Wanted: Tattered Dusk Captain - Destiny 2

Hunt the Tattered Dusk Captain in Destiny 2, one of Spider's Wanted bounty targets.


The list of enemies Spider has players track in Destiny 2 is unending. The latest Wanted bounty target is the Tattered Dusk Captain, an escape from the Prison of Elders that is hiding out on Nessus. Unlike a few other targets, this Fallen Captain is easy to find as it’s sequestered in a Lost Sector.

Wanted: Tattered Dusk Captain - Nessus, The Rift

destiny 2 tattered dusk captain bounty
The Wanted bounty for the Tattered Dusk Captain can be purchased from Spider for one Ghost Fragment.

Finding the location of the Tattered Dusk Captain is as easy as heading to Nessus and searching through the Rift Lost Sector. This is found in the Exodus Black area of the planetoid – so nice and easy to reach. This means you won’t have to wait around for a Public Event, just run into the Lost Sector and off the Captain.

As for the exact location of the Rift Lost Sector, it’s found directly opposite the fast travel point, against the western wall. Look for the hole in the wall to find a tunnel that leads down through a few caverns filled with Fallen enemies like a Servitor, Dregs, and some Vandals.

destiny 2 tattered dusk captain location map
The Tattered Dusk Captain is in the Rift Lost Sector in the Exodus Black area of Nessus.

The Tattered Dusk Captain is the main boss of this Lost Sector, so you can’t really miss it. As you deal damage to the Captain, it will teleport around the area, trying to avoid your fire. It will also be defended by some Nightmare Shanks, so be sure to take them out if you’re underlevelled. However, the best bet is to likely just melt the Captain and get out.

When the Tattered Dusk Captain is defeated, head back to the Tangled Shore to get some more Ghost Fragments and do some more of Spider’s Wanted bounties.

Finding and killing the Tattered Dusk Captain will reward a handful of XP and some Glimmer. It might not be a lot of resources, but it might help push your Power higher. With that done, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more of these enemy locations and other tips.

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