How to learn Ancient Technology - Palworld

Get some Ancient Technology Points so you can learn Ancient Technology in Palworld.


There are a lot of things to unlock in the Technology tree in Palworld including some rather special Ancient Technology. Unlocking these purple items isn’t as simple as the basic structures and items as you’ll need something special called Ancient Technology Points. These rare points are hard to come by, so you’ll need to spend them wisely.

How to learn Ancient Technology

To learn Ancient Technology you must get Ancient Technology Points. These points are awarded for defeating the major bosses that are dotted around the map. For example, defeating the Chillet Pal will reward you with a single Ancient Technology Point you can use to unlock something like the Egg Incubator once you reach Level 7.

The player earns an Ancient Technology Point

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As mentioned above, Ancient Technology Points are extremely rare. These are typically only awarded for defeating bosses, and considering there are only a few of these means you need to go out of your way to get them. What’s more, you might have to make some tough decisions about what to unlock first.

The Technology tab in the menu

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Not only will you need Ancient Technology Points for these items, you’ll also need Ancient Civilization Parts. All of this is difficult to earn and may require you to go adventuring into dangerous areas like dungeons.

In saying all this, once you do have some Ancient Technology Points, make sure you invest that in Ancient Technology. The items will be a massive asset in your adventures across the world. We’ve got plenty more guides to find over on our Palworld Strategy Guide.

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