Where to find copper keys - Palworld

How to get copper keys so you can unlock those mysterious locked chests in Palworld.


Spend a few minutes exploring Palworld and you’ll find chests that require copper keys to unlock. Unfortunately, finding these keys is going to be a problem. Not only are they rare, but the enemies that drop them can tend to be a bit tough, especially early on in the game.

Where to find copper keys

Coppers keys can drop from Syndicate enemies and from Pals that raid your base. The trouble here is that these enemies only have a chance of dropping the keys. For me, it wasn’t until my base was raided by Leezpunks that I got my first one, in fact, I walked away with two.

Copper keys in a box in Palworld

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You’ll know your base is under attack when an onscreen message reads, “Herd of Violent Wild Pals Is invading your base!” At this point, you should hurry back to base and defend. The Leezpunks were no pushover, boasting high damage and a bunch of health. The good news is that if you’ve assigned Pals to your base then you should have several that are willing to help defend it.

A Leezpunk running from a fight

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As for the Syndicate enemies, these tend to be humans that hang around major areas of the map. There are often bases or sections of the map where they group up. You can also them in dungeons. Much like the raids, these enemies can be tough to handle. It’s always best to go in prepared before you start farming for copper keys.

Once you’ve found a copper key, you can go and unlock any of the chests you’d found previously. It’s a good idea to mark them on your map, as it can be easy to forget where they are. Take a look at our Palworld Strategy Guide for more help farming resources, working out mechanics, and expanding your collection of Pals.

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