Wanted: Mazan, Lost Captain - Destiny 2

Locate the Widow's Walk lost sector in the EDZ and hunt the Mazan, Lost Captain in Destiny 2.


Nothing makes a Guardian feel more productive than hunting down a Prison of Elders escapee with a Wanted bounty on their head. Today, we’re going to track down the Mazan, Lost Captain, who is hiding out in the Widow’s Walk lost sector in the EDZ.

Wanted: Mazan: Lost Captain - Widow’s Walk

Set a course for the EDZ, spawning in the Trostland region, which is one of the first places you’ll visit as part of the Destiny 2 campaign. From where you spawn look for the big church directly in front of you. As you’re facing it there will be a road to the left and one to the right. Take the road to the left and keep an eye out for the lost sector symbol on one of the buildings across the street from the church. If you head into that lost sector, that is Widow’s Walk, and that’s where the Mazan, Lost Captain is hiding out. You can see all lost sector locations with our all lost sectors in Destiny 2 guide.

This is a very straightforward lost sector. As you reach the main area Fallen will spawn in. Eliminate them by any means necessary. If you’re at the point in Destiny 2 where you’re completing Wanted bounties, your Power will be high enough to cut through these foes like butter. A single super ability use on your target should put it in the ground. With the Mazan, Lost Captain dead, turn the bounty in from your inventory and loot the lost sector chest for whatever small rewards it has.

With the Mazan, Lost Captain dead in Widow’s Walk and the Wanted bounty claimed, get back on the hunt for more Prison of Elders escapees. While some offer small rewards, a few offer Powerful engrams that can help level you to a point where end-game activities become available. Try our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more help with the most recent content.

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