Wanted: Keresh, Champion of Xol - Destiny 2

Keresh, Champion of Xol, is another one of the many Wanted bounty targets Spider will have you hunt in Destiny 2.


Keresh, Champion of Xol, is a Hive Knight kicking about on Mars in Destiny 2. This Wanted bounty of Spider’s is one of the easier targets to find and kill, as he’s not roaming about in the wilderness but tucked away safely (for now) in a Lost Sector.

Keresh, Champion of Xol – Mars, Core Terminus

The Hive Knight known as Keresh, Champion of Xol, is located in the Core Terminus Lost Sector on Mars. This Lost Sector is in the Braytech Futurescape area of Mars, the section to the north of the map. There are only two Lost Sectors on the red planet, the other one being Ma’adim Subterrane, which contains a Cabal Wanted target.

destiny 2 spiders wanted bounty keresh champion of xol
Pick up Spider's Wanted bounty for Keresh, Champion of Xol and complete it for an Enhancement Core, Glimmer, and XP.

To reach the Core Terminus, use the Braytech Futurescape fast travel point and bear left. You don’t want to head toward the Dynamo Approach, instead, you want to approach the buildings on the left of Ana Bray’s location.

Enter the building on the far left and go up the stairs. Continue to the top and then turn hard left to find a set of stairs leading down into a sub-level. This area winds down far below Mars to Core Terminus.

destiny 2 keresh champion of xol
Keresh, Champion of Xol is not defended by any Nightmares, so killing him is incredibly easy.

Core Terminus is a Lost Sector populated with plenty of Hive combatants. It’s worth coming here whenever you need to kill enemies very quickly or require a lot of headshots, as the Thrall and Acolytes are numerous.

Fight to the end of the Lost Sector to find Keresh, Champion of Xol. The Knight has no Nightmares defending it. This is certainly an oddity as most of the other Wanted targets, specifically those in Lost Sectors, tend to always have Nightmare units defending them. This makes Keresh one of the easiest targets to defeat as you don’t need to worry about other strong enemies.

Simply unload on Keresh, Champion of Xol, to defeat him. Once the target is defeated, consider returning to the Tangled Shore to get more of Spider’s Wanted bounties. You will need to have a good stockpile of Ghost Fragments, so take a moment to do some Public Events.

For more locations like that of Keresh, Champion of Xol, take a moment to peruse the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide. We’ve been diligently documenting every square inch of Destiny 2 and have a lot of answers.

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