Featured raid schedule & rotation - Destiny 2

Use this featured raid schedule and rotation so you can earn some extra Pinnacles in Destiny 2.


Featured raids is a new rotating system in Destiny 2. Each week, one of the older raids will be active, rewarding players with Pinnacle drops and activating all of that raid’s challenges. Players that are chasing better gear will want to take advantage of this new Pinnacle source. Below is a featured raid schedule so you can plan out your farming sessions.

Last updated: November 1, 2023.

Featured raid schedule & rotation

destiny 2 featured raid schedule rotation
Each week, one of the old raids will be active, offering players Pinnacle gear and turning on all the raid's challenges.

Each week there will be two raids that players can complete to score Pinnacle gear. There will be the most recently release raid and the weekly featured raid. Check out our featured dungeon schedule  and Exotic Mission Rotator schedule for information on the other endgame activity rotations.

Featured raid schedule & rotation
Date Raid
August 22 Last Wish
August 29 Garden of Salvation
September 5 Deep Stone Crypt
September 12 Vault of Glass
September 19 Vow of the Disciple
September 26 King's Fall
October 3 Root of Nightmares
October 10 Last Wish
October 17 Garden of Salvation
October 24 Deep Stone Crypt
October 31 Vault of Glass
November 7 Vow of the Disciple
November 14 King's Fall
November 21 Root of Nightmares
November 28 Last Wish
December 5 Garden of Salvation
December 12 Deep Stone Crypt

The weekly featured raid will have all of its challenges active and can be farmed, giving players a shot at some bonus gear. Meanwhile, the non-featured raids will have one challenge active. Here is a list of each raid challenge so you can knock them out.

Keep this featured raid schedule bookmarked so you can come back and see which raid is active each week in Destiny 2. Remember to attempt the challenges for some bonus gear. Swing by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more help with raids and other endgame content.

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