Wanted: Valus Dulurc - Destiny 2

Defeat Valus Dulurc, one of Spider's Wanted bounties, for some nice XP and resources in Destiny 2.


Valus Dulurc is one of several Cabal targets Spider wants you to hunt in Destiny 2. This big bad Cabal unit is hiding out on Mars, just waiting for you to come ruin his day. Much like the other targets on Spider’s list, Valus Dulruc isn’t much of a threat, unless you’re vastly underleveled, which is just about impossible these days.

Wanted: Valus Dulurc – Mars, Ma’adim Subterrane

Valus Dulurc can be found on Mars in the Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector. This is accessed via the Glacial Drift fast travel point in the south of the red planet. From the spawn point, turn right and follow the cliff edge around to the entrance of a cave. If you’re having trouble locating it, check out our the Mars Lost Sector map.

Valus Dulurc Wanted bounty Destiny 2

The Lost Sector is full of Cabal units. You can either fight through them all for the extra XP each kill offers (or if you’re completing bounties) or just jump from the first room up to the bridge to shortcut a lot of needless violence.

To take down Valus Dulurc, just walk on in and smack him with whatever you’ve got. He does still do a surprising amount of damage if you stand completely still and do nothing.

Valus Dulurc Destiny 2

Once Valus Dulurc is defeated, you will be awarded XP, several thousand Glimmer (which is enough to buy a couple of bounties for XP), and an Enhancement Core for all your Masterwork needs. With that done, make sure you get more Ghost Fragments to buy more of Spider’s Wanted bounties.

Valus Dulurc is a pretty easy Wanted target to take down in Destiny 2. He’s also easy to find as he’s a guaranteed spawn. Be sure to peruse the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more helpful tips and enemy location guides.

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