Wanted: Thaan'Hul - Destiny 2

Thaan'Hul has made an enemy of the Spider, track down this Wanted target in Destiny 2 to claim a reward.


Thaan’Hul is another one of Spider’s Wanted targets in Destiny 2. This Hive Knight has been deemed to be a threat that must be eliminated, and so you’ll be travelling to Titan to sort it out. Much like the other Wanted targets (save for the big ones), Thaan’Hul isn’t a real threat, unless you’re vastly underleveled and, quite frankly, standing around doing nothing.

Wanted: Thaan’Hul – Titan, DS Quarters-2

Thaan’Hul is hiding out on Titan in the DS Quarters-2 Lost Sector. This is the Lost Sector found in The Rig area of the small moon orbiting Saturn. Thankfully, this means you won’t need to wait around for a Public Event, though the Lost Sectors on Titan can be somewhat tricky to actually find given the verticality of the level.

destiny 2 wanted thaan'hul bounty
Defeating Thaan'Hul rewards some XP and Glimmer.

Before we dive into finding Thaan’Hul, it’s worth noting that its name in-game also appears with a hyphen: Thaan-Hul. This is likely just a small error that has gone unnoticed, killing Thaan-Hul counts as killing Thaan’Hul.

As for actually finding the DS Quarters-2 Lost Sector where this Knight is hiding, start your search at the Rig fast travel point. Go inside the building to where the Wizard Public Event usually takes place. Cut across the room and follow the hallway, being sure to not go outside. You will come across the Lost Sector symbol and some stairs leading down – this is the way.

destiny 2 thaan-hul
Thaan'Hul (or Thaan-Hul) will be waiting for you in the dark.

At the bottom of this Lost Sector you’ll find your target. Simply unload on it with whatever you’ve got to swiftly put the Knight in the ground. Once defeated, the bounty will proc and you can claim your reward.

From here, consider farming Ghost Fragments so you don’t wind up missing out on getting some of the bigger targets. Be sure to check out the Spider’s Wanted bounty list for any you might be struggling to find.

After defeating Thaan’Hul, claim your rewards and then get back to the grind. But between that, take a moment to look over our extremely comprehensive coverage of Bungie’s latest shooter in our Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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