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Is your party full but you've found a Pal you really want? Don't worry. Go ahead and catch it.


Catching Pals is all part of the fun in Palworld. But there will be some instances where your party is completely full and you’ve just come across a brand new Pal you want to catch! The Pal isn’t going to fit into your party. But what happens if you try to catch it? Will you waste your Pal Sphere? Can you even catch it? Here’s what you need to know.

What happens when you catch a Pal with a full party

When you catch a Pal when your party is full that Pal will go straight to your Palbox. It will not get deleted and it won’t waste any precious spheres. So you can rest assured that when you try to catch the Pal, you only need to contend with the catch percentage.

The Palbox in Palworld

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Wondering what happens in this situation makes sense. Typically, catching a new Pal will add it straight to your party so you can use it. I found myself wanting to catch a Mau but was worried I wouldn’t be able to because of the full party. Nonetheless, I caught it and when I returned to base, it was waiting for me in my Palbox.

The one thing I don’t know is what happens if or when your Palbox fills up. I have no idea whether there are only 16 pages or if it will expand over time. So in the event you have a full Palbox, just be mindful that you’re in uncharted territory. But seriously, 480 Pals? I think you need to invest in that meat cleaver.

Now that you know what happens to Pals you try to catch when your party is full, you can rest assured knowing you’re not going to waste precious Pal Spheres. Additionally, that Pal isn’t going to delete someone in your party or disappear into the ether. We’ve got plenty more answers to your questions over on our Palworld Strategy Guide.

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