The Only Oracle For You Vault of Glass raid challenge - Destiny 2

Learn how to complete the Only Oracle For You challenge in the Vault of Glass in Destiny 2.


The Only Oracle For Your challenge in Destiny 2 asks players to complete the Oracle section of the Vault of Glass raid in a unique way. Before you tackle the Oracle challenge, it’s critical you have a full fireteam and knowledge of how the encounter unfolds.

The Only Oracle For You challenge/Oracle challenge – Vault of Glass

To complete The Only Oracle For You challenge, players must not kill the same Oracle twice. This means if you killed the middle Oracle once during the fight, you cannot destroy it a second time. Before you begin, ensure everyone on your team understands how to beat the Oracles encounter.

destiny 2 the only oracle for you challenge
Here's a rough approximation of where the Oracles spawn in the Templar's Well. Pick which location must mark two Oracles. L1 and L2 works well.

As for actually completing the challenge, the best way to do it is to have a rotating strategy, where each player marks an Oracle spawn point, and then when a round finishes, all players rotate to the next Oracle location.

Have each player stand near the spawn point of an Oracle. Because there are seven Oracles and six players, one location will be responsible for two Oracles – this is typically L1 and L2 for my group.

destiny 2 vault of glass the only oracle for you
After each round of Oracles, rotate around the arena clockwise to the next Oracle.

When everyone is in position, start the encounter and perform the callouts as standard, defeating each Oracle in the correct order. As soon as the last Oracle is defeated, all players need to rotate to the next Oracle (clockwise works well). This means the player marking L1 and L2 moves to L3, the player at L3 moves to R3, the player at R3 moves to R2, and so on. This also means the player marking Middle will need to move to a position where they can mark L1 and L2.

Note that even if your Oracle doesn’t spawn during a round, you must rotate. There are only five rounds, which means five rotations. The toughest part for this challenge will be ensuring everyone knows where the Oracles are, dealing with Hobgoblins, clearing enemies and paying attention to the Oracle spawn order.

Xenophage can also one-tap the Hobgoblins that line the perimeter.

Remember to use Xenophage to one-shot Oracles. It’s also quite nifty at taking out those distant Hobglobin snipers. If a player goes down during the encounter, the closest person should revive them as soon as possible so as to avoid any Oracle double-up kills, which would fail the challenge.

The Only Oracle For You challenge in the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny 2 is one of the, dare I say, easier challenges in the raid. When it gets to the Gatekeeper and Atheon challenges, that’s where things get a bit trickier. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more raid guides and weapon recommendations.

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