Hands Off King's Fall raid challenge - Destiny 2

The Oryx challenge, Hands Off, in Destiny 2 tasks players with defeating Oryx while managing Ogre and Knight kills.


The Hands Off challenge is the last one in the King’s Fall raid. This Oryx challenge tasks players with being deliberate about which Ogre and Knight they kill. If you can handle this challenge, you’ll walk away with another chest full of loot.

Get a third reward chest by activating the Oryx chest symbols.

Hands Off challenge – Oryx the Taken King

To complete the Hands Off challenge in the Oryx encounter, a player cannot defeat the same Light-Eater Ogre and Light-Eater Knight more than once. If you defeat the Light-Eater Ogre that spawns beside L1/bottom left, you cannot defeat it a second time during the entire fight – you will have to get someone else to defeat it. This applies to the Light-Eater Knights too and remains for the whole fight, across damage phases, and even into the final stand.

As for actually performing the challenge, the best method is a swapping system. If you start on L1/bottom left and defeat your Ogre and Knight, after the damage phase swap to the R1/bottom right platform (that player will go to your original position). The players near Oryx’s spawn point will do the same. After the next damage phase, the two sides swap – so the team near the entrance go to the far side and the team closer to Oryx move to the entrance.

Image shows a player defeating a Light-Eater Ogre in the King's Fall raid for the Hands Off challenge
If you kill a Light-Eater Ogre and Light-Eater Knight, you cannot kill that same Ogre and Knight a second time. Move to another location!
Source: Bungie

During the final stand, the two Light-Eater Ogres count against the challenge. Players that have already defeated an Ogre at those locations must not defeat these Ogres. The more damage phases you need, the more difficult this challenge becomes.

On top of all of that, you must also remember which Light-Eater Knight you defeated as they are also taken into account for this challenge. The main problem here is that sometimes a player can be Torn Between Dimensions after defeating their Ogre but before their Light-Eater Knight spawns. If this happens, it creates a bit of a mismatch. Typically, a player would defeat their Ogre-Knight pairing. In the event you cannot kill your Knight, let someone know so that it doesn’t consume the Corrupted Light.

Overall, this challenge can take a little bit more work to complete than previous ones. It can be fiddly, especially if you’re a floater and have killed a mismatch of Ogre-Knight pairs. Ideally, you’ll have enough damage to two-phase Oryx, ensuring there are more than enough players to defeat the two Ogres that spawn during the final stand.

With the Hands Off challenge completed, you’ll have acquired the last possible extra chest in the raid, unlocked a Triumph, and be one step closer to claiming the Kingslayer Title. Read over our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for a wealth of other raid content.

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