How to Farm Lost Sectors in Destiny 2

Even solo players can farm lost sectors in Destiny 2 in under two minutes.


Every now and then Destiny 2 players find reason to wander into a lost sector. Maybe you just want to experience them all, or perhaps you’re there as part of a greater grind for gear.The latter was the case last night with me. As part of my quest to obtain all the Dead Orbit armor and ornaments, I needed to loot 15 lost sectors. Normally that’s about an hour of work, but I was able to pull this off in only 20 minutes after finding the perfect lost sector to farm.

How to Farm Lost Sectors in Destiny 2

The concept behind any lost sector farming in Destiny 2 is simple. You kill the boss and then open the chest. The moment you leave the lost sector, you can return to it and repeat the process. What gets in your way are the number of enemies between yourself and the boss, and the distance between the entrance of the lost sector and the loot chest.

Currently, I believe one of the best lost sectors to farm is found on Nessus. Spawn in at the Exodus Black near Failsafe, but head toward the Glad of Echoes. If you look at your map you’ll find a lost sector in the middle of the area, and that’s where you’re headed. You’ll find it among some debris with a few Fallen goons hanging about.

As you make your way underground you’ll get a notification on your screen that you’ve entered the lost sector named the Carrion Pit. It’s a multi-level lost sector that consists of mainly Dregs and Shanks, and features a Servitor boss at the end named Nariks Reborn. The boss is noteworthy because it’s considered a powerful Fallen enemy (yellow bar), which you need to farm to get the Sturm exotic hand cannon.

The first enemies you see when you enter the Carrion Pit are Shanks, but you can ignore them. Look for a large container that is open on the end in front of you. To its left will be another container that is slightly taller, but smaller overall. You will jump on the longer container, then the smaller one, using them to jump one more time and reach the broken ceiling panels above you. From there you can continue to jump and work your way up, finding yourself face to face with Nariks Reborn, the Servitor boss that you need to destroy.

Nariks Reborn can be taken out with two or three rockets, or the right super ability, such as the Hunter’s Golden Gun and Celestial Nighthawk combination. If you’re low on rockets or your super ability, your primary weapon will do just fine, although it will slow things down just a tad.

When Nariks Reborn falls you can head straight to the chest and loot it, completing the lost sector. There will be lots of Fallen shooting at you, but you can ignore them and jump back down to the ground level. Head back out the way you came and continue toward the surface until you load back into the Glade of Echoes. From there you can immediately turn back and head into the Carrion Pit to farm the lost sector again. The entire process from entering to exiting took me about one minute and 30 seconds, and that was without the use of my super ability.

Now that you’re well on your way to farming lost sectors, read about more tips and shortcuts in Destiny 2 that can save you time and relieve the grind.

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