Vow of the Disciple Rhulk extra chest symbol locations - Destiny 2

Hidden around the Destiny 2 Vow of the Disciple raid are symbol rooms that are used to spawn an extra chest after the Rhulk fight.


The Vow of the Disciple raid has several hidden rooms that contain symbols. Finding the three rooms you need and activating the symbols will spawn an extra chest after the Rhulk fight. For those that are able to clear the raid in one go, this is an absolute must-do, as it will reward you with a guaranteed raid weapon with Deepsight Resonance and weapon pattern progress.

Here is a quick list of where the symbols are for those that are already familiar with their location but need the info at a glance. You can find more detailed descriptions for each one further below:

  • Pyramid - After the big drop
  • Give - Before Acquisition in frozen carbonite room
  • Darkness - Left of the Sphinx in Acquisition
  • Traveler - Red cube room on balcony
  • Worship - Caretaker final stand hallway
  • Light - Beside red light statue in jumping puzzle
  • Stop - Below extra chest in jumping puzzle
  • Guardian - After Artifact encounter before Dominion jumping puzzle, up the stairs on the left
  • Kill - At the top of the jumping puzzle before the Rhulk fight

How to spawn Rhulk extra chest

If you already know how to spawn the chest, then you can scroll on down to the symbol room locations below. To spawn the bonus chest after the Rhulk boss fight, you must first find and remember the symbols that appear on a reference pillar. This reference pillar is immediately after the payload encounter, right as you enter the Pyramid. Go into the large room with the grass and stairs up the back. Run through the middle and a pillar will spawn showing three symbols. You must find the three rooms where those symbols appear and activate it.

destiny 2 vow of the disciple symbol rooms rhulk bonus chest
Find your reference pillar in the first room once you enter the Pyramid.

To activate a symbol, shoot it and the symbol will appear. If you accidentally activate the wrong symbol, you can shoot it again to turn it off. When you turn on the third correct symbol, the symbol will lock, disappear, and a message will appear on-screen: The Disciple recognizes your offering…

destiny 2 vow of the disciple symbols
Here is what the symbols look like and their official names from the Vow of the Disciple raid. The layout matches that of the large symbol room.

Take a look at our Vow of the Disciple raid guide if you’re struggling to complete any of the encounters. Remember, you must complete the raid in one go if you want to grab this chest. You cannot find all the symbols, get the on-screen message, and then quit. However, if you join a run that is in-progress where they have summoned the chest, you'll be able to get it.

Vow of the Disciple symbol rooms

There are several rooms in the Vow of the Disciple raid that contain symbols. You only need to find the rooms for the symbols that you saw on your reference pillar. The rooms appear before and after encounters, and during the jumping puzzle sections.


destiny 2 vow of the disciple symbol room pyramid
Immediately after the big fall, turn to find the door.

After the payload section you will enter the Pyramid and drop down a huge fall. When you land, turn around to find a door with a Crux beside it. Shoot the Crux to open the door, inside is the Pyramid symbol.


destiny 2 vow of the disciple symbol room give
Right before the Acquisition encounter, look for the Crux above the door in the frozen slab room.

After the room with all the symbols you can interact with (and before the Obelisk encounter) will be a room with big frames with bodies frozen in them. Across from where you entered will be another door with the Crux on top of it. Inside is the Give symbol.


destiny 2 vow of the disciple symbol room darkness
Inside the Acquisition arena, near the Sphinx.

In the Acquisition area where the Obelisk encounter takes place is a Sphinx on the left-hand side. Do not start the encounter. Instead, jump up to the Sphinx and shoot the Crux between its feet. This will open a door beside the Sphinx. Inside this room is the Darkness symbol.


destiny 2 vow of the disciple symbol room traveler
The Crux is up above the door in the room with the red cubes.

Once you complete the Obelisk encounter, continue through the rooms until you enter a room with a reddish tinge from two cubes on black pillars. At the other end of the room will be a locked door. Jump up above the door to find the Crux, shoot it, and go inside the room to find the Traveler symbol.


destiny 2 vow of the disciple symbol room worship
In the Caretaker final stand location, the Crux is to the left, the door is to the right.

The Worship symbol is in the same area as the final stand for the Caretaker. When the Caretaker is defeated, look on the left side to find the Crux. This will open a door on the right-hand side of the room, allowing you access Worship.


destiny 2 vow of the disciple symbol room light

After the Caretaker fight will be a jumping puzzle. The Light symbol is found once you reach the first area where enemies continually spawn and a Crux is used to swap platforms in and out. There will be a statue with a white light above it, in a orange-red light. To the right of the statue is the door that leads to the Light symbol.


destiny 2 vow of the disciple symbol room stop

The Stop symbol is a little further along after the Light symbol. This one is found down a hallway that can only be traversed by jumping along a few stationary beams that lead to a hidden room with a secret chest. There is a hole in the floor beside the chest that leads to a room full of enemies. Drop down, defeat the enemies, shoot the Crux and go inside the door in the same room to find the symbol.


destiny 2 vow of the disciple symbol room guardian

Immediately after the Artifact encounter where you collect your loot and see the Upending, go up the stairs on the left-hand side. The Crux is on the outside of the structure, on a thin ledge wrapping around the outside. Shoot it and then go back towards the stairs.

After shooting the Crux, turn around and look for the door floating above the stairs. The arrow indicates the starting location and route.

Instead of going down the stairs, look behind the pillar to spot the door that leads to the Guardian symbol.


destiny 2 vow of the disciple symbol room kill
The Crux is circled and floating above the gap.

The Kill symbol is found right before the drop down into the final boss fight. You will climb up a chasm with floors on either side. At the top, turn around and shoot the Crux that’s floating at the back of the room. This will open a door at the top, on the right, when facing the boss arena. This is also where some Taken Centurions spawn.

After shooting the three correct symbols, all that’s left to do is defeat Rhulk and claim your rewards. The chest will spawn right beside his glaive, you can’t miss it. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more information on the raid and the latest season of the game.

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