Wanted: Sunless Captain - Destiny 2

Spider wants you to track down the Sunless Captain, another one of his Wanted targets in Destiny 2.


The Sunless Captain is a Fallen enemy of the Spider in Destiny 2. As with all of Spider’s Wanted bounties, this one is hiding out somewhere, and it’s up to you to find it, and kill it. This particular target is hiding out in the EDZ in a Lost Sector, making it significantly easier to track than those randomly-spawning High-Value Targets.

Wanted: Sunless Captain – EDZ, Terminus East

The Sunless Captain’s Wanted bounty mentions that he is hiding in Terminus East in the European Dead Zone. This is one of the many EDZ Lost Sectors in Destiny 2. As for where to find this one, it’s located in Trostland, one of the first areas you’ll reach in the game.

destiny 2 wanted sunless captain
The bounty from Spider for the Sunless Captain costs a mere single Ghost Fragment.

From the Trostland fast travel point, go towards the chapel and then over to its right-hand side. Look for the Lost Sector marking on the wall and follow it through to Terminus East. Inside this Lost Sector you will find the Sunless Captain, other Fallen opponents, and Nightmare Wretches.

Killing the Sunless Captain shouldn’t be a problem at this stage of the game. Most players should be well-equipped to take down this kind of boss, and if you’re not, consider spending some time acquiring more gear. Once the Fallen Captain is dead, remember to pop the bounty so you can get the XP and Glimmer.

Destiny 2 Sunless Captain
The Sunless Captain is defended by some Nightmare Wretches and other Fallen.

With this bounty complete, remember to go and farm up more Ghost Fragments, lest you find yourself with none to spend on the big bounty that rewards the most XP as well as an Enhancement Core. We’ve also got a helpful guide for each of Spider’s Wanted bounties, if you’re struggling to locate others.

Now that you’ve managed to track down and kill the Sunless Captain, one of Spider’s Wanted targets, you can get back to farming more XP and gear. Take a moment to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for even more helpful tips, lists of best-of-class weapons, and Exotic guides.

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