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Pal Fluids aren't as gross as they sound, but they are tough to come by


How to get Palworld Pal Fluids is something you need to figure out pretty early in Pocketpair’s monster-catching game, though it’s happy to not tell you anything about how to actually find them. You need Pal Fluids for an important early-game crafting recipe, and they show up in a few intermediate ones as well. There’s no easy way to gather them, though, so you’re in for a bit of hunting.

How to get Pal Fluids in Palworld

A Pal tamer stands on a riverbank, looking upriver at a herd of Teaphant

Pal Fluids drop from Water-type Pals, similar to Fire Organs from Fire Pals and wool from Lambell. Like other Pal drops, you can get them whether you defeat a Pal or catch it, though we recommend catching them since you usually get a big XP bonus for the first 10 of the same Pal you capture. 

The downside is that you only get one Pal fluid per Pal. That means you have to go through and find at least five Water Pals to craft the hot spring and then do it all over again the next time you need Pal Fluids.

Pal fluid farming

Unlike some crafting materials, such as wool or honey, there’s no way to get multiple Pal fluid stacks back at your base, not in early access, anyway. Water Pals don’t shed fluids on the ranch or in any other facility, so the only way to get more Pal fluid is by catching or defeating Water Pals.

You might have run across a few Pengullet wandering the Windswept Plateau in your journey’s early hours, but there are better options for places to find Water Pals. 

One is here:

A map image showing a Palworld Pal fluids farm location with Celeray

These beaches are teeming with Celeray, a low-level Water-type that’s easy to defeat or capture even before you reach level six. Celeray also double as gliders once you craft the right Pal gear, so it’s worth keeping one of them around for later.

Another option is in the hills east of Rayne Tower. Turn east from the fast travel point there, and follow the river. There, you’ll likely find a herd of Teaphant, low-level (and adorable) Water Pals who drop Pal Fluids. Keep going, take a right once you reach dry land again, and follow the path around.

A map image showing Palworld Pal fluid locations with Teaphant

There are a lot more Teaphant around, and you’ll probably run into a Pengullet or three as well.

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