Wanted: Thyrdron - Destiny 2

Hunt the Wanted Thyrdron for Spider's bounty, a target hiding out on Nessus in Destiny 2.


Spider has a lot of Wanted bounties in Destiny 2. Those looking to collect ‘em all will no doubt be searching for Thyrdron, a Vex unit hiding out on Nessus. For this Wanted Bounty, players will want to scoot on over to this planetoid in search of this time-jumping Vex.

Wanted: Thyrdron location – Nessus, The Orrery

destiny 2 spider bounty wanted thyrdron
The Wanted: Thyrdron bounty will cost 3 Ghost Fragments.

As the Wanted bounty indicates, Thyrdron is located on Nessus, in the Orrery Lost Sector. To reach this location, use the Artifact’s Edge fast travel point. This will spawn you right in the middle of Nessus, directly above the entrance to the Lost Sector.

Jump down from the vantage point and head toward the rocky terrain on the north. The entrance to the Lost Sector is tucked away into the sandstone, just below the big Vex portal. Continue through the caves until you reach a big open cavern full of Vex.

destiny 2 wanted thyrdron
Thyrdron can be found in the Orrery in Nessus.

Thyrdron is the boss of this Lost Sector, so it’s impossible to miss it. This giant minotaur will be defended by Nightmare harpies, a handful of Hobgoblins, and a dozen or so normal Goblins. Defeating this boss shouldn’t be a problem for most players, but if you are struggling, try to use some Void damage to pop the boss’ shield, which will give you a few seconds to deal damage while it's stunned.

Thyrdron is one of the many Spider Wanted bounties in Destiny 2. There’s just about one for every Lost Sector, one for the majority of strikes, some for public events, and even random roaming targets. Hunting them all down is going to take quite a long time, so be sure to make the task easier with our Spider Wanted Bounty guides.

With Thyrdron the Wanted target defeated, the bounty will complete and you can focus on other tasks. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for even more location tips.

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