Aspect of Interference quest - Destiny 2

Complete the Aspect of Interference quest in Destiny 2 to unlock the fourth Stasis Aspect for your Class.


Aspect of Interference is another quest in Destiny 2 that rewards a Stasis Aspect. Much like the previous quests, players will need to bring along Salvation’s Grip as they go spelunking through the far reaches of Europa to shoot some pyramids.

Aspect of Interference quest

The Aspect of Interference quest can be picked up from the Exo Stranger on Europa. Use the Beyond fast travel point and speak with her to collect the quest. You may need to finish the Beyond Light campaign and the entire Born of Darkness quest. Make sure you have Salvation’s Grip unlocked too, and have it equipped when you’re in Kell’s Rising.

Step 1: Visit the Exo Stranger

destiny 2 aspect of interference quest

Go to Europa and talk with the Exo Stranger in the Beyond area to get the new Stasis Aspect quest, Aspect of Interference.

Step 2: Kell’s Rising

destiny 2 aspect of interference kells rising

Head into Kell’s Rising and investigate the new Entropic Shard that has appeared. Check out the video below if you don’t know how to get to Kell’s Rising. You will need to use Salvation’s Grip to destroy every shard that appears.

Destroy the shard with the drones around it and proceed up the side of the building. Another shard will appear. Continue to find and destroy the shards until you reach the final area below the giant shard. More Vex will spawn, ending with a fight against a Wyvern. When the Wyvern is defeated, the next step will become available.

destiny 2 aspect of interference shards

Make sure you keep Salvation’s Grip equipped throughout the whole section. When I did this section, it seemed like the shards only spawned if I had the gun equipped.

Step 3: Complete the Exo Challenge

destiny 2 aspect of interfernce exo challenge

The next step is to complete the Exo Challenge on Europa. This is found to the left of Cadmus Ridge, in the Bray Exoscience area. Launch the Simulation from the map and complete it. Check out the Exo Challenge rotation and schedule if you’ve got a preferred challenge. Consider bringing along a friend to make this easier.

Step 4: Return to the Ziggurat

Finally, go to the Ziggurat in the Beyond area of Europa to receive your new Stasis Aspect. You will be transported into the Pyramid again, where you will get your Class’ specific Aspect.

The Aspect of Interference quest is short, with the only real problem being the shards spawning in Kell’s Rising and the Exo Challenge. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more help on everything the game has to offer.

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