Palworld Strategy Guide

Learn everything about Palworld from the basics of building and capturing Pals to perfecting automation and fighting bosses.


Palworld has entered early access and with it came a meteoric rise to fame. As any fan of the crafting-survival genre will tell you, there can be a lot of complexity and unknowns when starting one of these games, which is where this Palworld Strategy Guide comes into play. This hub will contain our collection of guides for every resource, a breakdown of Pal breeding programs, as well as general information on how to perform various activities and actions in the game.

Palworld Strategy Guide

Resources Guides

Where to get Honey Honey is an important ingredient for making Cake.
How to get Milk The best way to get Milk so you can make Cake.
Where to find Wheat and Wheat Seeds Track down some Wheat Seeds so you can start milling your own Wheat.
Where to find Pal Fluids Pal Fluids are needed in just about everything.
How to make Cloth Cloth is another material that is used in basically every bit of armor.
How to make Pal Spheres You won't be catching many Pals if you don't make Pal Spheres!
Get Paldium Fragment Paldium Fragment is surprisingly abundant, if you know what to look for.

Chests, Secrets, and Collectibles Guides

Chests, Secret & Collectibles
Find Copper Keys Where to find Copper Keys so you can start opening basic chests.

Controls & Keybindings Guides

Controls and Keybindings Every button input on PC and Xbox controller.
How to roll Roll like a pro and dodge those attacks!

General Guides

General Guides
Beginner's tips A few tips to help you get started in Palworld.
How to catch Pals Catching Pals is all part of the joy of the game.
Assign Pals to your base Put those captured Pals to work around your base.
How to get a mount You can ride some Pals, here's the quickest way to make that happen.
How to learn Ancient Technology Ancient Technology is a more powerful form of the Tech tree.
What happens to Pals you catch when your party is full Got a full party but want to catch a Pal? Here's what will happen.
How to play multiplayer & invite friends Get your friends into a game of Palworld and work together!
What does SAN mean? Learn what SAN means and how to recover it on your Pals.
How breeding works Start breeding your Pals together to create even more powerful Pals!

Miscellaneous Guides

Palworld Console Commands All the available commands for admins in Palworld.
Palworld Dedicated Server Guide Set up a Palworld dedicated server so you can play with more than 4 people (up to 32!)
Palworld PC Specs & Requirements See if your PC has what it takes to run Palworld.
Will Palworld come to PS5? Players want to know if Palworld is coming to PS5.

There’s a lot still to learn about Palworld and you’ll find that information right here on Shacknews. Stop by our Palworld page for a look at other information like patch notes and news surrounding the developer, Pocketpair.

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