How to make Pal Spheres - Palworld

Start crafting Pal Spheres so you can capture all kinds of Pals in Palworld.


Pal Sphere are one of the first things you can make in Palworld and are arguably the most important. Without these balls, you won’t be catching anything and no progress will be made. When you first start, knowing how to craft Pal Sphere won’t be clear, neither will how you actually acquire the materials to craft them. The good news is that once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be crafting all sorts of Pal Spheres in no time.

How to make Pal Spheres

The Pal Sphere recipe at a workbench

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Pal Spheres can be crafted at any workbench in Palworld. Other than a club and pickaxe, these Spheres will be one of the first things you can craft.  Once you have some Spheres, you can get out and start catching Pals. The good news is that Pal Spheres require only three different materials and all of them are easy to find:

  • Paldium Fragment x1
  • Wood x3
  • Stone x3

The first, and most important material in crafting Pal Spheres, is Paldium Fragments. This special material is harvested from rocks with streaks of blue. You can find them dotted throughout the various environments either in large veins or sitting on the ground. There’s also a chance they drop from regular stone, but it’s rare.

Wood and stone are easy enough to locate. Either chop down a tree and use a pick on a big rock or collect the wood and stone off the ground. Get a decent supply of all these materials as you will want more than a single ball.

Once you’ve got the goods, return to a workbench and select the Pal Sphere. Click the Max button to make as many as you can – you’ll use one each time you try to catch a Pal. If you miss, the ball is gone, so it’s worth carrying several. Once the workbench as made them, acquire your Spheres and go capture some monsters! Take a look at our Palworld Strategy Guide for more help exploring this large and monster-filled world.

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