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How to complete the Conservation of Energy challenge in the Abyss encounter in Crota's End.


The Conservation of Energy challenge in the Abyss encounter is the first of four challenge Triumphs in Crota’s End. As far as Destiny 2 challenges go, this one can be quite tough given the tight time limits on the debuffs. In saying that, a well-oiled team should be able to pull this off without too much stress.

Conservation of Energy

The Conservation of Energy challenge requires that only the lanterns with the Preservation nodes can be enlightened and only after the Chalice of Light has been preserved. This means that if you enlighten a lantern before depositing the chalice, the challenge will fail, even if it is a lantern with a node.

A preservation node beside a lantern in Crota's End
The Preservation node must be used before the lantern is enlightend.
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There are only about seven Preservation nodes in the Abyss section and their location is randomly selected. However, each preservation point tends to only have two or three potential places it can spawn. For example, the second Preservation node tends to be at the corner or the lantern directly after it. Run the Abyss section enough and you’ll come to learn where each one can spawn.

It goes without saying that you need to move through the Abyss quickly. With only seven or so lanterns with Preservation nodes, the Engulfed with Darkness debuff will be far more oppressive than under normal conditions. It can help to use Strand Grapple points to move through quickly or even something like The Other Half, just be careful not to dash into a hole.

The Conservation of Energy challenge is tough, though maybe not as difficult as the Feather-Light Triumph. Completing this is needed for the Swordbearer Title and will even earn you an Adept weapon on Master. Check out our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more Crota’s End challenge tips.

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