Wanted: Shayotet Partisan - Destiny 2

Find and defeat the Shayotet Partisan that's hiding on Nessus in Destiny 2.


Spider has a lot of enemies, and the latest is the Shayotet Partisan, a big Cabal Colossus in Destiny 2. For those looking to track down this Wanted target, the search will begin on Nessus. The good news is that this powerful fella is extremely easy to find.

Wanted: Shayotet Partisan – Nessus, The Conflux

The Shayotet Partisan is hiding out in The Conflux on Nessus. This is one of the many Nessus Lost Sectors. You can find the Conflux in the Cistern area, to the left of the fast travel point and across the Radiolarian fluid.

Shayotet Partisan Wanted bounty Destiny 2

To reach the entrance, start at the fast travel point and follow the path around to the left. You will want to use your Sparrow to jet across the Pools of Luminance and toward the Well of Flame tower. At the base of the tower, more towards the land, there will be a hole in the wall below the tree. This is the entrance to the Conflux.

Shayotet Partisan Destiny 2

Fight through the Conflux to find the Shayotet Partian at the end. You can either run straight to it or kill everything on your way there. Defeating this target will reward some XP and Glimmer. Unfortunately no Enhancement Cores for your troubles.

Make sure you return to the Tangled Shore to get more Ghost Fragments and visit Spider to pick up more of his Wanted bounties. You’ll likely want to hunt all of these targets down while you still can.

With the Shayotet Partisan tracked and defeated, you can go about hunting more of Spider’s targets or doing one of the other activities in Destiny 2. Make sure you take a moment to look over the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide. We’ve been hard at work documenting just about everything in the game and putting it in one easy place.

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