Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign walkthrough

A step-by-step guide for every mission and fight in the Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign.


Destiny 2: Beyond Light is here and there’s a new campaign full of adventure to be found. Released on November 10, 2020, Beyond Light takes players to Europa and the Cosmodrome, grants new and powerful abilities with Stasis, and sheds more light on the darkness. It’s a dangerous world out there, don’t go alone, let us guide the way with our Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign walkthrough.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign walkthrough

The Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign is a decent length. Expect to put anywhere between 6 and 12 hours into the story. With this new update, players’ Power has been increased across the board to 1050. For those that hadn’t played in a while, there is no need to grind for Power – just jump right in. There is a new max Power in Destiny 2 to chase and the campaign will get you to roughly 1200.

Darkness’s Doorstep – Recommended Power: 1060

destiny 2 beyond light darkness's doorstep
The Beyond Light campaign starts on Europa with the Guardians trying to save Variks.

The first step in the Beyond Light campaign sees you venturing to Europa to save Variks. Before you do this, go and unlock the Beyond Light Seasonal Artifact, that way it's leveling up while you complete the campaign.

When you get to Europa and find Variks, you can free him by shooting the Stasis crystals at his feet.

Speak with Variks at Charon’s Crossing to start the next step. He will offer some information on Eramis and give you the overarching Beyond Light campaign quest.

The New Kell – Recommended Power: 1070

destiny 2 beyond light the new kell
The New Kell has you tracking down Eramis and then escaping rather quickly.

The next story mission, The New Kell, has players working with Variks to hunt down Eramis. The mission will take you into an area on Europa where you oversee Eramis sharing her gift. To get here, you will need to defeat a Heavy Shank on a bridge and then interact with the computer to lower the shield.

After a brief cutscene, you will need to escape back to your ship. You’ll enter a room with an immune Fallen called Phylaks, the Warrior. Clear out the other Fallen and ignore her to until the door unlocks. Fight back across the bridge and approach your ship to end the mission.

Return to Variks to receive a campaign reward: Hailing Confusion Pulse Rifle.

Rising Resistance

destiny 2 beyond light rising resistance

The next cluster of steps aren’t necessarily missions, but smaller tasks that take you around Europa. It begins with activating the secret comms network around Variks’ base of operations. One is beside the building, another is on the roof, and the last is out the front, down by some boxes.

After scanning the comm units, you will need to interact with the Crux that appears and then follow it through the canyon. A cutscene will play, introducing you to the Exo Stranger.

A Link to the Future

After the cutscene, speak with the Exo Stranger to receive the next step.

Splinter of Darkness

destiny 2 beyond light splinter of darkness

With the Splinter of Darkness now in your possession, the Exo Stranger directs you to attune it in the Ziggurat in the plateau beyond. Simply walk up the structure and interact with the shard. Use the “Attune” prompt to complete this task.

Commune with a Crux of Darkness in Nexus

destiny 2 beyond light commune with crux of darkness

The next step is to commune with a Crux of the Darkness. This quest step in the Beyond Light campaign will direct you to one found in the Nexus. Use the Charon’s Crossing fast travel point and follow the track up to the right towards the Nexus. This will be your first opportunity to use the Stasis abilities.

Open locked chest using Stasis

Now that you’ve got some practice with Stasis, Ghost will need you to open a nearby locked chest using Stasis. Follow the waypoint to it. Once the chest is open, go and speak with Variks to receive another campaign reward: Bonechiller Shotgun.

Defeat Fallen

The next step is to defeat 35 Fallen units in Eventide Ruins without dying. This will call out a Salvation Elite. Depending when you attempt this step, it could be difficult due to other players competing for kills. Just hang around where the Fallen Skiffs appear and you’ll complete it in a few minutes.

Draw out Elenaks, Salvation Elite

destiny 2 beyond light elenaks salvation elite

Head to the Asterion Abyss and start the fight against Elenaks, Salvation Elite. You will need to defeat groups of Fallen combatants, paying special attention to the ones with a unique symbol above their heads. Once enough have been killed, Elenaks will be dropped off for you to defeat.

The Warrior – Recommended Power: 1100

destiny 2 beyond light the warrior

After completing all the previous steps, you will be able to do the next actual mission, The Warrior. This is the fight against Phylaks. This is one of the Empire Hunts listed on the Season of the Hunt roadmap. Before you start, you will likely need to spend a bit of time increasing your Power. Try to aim for around 1080 Power, higher if you’re playing by yourself and struggling.

The Warrior quest step in Beyond Light has you fighting through caverns, defeating Fallen and Vex, and destroying Vex cubes to remove barriers preventing you from progressing. This is similar to the Nightmare Hunts on the Moon.

The fight against Phylaks is set out in three stages. Every third chunk of health you remove, the arena will begin to disappear, forcing you to move to the next platform. On the final platform, you will be granted a constantly-recharging Stasis Super, use this to clear out the enemies. Once Phylaks dies, you will receive the Phylaks’s Splinter of Darkness to take back to the Exo Stranger.

Enhanced Splinter of Darkness

Destiny 2 beyond light enhanced splinter of darkness

Speaking with the Exo Stranger again yields the Enhanced Splinter of Darkness. Take this down to the Ziggurat to attune yourself further with Stasis.

Commune with the Crux of Darkness in Bray Exoscience

destiny 2 beyond light commune crux bray exoscience

After speaking with the Exo Stranger, venture into Bray Exoscience and commune with the Crux. You will be empowered by the Darkness and have constantly-recharging Super and abilities. Once you clear the room of enemies you will need to speak with Variks once more. You will receive another Beyond Light campaign reward: the Long Shadow Sniper Rifle.

