Wanted: Qeldron, Keeper - Destiny 2

The Qeldron, Keeper is another of Spider's Wanted bounties players will want to find and kill in Destiny 2.


The Qeldron, Keeper is one of the Vex targets Spider will have you hunt in Destiny 2. This Wanted target and prison escapee is hiding out on Io, just waiting for you to come and fight. Thankfully, this is a guaranteed spawn, so no RNG involved!

Wanted: Qeldron, Keeper – Io, Grove of Ulan-Tan

Players can find the Qeldron, Keeper in the Grove of Ulan-Tan Lost Sector on Io. This Lost Sector is found in the Lost Oasis area of the small planet, to the left of the fast travel point. The entrance to this cave system is found in the cliff face.

Qeldron Keeper wanted bounty Destiny 2

Once inside the Lost Sector, fight through the enemies and work your way towards the final room. Qeldron, Keeper is a large Vex Minotaur that likes to stand around in a pool of blue liquid. As with most Vex, it sports a Void shield, which you can either pop using a Void weapon for more damage or just bust through with anything else.

qeldron keeper destiny 2

Defeating Qeldron, Keeper rewards a small chunk of XP (useful for leveling up the Season Pass), over seven thousand Glimmer (enough to buy a couple of bounties, again, for more XP), and an Enhancement Core for all your Masterworking needs. Given that this Vex is super easy to find, it’s well worth picking up this bounty whenever it’s available – unlike those bounties that task you with finding a High-Value Target.

When you do kill Qeldron, Keeper, head back to the Tangled Shore to farm more Ghost Fragments and buy more of Spider’s Wanted bounties. Complete enough of these each week and you’ll have a steady supply of Enhancement Cores coming in.

With Qeldron, Keeper defeated, collect your reward and get back to hunting more targets. You can also check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for even more assistance in tracking down enemies and recommendations for Exotic armor.

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