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Find out the locations of all the Lost Sectors in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 Lost Sectors are a new type of activity for players to experience. These cavernous areas offer a mass of enemies, a small boss fight, and a loot chest at the very end. Lost Sectors are also important in tracking down the various targets of the Wanted bounties purchased from Spider in the Tangled Shore. Lost Sectors can be tough to spot on the map, and it's easy to forget their names, so below is a map of each area, along with the names of all the Lost Sectors in Destiny 2. 

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All Destiny 2 Lost Sectors

There are dozens of Lost Sectors spread out among Destiny 2's patrol zones. Thanks to a few updates, Lost Sectors have grown to become more than just an area to kill a simple enemy. Wanted bounty targets are now found in Lost Sectors, and there are also light boss mechanics to defeat the enemy and claim the reward. Below is a breakdown of all the Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 and maps of where to find them. Note that some of these Lost Sectors may become unavailable as activities enter the Destiny Content Vault.

EDZ Lost Sectors

EDZ Lost Sectors Destiny 2

The European Dead Zone, or EDZ, offers the largest playable area and the most zones with Lost Sectors. The stitched-together map above should give you a good indication of where all the EDZ Lost Sectors are located.

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Titan Lost Sectors

Titan Lost Sectors Destiny 2

There are only three Lost Sectors on Titan, with one Lost Sector in the Siren’s Watch and two in The Rig. Due to the multi-level structure of the Titan Patrol space, these can be a bit troublesome to find.

  • Methane Flush – Siren's Watch. From the Fast Travel point near Sloane, turn left to face the Arcology, jump down to the closest platform, making sure to land on its lower boardwalk that wraps around its side. The entrance to the Lost Sector is through a circular door.
  • Cargo Bay 3 – The Rig. Use the Fast Travel point and run to the left toward the Orange “Bay 3” section. Instead of jumping up to the higher levels, walk to the railing and look over the edge, the Lost Sector is down on the lower level.
  • DS Quarters-2 – The Rig. Near the Wizard Heroic Public Event. Head in to the Public Event area. Cut across the room, and continue through the corridors, making sure not to go outside. You’ll see the Lost Sector sign on the wall near stairs heading toward a red door.

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Nessus Lost Sectors

Nessus Lost Sectors Destiny 2
Nessus Lost Sectors Destiny 2

Nessus is of a size and complexity similar to the EDZ mixed with Titan, this makes it difficult to locate the Lost Sectors on Nessus. At the moment, there are only five areas that contain Lost Sectors, with only one Lost Sector each.

  • Orrery – Artifact's Edge. Jump from the Fast Travel point, down to the left where the Vex spawn. Continue down toward the shallow water to locate the Lost Sector.
  • Rift – Exodus Black. Directly across from the Fast Travel point.
  • Carrion Pit – Glade of Echoes. Head into the middle of the area and search below the rubble for a tunnel leading down into the ground.
  • Conflux – The Cistern. Under the large tree, look for the entrance to this Nessus Lost Sector beside the waterfall.
  • Ancient's Haunt – The Tangle. Go to the right of the Well of Dust and look for the cave in the wall by the tree covered in red fungus. 

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Io Lost Sectors

Io Lost Sectors Destiny 2

There are only three Lost Sectors on Io, and all of them are easy to find due to the fairly flat nature of the Patrol zone.

  • Aphix Conduit – The Rupture, in the very southeast of the area.
  • Sanctum of Bones – The Rupture. Directly across from Asher Mir in a cave.
  • Grave of Ulan-Tan – Lost Oasis. From the Fast Travel spawn point, turn left and follow the cliff along until you find a cave in the wall.

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Mercury Lost Sectors

Mercury Lost Sectors Destiny 2

There's only one Lost Sector on Mercury. 

  • Pariah's Refuge – When facing away from the Lighthouse and Brother Vance, go left and follow the edge of the area toward the Infinite Forest. The Lost Sector is near the edge.

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Mars Lost Sectors

Mars Lost Sectors Destiny 2

There are only two Lost Sectors on Mars:

  • Ma'adim Subterrane – Glacial Drift. From the Fast Travel point, go right and follow the cliff's edge along.
  • Core Terminus – Braytech Futurescape. Left of the Fast Travel point, in one of the Hive-infested rooms.

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Tangled Shore Lost Sectors

Tangled Shore Lost Sectors Destiny 2

The Tangled Shore has five Lost Sectors for players to loot.

  • Trapper's Cave – Four-Horn Gulch. In the center of the map in the ravine.
    • Cabal
    • Garut Gra’am
  • Kingship Dock – Thieves' Landing. Up the large elevator to the north of the area.
    • Scorn
    • Vilzii, Scorn Chieftain
  • The Empty Tank – Thieves' Landing. Left of the Fast Travel point.
    • Fallen and Cabal
    • Azilis, Dusk Marauder
  • Shipyard AWO-43 – Jetsam of Saturn. Near the crashed Hive tomb ship.
    • Fallen
    • Zetix-7
  • Wolfship Turbine – Soriks's Cut. Just near the Fast Travel point.
    • Hive
    • Segrex, the Tainted

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Dreaming City Lost Sectors

Dreaming City Lost Sectors Destiny 2

Three Lost Sectors are scattered around the Dreaming City, one in each of the main areas:

  • Bay of Drowned Wishes – Divalian Mists. Directly behind the Fast Travel point.
    • Scorn
    • Yirksii, Subversive Chieftain
  • Chamber of Starlight – Rheasilvia. At the end of the chasm in the middle of the area.
    • Taken
    • Inkasi, Disciple of Quria
  • Aphelion's Rest – The Strand. Below the temple where Petra Venj can sometimes be found.
    • Taken
    • Inkasi, Disciple of Quria

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Moon Lost Sectors

Destiny 2 Lost Sector Moon
There are four Lost Sectors to find on the Moon. Three are located fairly close to Eris Morn while the fourth is over near the Scarlet Keep.

