Wanted: Calzar, Scarred Captain - Destiny 2

Calzar, Scarred Captain is another one of Spider's Wanted bounties in Destiny 2, a Fallen Captain hiding out in the EDZ.


Spider’s list of enemies continues to dwindle with the help of Guardians. The next Wanted target on the chopping block is Calzar, Scarred Captain. This Fallen Captain is hiding out in the EDZ. Head to Earth and bring some Guardian justice down on his horned head.

Wanted: Calzar, Scarred Captain – EDZ, Shaft 13

As mentioned in the Wanted bounty, Calzar, Scarred Captain is in Shaft 13 in the EDZ. This is one of the many Lost Sectors in the European Dead Zone. To save yourself the hassle of scouring the map for the hard-to-see symbols, simply head to The Sludge to begin your search.

destiny 2 spider wanted bounty calzar scarred captain
Visit Spider on The Tangled Shore to get the Wanted bounty for Calzar, Scarred Captain.

The Shaft 13 Lost Sector is on the eastern side of the Sludge. You will want to find the area where the Glimmer Extraction or Taken Blight Public Events take place. There is a hole in the wall with a lot of Cabal defending the entrance. Look for the white symbol painting on the wall and then head inside.

Once inside this mine shaft, continue through to the end to find Calzar, Scarred Captain. Thankfully, this is a pretty shallow Lost Sector, so you won’t spend a lot of time running. Calzar is defended by a few Nightmare Shanks as well as a host of other Fallen enemies. Clear them out or focus on bursting down Calzar.

destiny 2 wanted calzar scarred captain
Calzar, Scarred Captain is hanging out in Shaft 13 in The Sludge in the EDZ.

Killing Calzar, Scarred Captain will automatically complete Spider’s Wanted bounty. Remember to actually go into your inventory and turn it in to receive the reward, which should be some XP, Glimmer, and the always important Enhancement Core.

Next up, you should consider returning to the Tangled Shore for more of Spider’s Wanted bounties. You will likely want to get your hands on some more Ghost Fragments, as purchasing a lot of his bounties is sure to plunder your stock.

With Wanted: Calzar, Scarred Captain caught and killed, take a moment to look over the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for even more location tips.

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