Keep Out Destiny 2 Last Wish raid challenge

Learn how to complete the Keep Out challenge in the Vault of the Last Wish raid for some more Powerful gear.


The Keep Out challenge in Destiny 2 tasks players with venturing into the Vault in the Last Wish and completing the encounter under specific conditions. Because of the overall challenge of the Last Wish raid, and the strict parameters of the Keep Out challenge, it’s a good idea to be as high a Power level as possible before starting.

Keep Out challenge Last Wish

To complete the Keep Out challenge offered by Hawthorne, players must kill the Might of Riven Knights before they enter the center chamber. This is super easy to understand but far more difficult to execute. Obviously, make sure you know how to complete the Vault section of the Last Wish raid, as it won’t be explained here.

Keep Out Destiny 2 Last Wish raid challenge
Pick up the Keep Out challenge from Hawthorne and head to the Vault encounter to earn some more Powerful gear.

Because the Keep Out challenge requires players to prevent a Might of Riven Knight from entering the center chamber, it’s important to be in a position where this is possible. As soon as a Taken Essence is picked up, two sections of the arena are sealed off by a Taken wall, the trick is to be on the other side before the Taken Essence is collected.

Assign three players the role of being in one of these three rooms (Tree, Rock, Ball) and it will be their job to find the Might of Riven when it spawns and kill it quickly. The Might of Riven typically won’t stop to fight, as its only goal is to reach the center, but it will swing its sword if you get close enough.

Destiny 2 Might of Riven Keep Out
If a Might of Riven enters the center chamber the Keep Out challenge will fail.

Killing the Might of Riven is the toughest part as it has a whole lot of health. An excellent strategy is to use Tractor Cannon to push it away from the Taken wall. This will give you extra time to kill it while also supressing it, preventing it from attacking or moving. Power weapons and Supers will also be useful when trying to kill it quickly. Depending on the Season, some of the Seasonal Artifact mods will make it easier to kill this enemy with unique weapon setups. For example, during Season of the Lost, One Thousand Voices was an excellent choice.

A run at completing the Keep Out challenge might look like this:

  1. Stand on plates and make the symbol callouts
  2. Clear enemies and defeat Eye of Riven
  3. Three players go to their respective rooms
  4. Taken Essence is picked up and carried through to the center
  5. Might of Riven Knights are killed as soon as they spawn

The number of Might of Riven Knights that spawn increases with each round, so at one point there will be three trying to reach the center. This is a long fight, and if even one of the Knights makes it to the center chamber, the Keep Out challenge will fail. What’s more, the players in the outer rooms will have to contend with smaller enemies spawning – it’s not an easy task.

The Keep Out challenge for the Last Wish raid in Destiny 2 is going to be one of the more demanding tasks players face. Not only is the Vault a lengthy fight, but the Might of Riven Knights won’t always cooperate. If a Might of Riven does manage to get through, the Keep Out challenge will fail, so just let it wipe the team and start again.

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