Wanted: Karugul - Destiny 2

Learn where to go to claim the Wanted bounty on Karugul in the Methane Flush lost sector in Destiny 2.


Continuing with our guides to help players with the Wanted bounties, today we arrive at Karugul, a Hive Wizard that can be found in the Methane Flush lost sector on Titan. These Wanted bounties, given by the Spider at his hideout in the Tangled Shore, see Guardians tracking down escaped inmates from the Prison of Elders.

Wanted: Karugul - Methane Flush

The arrow is pointing to the entrance to the Methane Flush lost sector.
The arrow is pointing to the entrance to the Methane Flush lost sector.

There are only three lost sectors on Titan, and wouldn’t you know that Methane Flush was the last one I checked. It’s located in Siren’s Watch, very close to where Guardians spawn in. Instead of going to see Sloane, jump off the platform and over to the nearby building. Off the side of the building is the entrance to the Methane Flush lost sector, and it’s here that the Wanted bounty on Karugul can be completed.

You will find Karugul, a Hive Wizard, in the first room with enemies. A strong output of damage could kill this foe before it can retreat to the back room, but there are a lot of Hive here and it might be worth taking your time. I used a bow to clean out the smaller Hive, shooting the explosive canisters for big damage. Be wary of the two Shriekers in the first room; they should be dealt with first.

Once Karugul is dead the Wanted bounty from Spider will be complete, but Guardians shouldn’t forget to loot the chest in the back room. It’s tough to say if any worthwhile loot will drop, but at the very least it should provide some planetary materials that will be required for infusion. Turn in the Wanted: Karugul bounty from your inventory and that’s it.

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