Wanted: Nariks Reborn - Destiny 2

Claim the Wanted bounty on Nariks Reborn, who is hiding out in the Carrion Pit in Destiny 2.


As you continue to hunt for the Wanted escapees from the Prison of Elders in Destiny 2, your journey will eventually lead you to Nariks Reborn. This Fallen Servitor is hanging out in the Carrion Pit, and there are a few dozen Fallen foes protecting it. I’ll show you how to get to the Carrion Pit, and how to take out your target without messing with all its guards.

Wanted: Nariks Reborn - Carrion Pit

To reach the Carrion Pit lost sector on Nessus, spawn in at the Exodus Black and head left on your sparrow. Go through the broken piece of ship and you’ll find yourself at the Glade of Echoes. Off the right side of the path will be some debris. Within that debris is the only lost sector in the region. Head inside and soon you’ll receive a notification that you’re in the Carrion Pit.

To complete the Wanted bounty, engage the enemies in the first room. When it’s clear, hop up into the debris above your head. You can use this shortcut to get directly to where Nariks Reborn is hiding out, rather than fighting through all the enemies. Deploy your super ability and the fight should be nearly over, if it’s not done already. The chest should also be right there, making this an ideal lost sector to farm.

Once Nariks Reborn has been taken out, the Wanted bounty will pop up as complete and you can safely leave the Carrion Pit, unless there are more enemies after you, in which case you should run. You can turn the bounty in and claim your reward from the Spider directly from the inventory, then it’s on to the next Wanted bounty. We’ve got the locations of all lost sectors in Destiny 2 if you’re still on the hunt.

Nariks Reborn is no more and your Wanted bounty is complete, but there’s always more to do, Guardian. Head over to the Destiny 2 strategy guide to check out dozens of guides for players of all experience levels.

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