How to get wheat and wheat seeds - Palworld

Getting wheat seeds is an essential part of Pal breeding.


Palworld wheat is an essential item if you want to try your hand at Pal breeding and fusion – and you do, since it’s an excellent way to get strong Pals with special abilities. How to get wheat seeds isn’t so clear, though, as you can't actually find them by exploring as you can with several other food items.

Our Palworld wheat seeds guide explains how to get wheat seeds, how to grow wheat, and what to do with it once you have it.

How to get wheat in Palworld

A menu image showing a Palworld wheat plantation and what it takes to build one

The only way to get wheat in Palworld is by growing it yourself. Unlike berries and some other food resources, you can’t get wheat in the wild, and no Pals drop it upon capture or defeat.

You’ll need to build a wheat plantation. Wheat plantations unlock in the technology tree at level 15 and cost two Technology Points. Building a wheat plantation costs:

  • 35 stone
  • 35 wood
  • 35 wheat seeds

Stone and wood are straightforward, but Palworld doesn’t tell you how to get wheat seeds. You’ll need to head into the wild and track down certain Pals.

Palworld wheat seeds

A Palworld Dinossom faces the player character in a clearing on hill

Wheat seeds drop from Grass-type Pals, or at least, some of them. We’ve found wheat seeds from:

  • Dinossom
  • Bristla
  • Flopie
  • Cinnamoth

Of those, your best bet for getting wheat seeds quickly is Dinossom. Bristle and Flopie are common near the Center Lake region and Flopie Hill, but they’re also surrounded by high-level Free Pal Devotees and strong Pals. Cinnamoth is more likely to drop honey, so it’s an unreliable source of wheat.

Dinossom wanders the hills just north of where your journey begins on the Windswept Plateau, so you can get three wheat seeds with relative ease. Make sure to bring a Fire Pal such as Foxparks along to finishthe battle quickly, whether you plan on capturing Dinossom or defeating them.

How to grow wheat in Palworld

A Pal tamer and Tanzee work together on a wheat plantation to sow wheat seeds

Head to your newly-built wheat plantation, and follow the button prompts. You need to plant the seeds and water them, then wait while they grow. A Grass Pal will help plant seeds more quickly, and a Water Pal cuts down how long it takes to, well, water. I haven’t found any Pal that reduces the time it takes for wheat to grow, though, so you’ll just have to wait.

Once it sprouts, interact with the crop to harvest it or let a Pal with the Handiwork ability do it for you.

What is wheat for in Palworld?

Wheat's only purpose is for milling into flour. You'll need a mill to process wheat. Flour shows up in some cooking recipes, but the most important one is cake. You need cake to encourage Pals to breed and lay eggs, and while the process takes some time and effort, it's the best way to raise a new generation of strong Pals.

For more Palworld help, head over to our Palworld Strategy Guide, where you can learn how to assign Pals and see the best way to get Palworld cloth quickly.

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