Forever Fight Destiny 2 Last Wish raid challenge

Learn how to easily complete the Forever Fight in Destiny 2's Last Wish raid.


The Forever Fight in Destiny 2 tasks players with completing the Morgeth fight in the Last Wish raid under specific conditions. Morgeth, the Spirekeeper, is already reasonably tough to try and manage enemy spawns and Taken debuffs, and the Forever Fight lumps more challenge on top of that.

Forever Fight challenge Last Wish

To complete the Forever Fight challenge available for purchase from Hawthorne, players must not kill any Ogres that spawn during the Morgeth fight. It is really that simple, the trouble comes with actually trying to execute the other mechanics of the fight. It goes without saying, make sure you know how to complete the Morgeth fight, as there’s no sense in attempting the challenge without this understanding.

Forever Fight Destiny 2 Last Wish raid challenge
Do not kill any of the Ogres during the Morgeth encounter to complete the Forever Fight challenge.

The Ogres will be constantly attacking, pushing you around the arena and generally being a pain. Any player that is a low Power will have a tough time navigating the area. However, if your team has the Power, definitely attempt to one-phase Morgeth the Spirekeeper, as having more and more Ogres enter the battle is going to increase the likelihood of deaths.

Because the Ogres spawn up the back of the arena near Morgeth, try to put as many pillars and objects between you and the Ogres in order to help avoid the knock-back eye blasts. The Ogres are also fairly easy to kill, so be careful when using wave-clear Supers or firing off rockets; if any Ogres die, the Forever Fight challenge will fail.

The only real tip for completing the Forever Fight challenge is to keep communication open and clear. Players will need to ensure they are able to track the location of the Ogres and collect the Taken Essences from the Eyes of Riven without being killed by the Ogres. Whenever someone is locked down, ensure that the route to the Taken Essence is clear, to do this, have another player try and get the attention of the Ogre.

Overall, the Forever Fight challenge in Destiny 2’s Last Wish raid is easy to setup, and its failure condition easy to avoid. For more coverage of the various Last Wish challenges, head over to the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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