How breeding works - Palworld

Learn how to breed Pals in Palworld using the Breeding Farm and Cake to create new creatures.


Breeding in Palworld can be started rather early, but it is definitely more of a late-game task. The advantage of breeding is that it allows you to take Pals you like and create different subvariants and even entirely new creatures. Getting starting with breeding can be tricky, so we’ve got the basic below to help you on your way. After that, you’ll no doubt be diving into the intricacies of getting your Pals to breed.

How breeding works

You need a couple of things before you can start breeding Pals in Palworld. Firstly, you will need to unlock the Breeding Farm and the Egg Incubator and also be able to make Cake. This is one of most resource hungry and time-consuming foodstuffs in Palworld, requiring items like Honey, Milk, and Wheat. Next, you will need a male and female version of the Pals you want to breed. Here are the broad steps of what to do:

  1. Catch two Pals (one male and one female) and assign them to your base
  2. Build a Breeding Farm and then pick up both Pals and throw them into the farm
  3. Bake a Cake and then add it to the box in front of the farm
  4. Collect the egg that appears and place it in an Egg Incubator
The player throws a cow-like Pal into a Breeding Farm
Assign the Pals you want to breed together to your base and then pick them up and throw 'em into the Breeding Farm!
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The first part of breeding Pals is to catch ones you want to breed. For example, get two Mozzarinas (one male and one female), assign them to your base, build a Breeding Farm, and then literally pick up the Pals and throw them into the farm. They will not go there themselves and you cannot use any that are in your Party. If you approach the center of the farm, you’ll see the tooltip tells you that both prerequisites have been met.

The ingredients to make Cake in Palworld
It takes a long time to make Cake.
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Next, you will want to create a Cake. This takes a long time, so consider getting all the ingredients together and making a few of them. Take the Cake and put it in the box near the Breeding Farm. If there are two Pals in there ready to go, it will be consumed and you’ll end up with an egg.

When the egg has been made, take it to your Egg Incubator. The egg will take a different amount of time to hatch based on the type of Pal you’re creating. When the egg is ready, go up to the incubator and hold the appropriate button and you’ll be the proud owner of a Pal you bred!

The Breeding Farm tooltip showing a male and female Pal and that breeding is happening
If you have two compatible Pals and Cake, you should see that love is blossoming between them. Soon you'll have an egg.
Source: Shacknews

Now, there is a lot of intricacy and details about breeding Pals in this game. This will require its own separate guide to explain, as it can get quick in-depth and confusing. But for now, know that nearly every Pal in Palworld has multiple ways it can be created through breeding. A Mozzarina can be created by breeding two Mozzarinas or even a Killamari and a Penking. Additionally, the Pal you breed is dictated by various power levels.

With the basics out of the way, you should now have a firm grasp on how breeding works in Palworld. Get out there, bake some desserts, and get those Pals into the Breeding Farm for some fun. Swing by our Palworld Strategy Guide for more help with the other mechanics.

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