Looping Catalyst challenge Vow of the Disciple raid - Destiny 2

Complete the Looping Catalyst challenge during the Rhulk encounter in Vow of the Disciple raid for more Destiny 2 loot.


The Looping Catalyst challenge in Vow of the Disciple raid is now live in Destiny 2. This challenge tasks players with tackling the Rhulk fight with specific limitations in order to earn bonus loot. The good news is that this challenge is ridiculously easy, arguably easier than the others in the raid.

Looping Catalyst challenge / Rhulk challenge

destiny 2 looping catalyst challenge
The Looping Catalyst challenge is for the Rhulk encounter in the Vow of the Disciple raid.

To complete the Looping Catalyst challenge, players must not use more than one big crystal during the symbol dunking phase when fighting Rhulk. What this means is you must always have the Leeching Force debuff being rotated between players, but only while out on the steps. If you lose the Leeching Force debuff, you will need to shoot another big crystal, which will fail the Rhulk challenge.

destiny 2 looping catalyst leeching force big crystal
Destroying the big crystal in the middle will give you Leeching Force. You can only destroy one big crystal per symbol dunking phase on stairs area pictured here.

Now, this should be how you are completing the Rhulk encounter anyway. If you aren’t doing this, check out our Rhulk guide for an overview. Essentially, two players are responsible for swapping the Leeching Force between them using the smaller crystals while two other players take the Leeching Force and turn it into Emanating Force.

During the symbol dunking phase where you move up the stairs towards Rhulk, if you accidentally lose the Leeching Force, another big crystal will spawn, as will additional Glyphkeepers. This is how the challenge fails.

When you clear the symbol phase and head up to Rhulk’s arena, there is no need to worry about the challenge, as it only applies for the steps. You’re free to grab the Leeching Force and turn it into Emanating Force and continue the fight as standard.

The Looping Catalyst challenge in Vow of the Disciple raid is surprisingly easy. For most Destiny 2 players, this will be their typical strategy for completing the Rhulk encounter. Make sure you know how to get the extra Rhulk chest so you can get triple the rewards when this challenge is active! Stop by our Destiny 2 strategy guide for a treasure trove of valuable information.

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