Of All Trades Deep Stone Crypt raid challenge - Destiny 2

How to do the Of All Trades raid challenge in Deep Stone Crypt in Destiny 2 for some extra loot.


The Of All Trades challenge requires players become, literally, the jack of all trades in the Deep Stone Crypt raid. This raid challenge in Destiny 2 will test your team’s ability to swap the Augment buff quickly and ensure that each player understands the fight’s mechanics. Though intense and chaotic, this challenge isn’t too bad.

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Of All Trades raid challenge

To complete the Of All Trades raid challenge, each player must perform each role at least once. However, you cannot just cycle through the three Augments in one round, you must use the Augment for the entire round. Basically, you should only swap buffs after depositing both nuke cores.

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6
Player 1 Scanner Suppressor Operator
Player 2 Scanner Suppressor Operator
Player 3 Operator Scanner Suppressor
Player 4 Operator Scanner Suppressor
Player 5 Suppressor Operator Scanner
Player 6 Suppressor Operator Scanner

The above table shows each player, each of the six rounds, and what Augment they will take. After using an Augment, you will have a break the following round. This ensures that anyone with the Deactivated Augment/Augment Lockout debuff has time for the debuff to wear off. There are six rounds of depositing nuclear cores, which means there is enough time for a team of six to cycle through all three Augments: Scanner, Suppressor, and Operator. 

destiny 2 of all trades challenge
After each round, all of the Augments must be deposited and then taken by the correct player.

As for how this will look, basically, swap Augment buffs after depositing nuclear cores. Players without a buff will need to know which one they take next. It should rotate in a Scanner/Suppressor/Operator rotation or whichever rotation works best for you. It may even help you to pair up so that players know who they are delivering a buff to (and taking one from).

Keep in mind that anyone can deposit a nuclear core, except probably the Suppressor given that they will be busy stunning Taniks. Obviously, you will need a good understanding of how this fight works. Take a look at our Deep Stone Crypt guide for more information.

Completing the Of All Trades raid challenge will net you an extra chest of rewards in the Deep Stone Crypt raid. To reiterate, you must use an Augment for an entire round for the challenge to count. Once the station crashes, grab your rewards and progress on to the next challenge. For more raid guides, swing by our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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