How to get Paldium Fragment - Palworld

Here's where you can find Paldium Fragments so that you can craft Pal Spheres.


Palworld is filled with unique creatures that you can catch, fight alongside, and put to work. Of course, you’ll need to properly capture them first, which requires Pal Spheres. To craft Pal Spheres, you’ll want to stock up on Paldium Fragments, which aren’t too hard to find. We’ll show you exactly where you can find Paldium Fragments in Palword.

Where to find Paldium Fragment - Palworld

A Paldium Fragment rock.
Rocks with a blue glow are rich with Paldium Fragments.

Paldium Fragments can be harvested from rocks with a blue glow. We recommend using a pickaxe to harvest more Paldium Fragments at a faster rate.

Paldium Fragments being harvested from a large rock.
Standard large rocks also yield Paldium Fragments, albeit less.

You can also mine Paldium Fragments from large non-blue rocks. However, these rocks will yield far less Paldium Fragments than their shiny blue counterparts. On the other hand, these rocks also yield stone, which you'll also need in order to craft Pal Spheres.

Once you’ve got the proper materials, you can craft a Pal Sphere at any workbench. You’ll need to have one Paldium Fragment, three wood, and three stone. Once you’ve crafted a Pal Sphere, you can use it to catch a Pal out in the wild and add it to your team. This will also register more information about the creature in your Paldeck.

That’s where you can find Paldium Fragment in Palworld. As you venture through this world of creature-collecting and survival, make sure you check out our Palworld Strategy Guide for all your Palworld needs.

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