Collecting tracking devices

destiny 2 beyond light collect tracking devices

The next step is to try and track down Praksis. To get this underway, Variks will have you collecting 10 tracking devices from Vex in the Asterion Abyss. Head to the area and kill Vex until you have what you need.

Disable Praksis’s Conflux

destiny 2 beyond light disable praksis conflux

Go to Cadmus Ridge and then find and shut down the Vex Conflux. Defeat the Vex that spawn under the giant Oracle diamonds to remove its shield and then destroy the diamond. You will need to do this three times.

The Technocrat – Recommended Power: 1120

destiny 2 beyond light the technocrat praksis

The Technocrat is the next mission in Beyond Light and one of the new Empire Hunts. Much like the fight against Phylaks, the hunt for Praksis will require a bit of effort. This hunt will take you into Bray Exoscience, have you fighting Fallen Brigs, and destroying shield generators in order to damage Praksis.

When you get to the main fight against Praksis, make sure you keep moving around the arena. The Stasis abilities he has access to deal quite a bit of damage at lower Power levels. When Praksis is shielded, you will need to locate the red generators that float in the air and destroy them.

There is an empowering pool at the entrance to the arena that will give you the recharging Stasis abilities. Defeat Praksis and then return to the camp at the Beyond fast travel point.

Go to the Cosmodrome

destiny 2 beyond light go to the cosmodrome

The next step in the Beyond Light campaign is to go to the Cosmodrome and speak with Shaw Han. This is a brand new character in Destiny 2. Shaw Han is responsible for guiding new players through the New Light quest. The Cosmodrome is on Earth – use the fast travel point at the Steppes.

Defeat Fallen in The Divide

Head to the Divide and start defeating Fallen. You need to collect 5 pieces of intel. There should be plenty of Fallen to kill here.

Defeat Bakris, the Adamantine

destiny 2 beyond light braksis the adamantine

Bakris, the Adamantine is the next target you will be tasked with defeating. Bakris is hiding out in the Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector in the Cosmodrome. This is a pretty easy one as it’s not an Empire Hunt. Just fight through the Lost Sector, defeating enemies to lower the barriers. In the boss room, you will need to take down Bakris, which you can do with the help of constantly-charging Stasis abilities. The Lost Sector boss will be there too if you wanted to take it down for some more loot.

Complete The Glassway Strike

destiny 2 beyond light the glassway strike

Next up is the Glassway Strike. You will need to fight through the Strike in order to prevent Eramis from activating a Vex portal. When the Strike finishes, return to the Exo Stranger.

Enhanced Splinter of Darkness

When the Glassway Strike is completed and you return to the Exo Stranger, she will offer you another enhanced Splinter of Darkness. Take it to the Ziggurat in the Beyond and attune it.

Commune with Crux of Darkness in Riis-Reborn Approach

destiny 2 beyond light commune crux of darkness riis-reborn approach

Head to Riis-Reborn Approach to find the next Crux of Darkness. This area is to the far north of Europa, past the Eventide Ruins. The closest fast travel point is at Variks at Charon’s Crossing. When you reach the Crux, commune with it and then defeat the enemies in the room – you can use the Stasis Super and abilities while you’ve got them. When it’s done, return to Variks to get another Beyond Light campaign reward: Subzero Salvo, a Rocket Launcher.

Help your Fallen allies

destiny 2 beyond light help fallen allies

Variks requests your help with evacuating some of the friendly Fallen. Go to the Eventide Ruins and ensure the friendly Fallen Skiff escapes Europa with its asset.

destiny 2 beyond light help fallen allies Aspirant

When you get to the Eventide Ruins, look for the Fallen field emitters that are sending out waves of energy to the Skiff, keeping it frozen in the air. Approach the emitters and “tamper” with them. You will then need to gather codes from the powerful Fallen units that drop in – look for the icons above their heads. Defeat the Aspirants and then disable all the emitters.

The Kell of Darkness – Recommended Power: 1150

destiny 2 beyond light the kell of darkness defeat eramis

The Beyond Light campaign will now direct you to complete the mission, The Kell of Darkness. This sees you fighting through Riis-Reborn Approach in a bid to defeat Eramis. Much like the other fights, you will be granted access to constantly-recharging Stasis Super and abilities. When Eramis falls, return to the Exo Stranger.

Enhanced Splinter of Darkness

For the last time now, take the enhanced Splinter of Darkness to the Ziggurat at Beyond and commune with the Darkness.

Embrace the power of the Darkness

Destiny 2 beyond light campaign embrace the darkness

Communing with the last shard will transport you inside the Pyramid. Now is the time to embrace the power of Darkness and control it. After interacting with the statue, you will be transported back to Beyond where you must speak with the Exo Stranger. It's here you will unlock No Time to Explain.

Speak with Zavala

destiny 2 beyond light campaign speak with zavala

The final step of the Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign is to return to the Tower and speak with Commander Zavala. He will offer you a new quest, Reclaiming Europa. Pick up the quest and then go visit the Drifter so you can start The Stasis Prototype, a quest to unlock Salvation's Grip. Once the Exotic Grenade Launcher is unlocked, you can start finding and destroying the Entropic Shards.

Just because the Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign is completed, doesn’t mean the fun stop. There are still more activities and quests to tackle and you can find more guides for them over on the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide.

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