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Cloth is a key component in crafting a lot of things in Palworld, and before you can do that you must first get wool.


Palworld is an open-world, crafting-survival game, which means you will inevitably need to get your hands on cloth. But you won’t just pick up cloth from a tree, you’ll need access to wool, and then a way to turn that into the material you need. The good news is that it’s all very easy to do and it won’t be long until you’ve got some decent clothes and even a bed.

How to get cloth

To get cloth in Palworld you must first unlock it in the Technology tree at Level 3. Then, you need to refine wool, which is dropped by Lamballs. You can either go around hunting Lamballs and collecting the wool they drop or you can make a ranch, throw in a few Lamballs, and reap the rewards of agriculture.

Lamballs making wool in Palworld

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You can unlock the Ranch structure once you hit Level 5. It is found in the Technology tree, right beside the Berry Plantation. It will cost 50x wood, 20x stone, and 30x fiber to create – all of these resources are easy to come by. Once made, go and catch some Lamballs and assign them to your base. They’ll wander over to the Ranch and start producing wool. If they don’t, grab them and throw them into it.

Turning wool into cloth

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Collect the wool and take it to a Primitive Workbench. As mentioned above, you must ensure cloth is unlocked in the Technology tree. You will now have the option to craft cloth using 2x wool. Make as many as you need and then get to work (or have a Pal do it). Once done, you’ll have a good supply of cloth to make whatever you like.

Cloth is one of the first important items you will need to craft in Palworld. This simple material will let you create a tremendous number of items from a basic cloth outfit all the way up to the most powerful armor in the game. Take a look at our Palworld Strategy Guide for more guides to help you collect Pals and conquer the world!

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