How to get Ghost Fragments in Destiny 2

Learn the various activities that award Ghost Fragments in Destiny 2.


A new Destiny 2 expansion usually means that there are new materials Guardians must farm. This remains true when visiting the Tangled Shore, a new location for Guardians to run around and explore with the Forsaken expansion. The Spider, the planetary NPC for the Tangled Shore, wants a new consumable called Ghost Fragments. The Spider will sell Guardians Wanted bounties for these consumables, so they are worth collecting. There are some things to consider, however.

How to Get Ghost Fragments in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Ghost Fragments
Destiny 2 Ghost Fragments

Ghost Fragments are easy to collect in Destiny 2. As mentioned, they are found in the Tangled Shore, but it’s also important to know what activities will award them. Below is a list of ways to get Ghost Fragments in the Tangled Shore:

  • Region Chests
  • Random Loot Chests
  • Lost Sectors
  • Patrol Activities
  • Adventures
  • Public Events
  • High Value Targets
Ghost Fragments Tangled Shore Destiny 2
Ghost Fragments Tangled Shore Destiny 2

Of course, this is only the first day I’ve had my hands on Forsaken, so the list could grow. That, however, is a solid starting place for any Guardian. Just be mindful that the maximum amount of Ghost Fragments that can be held in the inventory at one time is 10. Completing activities after collecting 10 could lead to the belief they aren’t dropping. Well, they aren’t, but that’s because the Guardian can’t carry any more. Go trade them with the Spider and then head back out and keep collecting.

With a solid handle on Ghost Fragments in Destiny 2: Forsaken, head back to the Destiny 2 strategy guide for all the help a Guardian could need in conquering the end-game content.

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