Destiny 2: Beyond Light & Season of the Hunt roadmap

Check out the Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt roadmap to see what's planned for the next few months of Destiny 2.


The Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt roadmap has been revealed. Players that are excitedly awaiting the next major Destiny 2 content release have a lot to look forward to. There’s a new raid, a new type of activity, new strikes, Iron Banner, and annual events to keep players hooked. Let’s take a look at the Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt roadmap and work out exactly what’s in store.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light & Season of the Hunt roadmap

The Destiny 2: Beyond Light roadmap has a lot of information to unpack. Before we get into it, remember that this is also the Season of the Hunt roadmap, as the season starts the same time Beyond Light releases: November 10. As always, there is content that is free to all players and content which is limited to those who pick up the latest expansion.

destiny 2 beyond light season of the hunt roadmap
  • November 10: Beyond Light begins, the Seasonal Artifact unlocks, new rewards in the Season Pass, Empire Hunts, The Glassway Strike
  • November 10 – January 12: Uncover Europa’s secrets
  • November 13: Adept weapons are added to Trials of Osiris
  • November 17: Season Mission and Wrathborn Hunts begin
  • November 21: New raid, Deep Stone Crypt, is available
  • December 8: Iron Banner
  • December 15 – January 5: The Dawning

Let's start at the beginning of the Beyond Light roadmap: November 10. On this date, players will be able to dive into the Beyond Light campaign, earn a new seasonal artifact, unlock new rewards through the season pass, play the new Strike, head to Europa to uncover its secrets, and partake in Empire Hunts. This date will likely also see the Cosmodrome become available. 

destiny 2 season of the hunt roadmap

The first Trials of Osiris of the season starts on November 13. This new season will introduce Adept weapons to the pool of rewards for those players that reach the Lighthouse. These prestigious weapons boast some great features, including the ability to utilize the new Adept Mod type.

Following on, Wrathborn Hunts will start on November 17. This seems like an extension of the Empire Hunts. Players will also access a new season mission, which sounds like an Exotic questline similar to Exodus: Preparation and Exodus: Evacuation from Season of Arrivals.

The big event players will be working towards is the release of the Beyond Light raid, Deep Stone Crypt. On November 21, the raid unlocks. For the first 24 hours, Contest Mode will be active, severely hampering how useful Power is in the raid.

destiny 2 beyond light roadmap deep stone crypt

The first Iron Banner of the season will take place on December 8, and should run for the usual amount of time. What weapon is on offer this time around has yet to be revealed.

To cap off the Beyond Light roadmap (and Season of the Hunt roadmap) is The Dawning. This special event happens every year and often sees players baking cookies and other treats for the vendors of the Tower and beyond. The Dawning is scheduled to begin on December 15.

The roadmap also makes mention of a few Exotics coming to Destiny 2 with Beyond Light. Included in this is Hawkmoon and Duality, two weapons that have yet to be unveiled. However, Destiny 1 players will no doubt have some fond memories of the luck-based Hawkmoon.

With the Destiny 2: Beyond Light roadmap revealed (which is also Season of the Hunt), players can start planning out how to attack the new season of content. There’s a lot on offer, with more to come in the New Year. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for our ongoing coverage.

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