How to get Ghost Fragments in Destiny 2

Get more Ghost Fragments from the right activities so you're not empty handed when talking to Spider in Destiny 2.


Ghost Fragments are a new material added to Destiny 2 with Forsaken. While most bounties these days are purchased using Glimmer, the Spider, a planetary NPC for the Tangled Shore, wants these bits of Ghosts in exchange for his own wares. The Spider will sell Guardians Wanted bounties for these consumables, so they are worth collecting. There are some things to note, however, when it comes to finding Ghost Fragments and the fastest ways to farm them.

How to Get Ghost Fragments in Destiny 2

ghost fragments destiny 2
You can only hold a handful of Ghost Fragments in your inventory at a time, which means you'll be spending a lot of time resupplying.

Ghost Fragments are easy to collect in Destiny 2. As mentioned, they are found in the Tangled Shore, but it’s also important to know what activities will award them. Below is a list of ways to get Ghost Fragments in the Tangled Shore:

  • Region Chests
  • Random Loot Chests
  • Lost Sectors
  • Patrol Activities
  • Adventures
  • Public Events
  • High Value Targets
Ghost Fragments Tangled Shore Destiny 2
The Tangled Shore is the only location where you can earn Ghost Fragments in Destiny 2.

The best way to get Ghost Fragments is to run around completing Public Events. Ideally, you will be completing Heroic Public Events, which often reward a few more than a normal completion. While doing this, you should also be picking up and completing Patrols. The best are the ones where you must kill enemies or collect parts from defeated enemies. 

Be mindful that the maximum amount of Ghost Fragments that can be held in the inventory at one time is 10. Completing activities after collecting 10 could lead to the belief they aren’t dropping. Well, they aren’t, but that’s because the Guardian can’t carry any more. Go trade them with the Spider for some of his Wanted Bounties and then head back out and keep collecting.

By getting a good supply of Ghost Fragments in Destiny 2, you will ensure you've got enough to buy Spider's Wanted bounties whenever the right one cycles around. These bounties are a great way to earn XP and some other resources. Head over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 strategy guide for all the help a Guardian could need in conquering the end-game content.

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