Destiny 2 - New Max Level and Power Level Cap

The maximum Power continues to increase with Destiny 2 with the level jumping up every so often whenever new Supers are introduced.


Every time Destiny 2 releases a new expansion, expect the Power level and max level cap to increase. This is the case with every single expansion (and even some limited-time events). When Destiny 2 first launched, the max Power was 300 (305 with mods) but now, all these years later, Guardians have grown fat with strength. With the release of each new DLC, players want to know what is the new Power level cap and max level. The latest season, Season of the Worthy, will most likely following the trend of increasing max Power.

Last updated on June 9, 2020 at 4:20 p.m. EST.

Max Level and Power Level Cap - Season of the Worthy

The Power level in Destiny 2 increases whenever a new expansion or piece of DLC is released. However, not every piece of DLC includes a level increase, that seems to be reserved for when new Supers are introduced. The following shows what the maximum Power was with each new piece of content.

Content Max Power
Destiny 2 base game 300 (305 with mods)
Curse of Osiris 330 (335 with mods)
Warmind 380 (385 with mods)
Moments of Triumph event 400 (405 with mods)
Forsaken 600
Season of the Forge 650
Season of the Drifter 700
Season of Opulence 750
Shadowkeep / Season of the Undying 950 (960 with Pinnacle gear)
Season of Dawn 960 (970 with Pinnacle gear)
Season of the Worthy 1000 (1010 with Pinnacle gear)
Season of Arrivals 1050 (1060 with Pinnacle gear)

Power continues to climb in Destiny 2. With the arrival of, well, Season of Arrivals, the Destiny 2 Power cap has been raised by 50 points to 1050. Those that manage to get decked out with a full set of Pinnacle gear can reach 1060. Keep in mind, Seasonal Artifacts can inflate this Power well beyond the cap set by the season. At the end of the season, these artifacts are rendered obsolete, replaced with a new artifact that must be charged up.

Update: The rest of the original story concerning the initial Forsaken update follows.

The max level players are currently able to reach is 50, which was introduced with Destiny 2: Forsaken. This is several levels above Warmind and should give players a few good hours' worth of grinding before reaching that maximum number. As usual, gear is locked behind the new level, so don't expect to be able to equip the maximum Power gear before getting your level up higher.

The new max Power level cap is 650. Events like the Nightfall and new Heroic Strike playlist are going to require a higher Power than what was released with Warmind, and the same applies for the new raid, Last Wish. What's more, the end-game of Destiny 2 will continue to expand thanks to the seasonal release schedule, and with each new season comes an increase in the Power by 50 points.

How do you reach the new max level and max Power level cap? Well, you start by playing through the Forsaken story and seeing where you land. However, as is true with previous expansions, there will be a soft cap which players will find difficult to break through, likely in the 500-550 Power range. 

To bridge those last few levels, players will need to fight through the most difficult content in the gain, specifically, the end-game content Shattered Throne dungeon and the Last Wish raid. In the event these activities are beyond the capability of you or your Fireteam, the next best step is to complete the various Milestones each week for the Powerful gear engrams. The engrams rewarded by Petra Venj are the most powerful, so save those for last.

While the new max Power has been increased, don't expect the max Level to increase as frequently. Players looking to reach maximum Power and Level will need to focus on completing any new content that drops and the prioritize end-game activities and Milestones. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide to make sure your Guardian is in tip-top shape. You want to be ready for that new raid, don’t you?

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