There are four Lost Sectors on the Moon. Depending on how far through the Shadowkeep campaign you are, these may or may not provide a challenge. If you’re reading this well after Shadowkeep launches, disregard and enjoy your farming!

  • K1 Logistics – This Lost Sector is found inside the building in Archer’s Line. Look for the Nightmare floating by the broken roof.
    • Fallen
    • Nightmare of Kelnix Reborn
    • Nightmare Dreg
  • K1 Crew Quarters – Another Lost Sector is found in the Hellmouth, to the south of the area among some buildings. Head inside a building to gain access to K1 Crew Quarters.
    • Fallen
    • Nightmare of Reyiks, Actuator
  • K1 Communion – To find this Lost Sector, head to Anchor of Light and search the building by the path leading to the Hellmouth. Search the lower level to find a hole in the wall leading to K1 Communion.
    • Fallen
    • Nightmare of Reyiks, Actuator
  • K1 Revelation – The final Lost Sector is in the Sorrow’s Harbor. Search the center of the area, the entrance is on the underside of a rock.
    • Hive
    • Nightmare of Arguth, the Tormented
    • Tormented Servant Nightmare
    • Nightmare Acolyte,

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Europa Lost Sectors

There three Lost Sectors to be found on Europa, and they're all clustered around the center of the map. 

Destiny 2 Europa Lost Sectors
There are only three Lost Sectors on Europa and they're all in close proximity to one another.
  • Perdition – This Lost Sector is located in Cadmus Ridge. Head toward the central rocky cliff to find a little tunnel that leads to the otherside, the Lost Sector icon will be above it. Instead of going through the tunnel, turn right to find a little ravine that leads to the Lost Sector.
    • Vex
    • Alkestis, Sacrificial Mind
  • Bunker E15 – Go into the yellow building in the Eventide Ruins. In the central area, look for the hole that has been blasted in the wall. You will need to jump up to it and then follow the stairway down into the Lost Sector.
    • Vex
    • Inquisitor Hydra
  • Concealed Void – The final Lost Sector is in Asterion Abyss. There is a gully in the center of the area that has a few branching paths leading out from it. The entrance to the Lost Sector is tucked up against the wall, there is a warm glow emanating from it.
    • Fallen
    • Teliks, House Salvation

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Cosmodrome Lost Sectors

The Cosmodrome only has two Lost Sectors and they're on opposite sides of the patrol zone. 

Destiny 2 Cosmodrome Lost Sectors
The only two Lost Sectors on the Cosmodrome are on opposite sides of the area. On contains Fallen and the other Hive.
  • Exodus Garden 2A – This Lost Sector is found in The Divide. To reach it, start at the fast travel point at The Steppes and work your way back through Dock 13. As you enter The Divide, cross the open field and jump on top of the large silo. Look for the hole in the wall, it's through here you'll find Exodus Garden 2A.
    • Fallen
    • Veles Labyrinth – The other Lost Sector in the Cosmodrome is in the Forgotten Shore, on the southside of the area. The entrance to Veles Labyrinth is through an open hatch on a shipwreck near the back wall.
      • Hive
      • Ak-Baral, Rival of Navota

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    Savathun's Throne World

    Savathun's Throne World has three Lost Sectors, one in each of the major areas.

    destiny 2 lost sectors savathun's throne world
    • Extraction – This Lost Sector is in Extraction, opposite Fynch. Head across the gully toward the far edge of the area. Activate the Deepsight near the edge and work your way down the platforms to the Lost Sector.
    • Metamorphosis – The Metamorphosis Lost Sector is in the Miasma region. This one can be difficult to find at first as the sign is hidden behind a tree. Head to the center of the map near the earthy tunnel.
    • Sepulcher – The Sepulcher Lost Sector is in the Florescent Canal area of the Throne World. Head to the semi-circular part on the left side of the area (near where the Wizard public event occurs) and go under the little arches to find the entrance.

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    Neomuna, Neptune Lost Sectors

    A map of the Lost Sectors on Neomuna, Neptune

    Source: Shacknews
    • Gilded Precept – The Gilded Precept Lost Sector is off the side of the map in Ahimsa Park. Look for the cliff that leads down to the side of Calus' ship, Typhon Imperator. Work your way into the ship to reach the Lost Sector.
    • Thrilladrome – The Thrilladrome is in Liming Harbor, in the center of the building. Enter it and jump up into the rafts and go through the vent. You will eventually reach an arcade with a bunch of Vex.
    • Hydroponics Delta – This Lost Sector is in the Zephyr Concourse, south of the fast travel point. Look for the landing pad just beyond the central spinning structure. From the landing pad, look for the glowing door on the side of a nearby building.

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    Destiny 2: Forsaken introduced a record book of sorts which tracks the various Lost Sectors completed, so get out there are find them all! Lost Sectors are also where players can find a lot of Spider's targets from the Wanted bounties. If you need more information on other aspects of Destiny 2, make sure you check out our Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide.

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