How to get Milk - Palworld

You'll need Milk for several of the recipes that you can make in Palworld.


Palworld is a game partly about finding ingredients so you can make something that will progress your experience forward. At times you might have to track down Ore, and other times it might be… Milk. Thankfully, there’s a very easy way to produce Milk at your base without too much effort, and I’m going to show you how.

How to get Milk

An image showing the Mozzarina location so players can capture them for Milk
You can find Mozzarina in the Bamboo Grove area near the Ravine Entrance fast travel.

The best method to get Milk in Palworld is to assign a Mozzarina to your Ranch in your base. Mozzarina can be found in the Bamboo Grove area, which is west of the Ravine Entrance fast travel location. If you have a Mozzarina entry in your Paldeck, you can toggle to the Habitat tab, and it will show you where they can be found. I’ve included a couple of screenshots in case you don’t have the entry.

Once you’ve captured a Mozzarina, assign it to your Ranch at your base. You do this by picking the Mozzarina up and throwing it into the actual Ranch. It will then start to generate Milk, which you or your Pals can pick up and store as you see fit. Over time, you’ll end up with more Milk than you know what to do with. In fact, if you need Milk to make a cake so you can breed Pals, I’ve also got you covered for how to get Honey.

One trick I like to use is to swap out animals that produce resources passively. This way my base isn’t filled with a bunch of farm Pals, but I’m keeping up with the various resources as I go.

For more help finding all the things, visit our Palworld Strategy Guide. We’re hard at work uncovering all there is to find so that you can spend less time searching and more time butchering Pals.

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