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Increase your survivability in Palworld by learning how to roll away from incoming attacks.


Palworld is a game that lets you do many things, but almost all roads traveled involve combat. Whether you’re fighting a boss or capturing new Pals that you find while exploring, expect to fight frequently. When you do, make sure that you’re putting to use Palworld’s roll mechanic, something that many players are overlooking as they dive in.

How to roll

An image showing the keybindings in Palworld for users on PC

To roll in Palworld, press the CTRL key on your keyboard or B on your controller. This will allow you to quickly evade incoming attacks from hostile Pals. The direction that you roll will depend on the direction you’re pressing on your keyboard or controller. If you’re pressing W on your keyboard or up on your analog stick on a controller, when you roll, you’ll roll forward. The same idea applies to any direction you’re moving when you initiate a roll.

Each time you roll you’ll use up a little bit of stamina. This means you’ll need to be wary of sprinting and rolling too much or you’ll find yourself fatigued and unable to evade. To mitigate this somewhat, you can enhance your stats each time you level up and spend some points on your Stamina, increasing the amount you sprint, roll, or even the distance that you can glide. This will become imperative as the fights get tougher in Palworld.

Now that you know how to roll and dodge enemy attacks, take a look at our Palworld Strategy Guide on Shacknews for more help with anything you can dream up and our controls and keybindings guide if you want to see what other simple actions you've been overlooking.

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