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Learn all the PC inputs, keybindings, and controller buttons for Palworld.


Palworld has entered early access and to say it’s been popular would be an understatement. For those who want to jump in, knowing the Palworld controls will help, especially for those playing on PC where there are a lot of different keybinding inputs. Below is a table containing all of the controls, as well as any that aren’t explicitly stated but are otherwise helpful.

PC keybindings & controls – Palworld

The PC keybindings in the Settings in Palworld

Source: Shacknews

The following table contains all of the actions and the buttons that activate them in Palworld. Those who are playing with a controller will note that some actions use the same button – this means it will be a contextual input. You can change any of these inputs, and even remap the buttons on controller, via Controls in the Options menu.

Palworld PC keybindings & controller buttons
Action PC Controller
Forward W Left thumbstick
Back S
Left A
Right D
Jump Space A
Summon Pal / Ride Skill 2 E Left Bumper
Throw Pal Sphere Q Right Bumper
Pick up / throw a Pal F
Partner Skill F X
Crouch / Slide / Ride Skill 3 C B
Reload R X
Roll Ctrl B
Sprint Shift Click left thumbstick
Change Pal (Left) 1 D-pad left
Change Pal (Right) 3 D-pad right
Change Sphere 2 D-pad down
Command Pal 4 Click right thumbstick
Emote Wheel 4
Change Weapon Scroll wheel Y
Aim Right click Left Trigger
Attack / Riding Skill 1 Right click Right Trigger

As you can see, there aren’t a lot of controls or keybindings in Palworld. The majority of the inputs will also be displayed on-screen when interacting with various objects, Pals, and structures. Take a look at our Palworld Strategy Guide for more information to help you capture these monsters.

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