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Riding around on your Pal mount makes exploration much easier.


How to get a Palworld mount is a process that’s more in-depth than you might expect. Palworld mounts come in several varieties, and you need a special item for each. The recipes for these items unlock fairly early in the monster-catching game, though, so it won’t be long before you’re zooming around the Palpagos Islands.

Our Palworld mount guide explains how to get a mount, which Pals you can ride, and what items you need to do it

How to get a Palworld mount

A Pal Gear bench menu shows a Rushoar saddle crafting option

Palworld mounts work a bit differently from mounts in most open-world games. Only certain Pals work as mounts – including some, such as Grizzbolt, that you might not expect – but you need to craft a specific saddle for each Pal species before you can ride them.

Pal saddles fall under the Pal Gear category, so you’ll need to build a Pal Gear Workbench. That unlocks in the Technology menu once you reach level six, which should happen fairly early in your adventure. If you’re struggling to level up quickly, make sure to complete the tutorial missions, and catch several of the same Pal species for a nice XP boost.

Saddles also unlock in the Technology menu, and the first – a Rushoar saddle – shows up at level six. However, you have to actually own at least one of a Pal before you can unlock its saddle technology.

How to ride Pal mounts in Palworld

A Pal tamer is riding on a Rushoar Pal mount near a rocky outcrop at the end of a grassy field

It sounds tedious, but once you craft the first saddle, you don’t need to make another one. You also don’t have to actually equip or use the saddle to ride a Pal, and it doesn’t take up inventory space. To ride a Pal, make sure they’re in your active party first – not your Pal base work party. Bring them out of their Pal Sphere, and press the button prompt at the bottom of the screen to ride them. 

While mounted, you can sprint, pick up items, direct your Pal mount to attack, and use firearms. Pals have their own stamina meter that’s separate from yours, and in my experience, they can survive longer falls than you can as well.

Each mount has different speeds and special features. Rushoar, the most basic one, is comparatively slow, while Fengelope can double jump, and Grizzbolt has their own minigun.

Early Palworld mounts you can get

Most of the best Palworld mounts are in places far away from your starting location, surrounded by high-level enemies. However, you can still find some handy ones early on.

  • Rushoar
  • Melpaca
  • Eikthrydeer
  • Direhowl
  • Chillet

All of these Pals roam the Windswept Plateau region, and Melpaca and Eikthrydeer are particularly common. Rushoar lives here.

A map image showing where to find Rushoar in Palworld

Direhowl often guard Syndicate outposts or raid your base independently, and Chillet typically stick near the river east of Rayne Tower.

Bear in mind that if you catch, say, an Eikthrydeer, that’s above your level, you won’t be able to ride it until you reach its level or higher, even if you’ve unlocked that Pal’s saddle.

If you’re looking for more Palworld help, check out our Palworld Strategy Guide for how to play Palworld multiplayer, easy ways to get more Paldium Fragments, and how to use Palworld's console commands for an easier adventure.

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