Out of Its Way Vault of Glass raid challenge - Destiny 2

Discover the easiest way to complete the Out of Its Way challenge, also known as the Templar challenge, in the Vault of Glass in Destiny 2.


The Out of Its Way challenge in Destiny 2 requires players defeat the Templar in a particular way. Those who were around during the original Destiny days will be well-versed in this challenge, though there are some new strategies for dealing damage. Other than the Conflux encounter, this is probably the easiest of all the challenges in the Vault of Glass raid.

Out of Its Way challenge/Templar challenge – Vault of Glass

To complete the Out of Its Way challenge, the Templar must never teleport. That means someone will need to stand in its teleportation ring, which not only prevents the Templar from teleporting, but will cause it to summon waves of powerful Praetorian foes. Before you begin, ensure everyone knows how to beat the Templar.

destiny 2 out of its way
The player with the Relic should stand in the circle and damage the Templar if they're able.

The mechanics of this fight remain the same. Have one player pick up the Relic and then everyone assists in taking down the first three Oracles. If done effectively, these should be the only Oracles killed during the encounter. The Relic holder should use the Relic’s Super to take down the Templar’s shield and then begin looking for the teleportation circles. These appear as red circles with a white vertical line. Stand in the circle to turn in blue, and remain in it until the circle disappears. At this point, the Relic holder should begin looking for the next one. Make it easier by using the Relic’s standard attack to “fly” around the arena.

destiny 2 out of its way challenge strategy

As for what the other five players should do, the best strategy – as of writing – is to use dual slug shotties. You want to use precision-class Shotguns, which includes Heritage, Blasphemer, Sojourner’s Tale, Bonechiller, and First In, Last Out. You’ll be using these Shotguns fairly close to the Templar, on one of the two platforms around the pillars near the entrance.

destiny 2 out of its way strategy builds
Use the platforms near the entrance of the encounter as your group-up point for damage. Remember to use Wells and bubbles.

Have a Warlock use middle tree Dawnblade, Attunement of Grace, for the Well of Radiance. This will ensure you have both survivability and a damage increase. A Titan can use top tree Sentinel, Code of the Protector, for a Ward of Dawn. Place the bubble further back and have players run back in and out of the bubble. Because Weapons of Light increases your damage by a greater amount than Well of Radiance, its damage multiplier will take precedence.

Players that have Anarchy should begin the damage phase by utilizing it and then switching to using the Shotguns. Refresh the Anarchy damage whenever the nodes disappear. During Season of the Splicer, the Breach and Clear mod further increases your damage potential. Players with one-and-done Supers (Nova Bomb, Blade Barrage) should use them as well. Anyone that doesn’t have Anarchy should use the best Power weapon they have, Xenophage, Deathbringer, or even some Grenade Launchers.

destiny 2 vault of glass out of its way
Use the Relic's light attack to fly through the air to quickly reach new teleport locations.

If your fireteam has none of the recommended weapons, it’s still possible, but it will be more difficult. You may run into ammo problems or simply be struggling with damage. If you take too long, another wave of Oracles will spawn which must be dealt with.

The Out of Its Way challenge in Destiny 2 is one of the easier ones in the Vault of Glass raid. This is also commonly referred to as the Templar challenge. The only difficulty for some players will be having the optimal weapon loadout for peak efficiency. Swing by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more raid guides and other helpful pieces.

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