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Learn what the SAN meter means and how you ensure your Pal's SAN recovers so they can get back to work.


There’s a lot to learn in Palworld and one of the most important mechanics is SAN. This mysterious three-letter percentage is critical to the wellbeing of your Pals, which in turn impacts their ability to perform their duties around your base. Here’s what SAN means and how to recover it back to 100 percent!

What does SAN mean?

The Survival Guide's explanation of SAN and Sanity

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In Palworld, SAN means Sanity. This is a separate meter from your Pal’s health bar that indicates their level of Sanity. The higher the percentage, the more likely your Pal is a-okay while a lower percentage means it is not very happy. In fact, if your Pal’s SAN percentage gets too low, they’ll get distressed and won’t be able to do things like produce goods (like Milk and Honey), work or attack, or even just hang out.

A Pal with perfect SAN
A happy Pal with high SAN will do good work.
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All sorts of things can impact your Pal’s Sanity. For starters, poor work conditions can lead to worse Sanity. If you’ve got a Monitoring Stand, set the level of effort to Normal as the Hard Working and Super Hard Working modes will rapidly deteriorate your Pal. Furthermore, not having any beds or places to relax can impact your Pal’s Sanity levels.

How to recover SAN

Your Pal will recover their SAN percentage over time provided you have the necessary comforts. Build a bed for every single Pal assigned to your base – a Pal without a bed will get stressed. You can also build a Hot Spring which your Pal will use to recover Sanity.

Various food items that can be made
Some food items affect Sanity in different ways
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Other than structures, you will also need to give your Pals food. Better food will cause Sanity to recover faster and some food will help slow the rate of SAN that’s lost.

At the end of the day, the Sanity of your Pal workforce is super important. When the SAN percentage drops too low, quality work won’t be done and you’ll wind up having to do it all yourself. So keep those workers happy!

Now that you know what SAN means and how to recover Sanity, you should have a bunch of happy Pals. All you need to do now is do some researching into breeding and you’ll have the most powerful and happiest Pals in the whole server. Take a look at our Palworld Strategy Guide for more help.

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