedyth's Revenge.
    Hezen Vengeance god roll Nuke your foes with a Hezen Vengeance god roll.
    Corrective Measure god roll Corrective Measure can roll with a whole lot of excellent perks.
    The Messenger god roll Fight through Trials of Osiris with the perfect Messenger Pulse Rifle.
    Jurassic Green god roll Play more Festival of the Lost until you get your god roll Jurassic Green.
    Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver god roll Take full advantage of Warmind Cells with a god roll Officer Revolver.
    Seventh Seraph CQC-12 god roll Lift your close-range game a bit higher with the best Seventh Seraph shotgun god roll.
    The Wizened Rebuke god roll Need a Fusion Rifle? Get this Iron Banner gun.
    The Hero's Burden god roll Another Void SMG for your PVP needs.
    Archon's Thunder god roll Take your Solar build to new heights with this Machine Gun.
    Peacebond god roll An Iron Banner Sidearm with some great perk options.
    Forge's Pledge god roll Add a Forge's Pledge god roll into your Solar build.
    Stormchaser god roll This 3-burst LFR can melt bosses, if you have the right perks.
    Beloved god roll The perfect roll for a PVE and PVP Beloved Sniper Rifle.
    D.F.A. god roll Farm GM Nightfalls for a god roll D.F.A. (Adept)
    Riptdie god roll Getting lots of Riptides? Here is a god roll you want.
    Compass Rose god roll Unlock the Solstice Shotgun and enjoy some sweet perks.
    Something New god roll Something New is a new Hand Cannon from the Solstice event.
    Horror's Least god roll Get the perfect PVP Pulse Rifle by farming Nightfalls.
    The Hothead god roll Discover the god roll for this Arc Rocket Launcher.
    Plug One.1 god roll Pick up a quality Plug One.1 and rinse through foes in PVE.
    Taipan-4FR god roll Get your own Linear Fusion Rifle with Firing Line by crafting this weapon.
    Mindbender's Ambition god roll A Mindbender's Ambition god roll will make this Shotgun blast through foes.
    Doom of Chelchis god roll Farm enough patterns and you can make your own Chelchis god roll.
    Out of Bounds god roll This Arc SMG has so many perks that you're bound to found a god roll sooner or later.
    Allied Demand god roll Pick up a new Iron Banner Sidearm god roll for PVP or PVE.
    Roar of the Bear god roll The perks you want for your own Roar of the Bear from Iron Banner.
    The Militia's Birthright god roll Get a Grenade Launcher that can just about do it all.
    The Inquisitor god roll Get a Shotgun that can roll with 100 Range.
    Whistler's Whim god roll This bow can get Kill Clip. 'Nuff said.
    Duty Bound god roll Pick up one of these Auto Rifles and enjoy a new Kinetic option.
    Gunnora's Axe god roll Turn this Shotgun into a Sniper Rifle with some specific perks.
    Dark Decider god roll Iron Banner now has a Veist Auto Rifle with a neat god roll.
    Prolonged Engagement god roll With a ton of perks, you're bound to find a god roll for this SMG.
    Stay Frosty god roll Add this Stasis Pulse Rifle to your build to enhance your icy abilities.
    IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.3 god roll The latest version of Rasputin's powerful SMG has a couple of god rolls.
    Rose god roll Rose is back. Here's what you need for your PVP and PVE roll.
    Wendigo GL3 god roll Farm for the perfect Wendigo GL3 when it's in the GM drop pool.
    Retrofit Escapade god roll Enjoy one of the best Machine Guns in Destiny 2 with these god rolls.
    Exalted Truth god roll If there's one reason to farm Trials, it's for the perfect Exalted Truth god roll.
    Unwavering Duty god roll This is the first Machine Gun for Trials of Osiris, and one that has a few god rolls.
    Jorum's Claw god roll Find a Jorum's Claw god roll and weave it into your Solar builds for PVE or Crucible.
    Bite of the Fox god roll Put the fear into your Crucible foes with a god roll Bite of the Fox.
    The Immortal god roll Keep playing Trials of Osiris until you get The Immortal god roll you need for PVP or PVE.
    Spare Rations god Roll Here's the Spare Rations god roll for all your PvP players out there.
    Supremacy god roll Supremacy is able to dish out high damage with its god roll.
    Nation of Beasts god roll Clear waves of enemies with ease with Nation of Beasts.
    Age-Old Bond god roll Age-Old Bond can be collected and crafted into something special.
