Get the Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun in Destiny 2

Unlock Xenophage in Destiny 2 by completing The Journey steps on the Moon for Eris Morn.


Xenophage is currently rocking Destiny 2's PVP meta thanks to its incredible damage. Players that want to unlock Xenophage will want to strike while the iron's hot. The whole quest, The Journey, starts on the Moon at the Sanctuary fast-travel point.

The Journey Exotic quest - Xenophage

Xenophage is proving itself as an extremely powerful Machine Gun in Destiny 2. Though it might not have the same capacity and rate-of-fire as some others, it makes up for this with highly explosive rounds. Unlocking Xenophage will require a bit of footwork, some puzzle solving, and venturing into the Pit of Heresy dungeon. Here are the steps to unlock Xenophage:

  1. Go to the Enduring Abyss below the Moon
  2. Use a ball of light in the Anchor of Light to light up six locations
  3. Solve puzzles in the Moon Lost Sectors
  4. Enter the Pit of Heresy and find the hidden item after the first encounter
  5. Collect a charge during the Pariah Ogre section and use it to light two brazier to open a door
  6. Slay Volmar, the Tempted

Step 1: Go to the Enduring Abyss

To obtain the quest, load in near Eris at the Sanctuary fast-travel point on the Moon. Head through the portal near her (if it's there) and follow to the point where you can see the pyramid. If the portal is not there, you'll have to take the long way. Use the embedded video below to help you find the Enduring Abyss location.

The area you're going to is called the Enduring Abyss, and you'll find four statues when you arrive, two on either side from where you look out towards the pyramid. Do not touch any statues until you're ready to begin. They should not be lit at all. Light all four statues by pressing the interact button when you see the message Emerge from the Dark while looking at each one. While looking out at the pyramid, I lit the statues in a clockwise direction, and this is the way it must be done. Loot the newly spawned chest to obtain The Journey, the Exotic quest for the Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun in Destiny 2.

Step 2: Emergence

The first step of the quest will take Guardians to the Anchor of Light region on the Moon. Once there, an orb (ball of light, if you will) can be picked up. This light can then be taken to six nearby locations. At each one, Guardians will have to hold the interact button to Light Your Path. The six locations must be hit in the correct order, which is why we have a video of this step embedded above.

Step 3: Pathfinder - Lost Sector puzzles

Pathfinder Quest Step Destiny 2

The Pathfinder section of The Journey tasks players with solving puzzles in Lost Sectors. These are flip puzzles, where shooting a symbol flips all the symbols on its cardinal plane to the next icon. The puzzles are all found at the very end of the Lost Sector, after defeating the boss and going through a locked door.

You will need to complete all four puzzles in each of the Moon’s Lost Sectors to find the path fragments. Credit to the Raid Secrets community for the solution to some of these puzzles.

K1 Revelation

Destiny 2 Lost Sector puzzle K1 Revelation
Destiny 2 Lost Sector puzzle K1 Revelation
  1. Left middle
  2. Middle
  3. Middle
  4. Left middle
  5. Top middle
  6. Bottom middle
  7. Middle
  8. Right middle

K1 Logisitcs

Destiny 2 Lost Sector puzzle K1 Logistics
  1. Top left
  2. Bottom left
  3. Middle
  4. Right middle

K1 Communion

Destiny 2 Lost Sector puzzle K1 Communion
  1. Left bottom
  2. Right bottom
  3. Middle top
  4. Middle top

K1 Crew Quarters

Destiny 2 Lost Sector puzzle K1 Communion
  1. Right top
  2. Left middle
  3. Middle
  4. Middle bottom
  5. Right bottom
  6. Right bottom
  7. Middle bottom
  8. Middle bottom

Step 4: Descent

Destiny 2 The Journey Descent

If you’ve yet to do so, make sure you’ve unlocked the Pit of Heresy dungeon, as this next step requires you to dive deep into this new activity.

Clear the first encounter, collect your reward from the chest, and then press onwards. When you reach the wall covered in doors, look up to the left to spot one without a chain hanging over it. Use the wall to climb up to this door. Inside you will find a stone you can interact with that reads "Reveal Path's End". Interact with the stone and move on to the next step.

Step 5: Discovery

Destiny 2 Discovery Reveal a Path

The next step takes place in the Pit of Heresy dungeon, in the second encounter with the invincible Pariah Ogres. Along the left-hand side of the area is an abyss, but there's a ledge just over the edge. Drop down to it and stand on the plate while holding the appropriate button to "reveal a path". Jump across the floating platforms and collect the charge.

Destiny 2 Discovery Light Your Path

Take it back the way you came, sticking to the right-hand wall. You will need to use the charge to light two plates near a small door. This causes the door to open, granting you access to the final boss and the last step. This whole step is best attempted when the ogres disappear after clearing the encounter.

Step 6: Slay Volmar, the Tempted

Destiny 2 Xenophage Slay Volmar the Tempted

The final step in unlocking Xenophage is to defeat a hidden boss in the Pit of Heresy dungeon, Volmar, the Tempted. When this is completed, return to Eris Morn to receive the Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun. The boss fight requires you to use specific elemental damage against Volmar.

When you enter the first room, look at the bottom left of your screen to see what elemental charge you have. Find this element type in the corners of the first room. You will need to memorize the symbol as you must now find that symbol in the boss room. Go into the boss room and search for the symbol. When you find it, activate it. This will give you a short timer allowing you to deal damage of that specific element type. When the time is up, you will need to repeat the process of finding the matching symbol. 

When Volmar, the Tempted dies, return to Eris Morn to get your reward.

Unlocking Xenophage in Destiny 2 is a lengthy process that requires fighting through the Pit of Heresy dungeon. As with all dungeon runs, it's best to take a fireteam with you. Check out our Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more Exotic weapon walkthroughs.

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