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Find hidden symbols in the King's Fall raid to spawn an extra chest after the Oryx fight.


The King’s Fall raid has several hidden symbols that can spawn an extra chest. By finding the three correct symbols and shooting them, players can spawn an extra chest after the Oryx fight that drops a guaranteed red border weapon once a week. For players that are farming weapon patterns, spawning the Oryx extra chest is important.

Note: If you are in an encounter, activate the symbol, and then wipe, you may need to activate the symbol again. Check each symbol after encounters to make sure none were accidentally activated (like the Warpriest symbol).

Use this table to get a quick idea of where each symbol spawns. Click the image to jump to a detailed explanation or scroll down.

Oryx extra chest symbols
Symbol Location
Below first swinging prison
Hive ship jumping puzzle, near secret chest
Annihilator Totem left room
Warpriest right balcony
Golgoroth maze final hole
Golgoroth arena, lower left room
Piston wall jumping puzzle, beside secret chest
End of piston wall jumping puzzle, above final door
In final room, above entrance

How to spawn Oryx extra chest

If you already know how to spawn the extra chest at Oryx, scroll down further for detailed explanations of the symbol locations. To spawn the bonus chest after the Oryx boss fight, you must first find and remember the symbols that appear beneath the Hive portal platform in the first relic encounter.

Image shows the three symbols used as reference at the start of King's Fall for the Oryx extra chest
Check below the Hive portal before you go through to find your three reference symbols.

Before you start the encounter, go beneath the Hive platform, face the starting location, and remember the three symbols that appear. These three symbols will be hidden in specific locations in the raid. You must find the node that corresponds with the symbols and shoot them.

There are nine locations in the King’s Fall raid where these symbols will appear. To input the correct symbols, shoot the node to make the rune appear. If you shoot the incorrect node, shoot it again to turn the rune “off”. When you turn on the third correct symbol, a message will appear on-screen saying: The runes accept your offering. You will now receive an extra chest after defeating Oryx. This chest is available once per week and is guaranteed to drop a red border weapon.

Note that you must complete the raid in one go to get the chest. You cannot go to Orbit. You cannot find three symbols and then leave. It must be one continuous run with a successful clear.

Kings’ Fall symbol locations

There are nine symbols in the King’s Fall raid. You must find the three symbols that match the three you saw beneath the Hive platform. These runes appear throughout the entire raid, all the way into the final room.

Swinging prisons

Image shows the first Oryx extra chest symbol near swinging prisons
Jump on the first swinging prison and turn around.

The first symbol is at the swinging prisons after going through the Hive portal. Stand on the first one, turn around, and spot the symbol beneath the ledge.

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Tomb ship secret chest

Image shows the second Oryx extra chest symbol near secret chest at Hive ship puzzle
At secret chest after Hive ship jumping puzzle.

The next symbol is above the door at the secret chest in the Hive jumping puzzle. After clearing the Hive ships, make your way to where you must activate the plates and travel on one final ship. Instead of passing through the barrier, jump off to the left and climb the diagonal strut up to the hole in the wall. The door will only open if two people stand on the plates. If you don’t manage to make it to the secret chest, you might be able to shoot it from the lower area with a sniper rifle.

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Annihilator Totems

Image shows the third Oryx extra chest symbol at Annihilator Totem encounter
Annihilator Totem's left room, on balcony.

This symbol is in the left room at the Annihilator Totems encounter. Enter the left room and look up to the ledge to find it. You can either activate it before or after the fight – just make sure you don’t accidentally deactivate the rune.

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Warpriest balcony

Image shows the fourth Oryx extra chest symbol at Warpriest fight
Warpriest room, on the top-right balcony.

Another symbol is found in the Warpriest room on the balcony at the top right. Climb up the stairs to find it. Like Annihilator Totems, activate it before or after the fight, just make sure it doesn’t get turned off.

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Golgoroth maze

Image shows the fifth Oryx extra chest symbol in Golgoroth's maze
Golgoroth's maze, the last hole.

A symbol is found at the end of the Golgoroth maze, in the final hole. Jump across the hole and face the direction you came to spot it.

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Golgoroth arena

Image shows the sixth Oryx extra chest symbol in Golgoroth's arena
Golgoroth's arena, lower left room.

Another symbol is in Golgoroth’s arena, in the left room on the lower level.

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Piston wall secret chest

Image shows the seventh Oryx extra chest symbol in the piston wall jumping puzzle
Piston wall jumping puzzle, in secret chest room.

The seventh symbol is located in the piston wall jumping puzzle beside the secret chest. To find this room, work your way along the wall and out to the pillar with the small platforms attached to it. Hold out your ghost to see a hidden path. Move along the path to make the platforms appear. At the top is a hole in the wall, through which is the secret chest and symbol.

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Piston wall final door

image shows the eighth symbol for the Oryx chest in King's Fall

This symbol is at the end of the piston wall jumping puzzle, on the ceiling above the last door.

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Final arena

image shows the ninth symbol for the Oryx chest in King's Fall

The last symbol is inside the Oryx arena, above the entrance.

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After you shoot the three correct symbols and receive the on-screen message that the offering has been accepted, all that’s left to do is defeat Oryx.  The chest will spawn in front of the boss chest and will drop one Deepsight (red border) weapon a week. Now go run the other raids, collect their loot, and read over our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more endgame content.

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