Wanted: Metal Captain - Destiny 2

Find the Wanted Metal Captain in the Drain while playing Destiny 2: Forsaken.


One of my biggest desires in Destiny 2 was for Bungie to give Guardians a reason to explore the various locations they created. Some are bound to be more popular than others, but how frequently does one go to Mercury during their end-game activities? Not much. With the Forsaken expansion for Destiny 2 here to officially kick off Year 2, some locations might become more popular due to the return of the Wanted bounties. Today, we’re going to look at the Wanted: Metal Captain located in the Drain lost sector of the EDZ.

Wanted: Metal Captain - The Drain

Wanted Metal Captain The Drain Destiny 2
Wanted Metal Captain The Drain Destiny 2

Spawn in at the Trostland region of the EDZ and hop on a sparrow. Head left and drive towards the Outskirts. There are three lost sectors in this region, but the Drain is the one located roughly in the middle of the map. It’s just beyond where the Servitor public event takes place, below the bridge next to the river. Enter the lost sector and push forward. It’s not possible to get lost in here.

Near the end of the Drain will be a few rooms full of Fallen, one of whom will be the Metal Captain. He’ll be easy to spot with the yellow bar above his head and killing him isn’t any more complicated or difficult than killing any other yellow-bar bosses found in the lost sectors of Destiny 2. I was able to chunk about half his health with three Golden Gun shots, and probably would have killed him outright if I was wearing my Celestial Nighthawk. The things we do for Power in the early days of a new DLC.

With the Wanted Metal Captain dead in the Drain, keep in mind that Shacknews has been busy covering everything a Guardian needs to conquer all the end-game content. Visit the Destiny 2 strategy guide to find more on the base game, as well as Forsaken itself.

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