    Kept Confidence god roll Kept Confidence is a unique Hand Cannon with some interesting options.
    Pressurized Precision god roll Pressurized Precision is worth chasing.
    Swarm of the Raven god roll Swarm of the Raven remains an appealing Grenade Launcher.
    Mercurial Overreach god roll Mercurial Overreach might be tough to get, but it's worth it.
    Unexpected Resurgence god roll Grab yourself a powerful Unexpected Resurgance.
    Loaded Question god roll Loaded Question continues to be a Fusion Rifle worth grinding GMs for.
    Apex Predator god roll Apex Predator is the second-best Rocket Launcher in the game as of Season 22.
    BrayTech Osprey god roll BrayTech Osprey doesn't quite fit into current builds, but it's worth getting a god roll.
    Cold Comfort god roll Cold Comfort is the best Rocket Launcher in the game. It's god roll is insane.
    Crowning Duologue god roll Crowning Duologue has a few interesting god roll options.
    Techeun Force god roll Techeun Force is a popular Fusion Rifle, made better with its perks.
    Bump in the Night god roll Bump in the Night remains one of the best Rocket Launcher options out there.
    Unending Tempest god roll Unending Tempest will shred through foes, if you've got the right perks.
    Semiotician god roll Semiotician is an excellent option for Strand builds.
    Brya's Love god roll Brya's Love is a surprising new addition to the sandbox.
    CALUS Mini-Tool god roll CALUS Mini-Tool remains a must-have weapon for Solar builds.
    Cataphract GL3 god roll Cataphract GL3 might just get you into Trials for its god roll.
    Eleatic Principle god roll Pick up an Eleatic Principle and fine-tune it to perfection.
    Locus Locutus god roll This Stasis Sniper Rifle competes with other top-tier Kinetic slot Snipers.
    The Eremite god roll This Fusion Rifle can  get some beastly end-game perks on it for maximum damage output.
    Tears of Contrition god roll Tears of Contrition is a workhorse capable of dueling in PVP and slugging foes in PVE.
    Ammit AR2 god roll Ammit AR2 has really come into its own in recent seasons.
    Point of the Stag god roll A Ritual weapon turned Iron Banner random reward with new perks to boot.
    The Guiding Sight god roll Get a decent roll on this Strand Scout Rifle and you're laughing.
    Word of Crota god roll Craft the perfect Word of Crota Hand Cannon.
    Oversoul Edict god roll A god roll Pulse Rifle that shreds.
    Abyss Defiant god roll This Auto Rifle might just surprise you.
    Song of Ir Yut god roll Make your enemies sing as you tear through them.
    Fang of Ir Yut god roll Not to be confused with the Machine Gun.
    Swordbreaker god roll An extremely powerful Shotgun can be yours.
    Warden's Law god roll Warden's Law returns with an appealing selection of perks.
    Drang (Baroque) god roll Drang (Baroque) is an extremely powerful Sidearm in PVP.
    Nezarec's Whisper god roll If you like Glaives, you need a Nezarec's Whisper.
    Without Remorse god roll This Solar Shotgun fits into a lot of builds.
    Firefright god roll A Kinetic Auto Rifle with a bevy of decent perks.
    Hollow Denial god roll This Trace Rifle has a few great options to help with ammo and slaying.
    Sweet Sorrow god roll Give your foes the business end of this Auto Rifle.
    Piece of Mind god roll Piece of Mind feels great to use in PVP or PVE.
    Explosive Personality god roll This Wave Frame Grenade Launcher is great at clearing foes.
    Pre Astyanax IV god roll Getting a god roll of this weapon is going to take some effort.
    Coriolis Force god roll I don't know why you'd want to use this Fusion Rifle, but here are your best options.
    Night Terror god roll Wield the Sword that Eris used to slay Savathun.
    Imperial Decree god roll This opulent Shotgun can shatter your enemies with its perk setup.
    Cartesian Coordinate god roll See if you can find one of these Fusion Rifles for your Solar build.
    Indebted Kindness god roll This Sidearm hits foes with a bang. A big bang.
    Defiance of Yasmin god roll The ultimate PVP Sniper Rifle.
    Avalance god roll Whenever the Dawning is on, try and get one of these MGs.
    Incisor god roll This god roll has a bite to it.
    Cold Front god roll Chill your foes to the bone with this SMG.

