Wanted: Golmuut - Destiny 2

Hunt Golmuut, one of Spider's wanted targets, a massive Ogre hiding in Cargo Bay 3 on Titan.


Spider continues to want players to hunt down targets in Destiny 2, and one of the easiest ones is Golmuut. This wanted target is hiding out on Titan, the second planet players visit as part of the Red Legion campaign. Golmuut doesn’t pose much of a threat, though tracking him down can prove to be a bit finicky.

Wanted: Golmuut – Titan, Cargo Bay 3

As pointed out in the Wanted bounty, Golmuut is in Cargo Bay 3 on Titan. This is one of the three Lost Sectors on Titan, and probably the easiest one to find and finish.

destiny 2 spider wanted golmuut
You can pick up the Wanted: Golmuut bounty for 2 Ghost Fragments from Spider on the Tangled Shore.

Begin by using the fast travel point on The Rig. This will position you between two Public Event locations, the Spider Tank and the Wizard Ritual. Jump up to the walkway ahead of you and then head to the left-hand side railing. Jump over the railing and land on the catwalk below – this is right near the entrance to the Lost Sector.

Run down into the Lost Sector to find Golmuut, an angry Ogre defended by a whole lot of Hive. This Ogre also goes by the name “Greg” in the community and is one of the best enemies to test damage numbers on.

destiny 2 wanted golmuut
Golmuut is the Hive Ogre in Cargo Bay 3 on Titan.

While not necessary for completing the Wanted bounty, it can be a good idea to clear out the enemies as they can very easily overwhelm. Alternatively, go in and blast Golmuut away with a Grenade Launcher.

Once Golmuut dies, Spider’s Wanted bounty will complete and you can claim your reward, which is likely some XP and Glimmer. It’s worth doing many of Spider’s Wanted bounties as they are a great way to get a bunch of XP and Enhancement Cores – everyone could always use more of those.

Now that Wanted: Golmuut is completed, be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for even more helpful tips and tricks.

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