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    Destiny 2 Error Codes and Meanings

    Error Guides
    Piana error code The Piana error code cropped up at the end of the Destiny 2 beta.
    Saxophone error code Solving the Saxophone error is a bit challenging, but there are some tips.
    Olive error code Sometimes a simple reboot can fix the Olive error code.
    Termite error code There's not a lot to go on when working out the Termite error code.
    Pony error code Unlike a real pony, the Pony error code is not small and charmy or fun.
    Anteater error code Getting the Anteater error code? Here's what that means.
    You have Lost Connection to the Destiny 2 servers This generic error is very frustrating to encouner, as there's not much info.

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    Destiny 2 Beginner's Tips, Class Creation, and More

    Beginner Guides
    Destiny 2 Review: Light Bright Shacknews' Ozzie Mejia dives into Destiny 2 and gives his take on the sequel.
    What class to create first Figure out which of the three classes you should play first.
    Where is Lord Saladin? Find the leader of the Iron Banner to unlock weapons, armor, and quests.
    What are Faction Rallies? Learn about Faction Rallies, a long-forgotten activity.
    Who is Mithrax, the Forsaken? Discover the indentity and history of a certain Fallen Captain.
    Best Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons Complete your arsenal with some of the best weapons in the game.
    Beginner's Tips Learn some of the Destiny 2 basics, perfect for newcomers.
    How to download the Destiny 2 Companion app Transfer gear with ease using the Destiny 2 Companion app.
    What Destiny 2 edition you should buy Figure out which version of Destiny 2 you need to buy to play the game.
    Build a PC for Destiny 2 Build the best PC to make Destiny 2 run like a dream.
    Is Destiny 2 cross-platform between consoles and PC? Destiny 2 has a cross-save feature, but does it also feature cross-platform support?
    How to find Xur Track down the tentacle-faced merchant and buy some Exotic gear!
    Moments of Triumph checklist Every Triumph you need to complete for the Moments of Triumph event.
    PC keybindings and controls Discover what each button does in Destiny 2.
    What is SBMM? You've seen the initialism, now learn what it means.
    Best Hunter Arc 3.0 builds The best Arc builds for PVE for those Hunters among us.
    Best Warlock Arc 3.0 builds A build to get your Warlock through the midgame and endgame.
    Best Titan Arc 3.0 builds Play Titan. Equip Arc. Use build. Destroy everything.
    What ritual activities? Learn what the game means when it asks you to play ritual activities.

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    Seasonal Event Guides

    Seasonal Event Guides
    The Dawning
    All Dawning recipes and ingredients A complete list of all recipes and ingredients for the Dawning.
    How to get Chitin Powder Get more Chitgin Powder for baking goods as part of the Dawning.
    How to deliver Thousand Layer Cookies to Riven Learn how to give Riven in the Last Wish raid some cookies.
    How to make Fractal Rolls Follow the recipe to make Fractal Rolls for the Dawning.
    How to get Pinch of Light Get your hands on some Pinch of Light for the Dawning recipes.
    How to get Personal Touch A walkthrough for the first quest from Rasputin's Bunker.
    How to make Vanilla Blades Learn the recipes to make Vanilla Blades as part of the seasonal event.
    Guardian Games
    Guardian Games 2022 start date Prepare for the release of Guardian Games 2022!
    Guardian Games 2022 end date You've only got a limited time to prove your Class is the best in the game.
    Guardian Games Triumphs 2022 Earn some extra rewards by completing the Guardian Games 2022 Triumphs.
    Guardian Games 2022 daily results Discover who won each day of the Guardian Games 2022.
    How to earn medallions Beyond Laurels, there are also medallions to earn during Guardian Games.
    Get Platinum medallions Earn Platinum medallions during Guardian Games to boost your Class' position. 
    Guardian Games 2022 - Best in Class Each step of the Best in Class quest for Guardian Games 2022.
    Daily Focus Playlist rotation - Guardian Games Schedule your play sessions around the Daily Focus Playlist you enjoy.
    Medallion Case quest Discover whether you can actually complete the Medallion Case quest.
    Iron Banner
    Iron Banner guide Learn all about competing in Lord Saladin's bi-seasonal Crucible event.
    Iron Banner ranks & points required A look at the entire ranking system in Iron Banner.
    Iron Banner Triumphs - Iron Lord Title Become an actual Iron Lord by completing the Iron Banner Triumphs.
    Iron Banner schedule & mode rotation When to expect Lord Saladin to return and what mode he brings with him.
    Forging Iron quest Get started in Iron Banner with the intro quest, Forging Iron.
    Iron Banner Daily Challenges Earn gear and rep boost by completing Daily Challenges.
    Solstice event guide Everything you need to know about the revamped Solstice event.
    Flamekeeper Title - Solstice Triumphs Claim the Flamekeeper Title by completing all Solstice Triumphs.
    Unlock Reveler Title Complete challenges from all four seasonal events to unlock this Title.
    Festival of the Lost
    Masked Mayhem Triumph Put on your mask and Gild your Ghost Writer Title.
    Twilight Triumph How to unlock the Twilight Triumph during Festival of the Lost.

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