The Core Four Deep Stone Crypt raid challenge - Destiny 2

Complete the easiest Deep Stone Crypt raid challenge, The Core Four, for some extra Destiny 2 loot.


The Core Four challenge requires players shorten the Taniks fight in Deep Stone Crypt by removing unnecessary steps. Quite frankly, this is one of the easiest raid challenges in Destiny 2. Just make sure you bring the damage so you don’t need to perform the challenge requirement another time.

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The Core Four raid challenge

To complete The Core Four raid challenge, all four cores must be deposited in one go. What this means is that when you move to shoot Tanik’s wings, all four must be destroyed. If you only destroy two, the challenge will fail. When the four cores drop, four players will need to pick up the cores and carry them to the appropriate buckets. This will initiate the damage phase.

destiny 2 the core four raid challenge
If Taniks goes to Yellow, the four cores must be deposited at White and Blue.

This is quite possibly the easiest challenge in the Deep Stone Crypt. Anyone that has cleared the raid will likely have been using this method the entire time. The only real challenges are ensuring that no one gets trapped while shooting the wings, freeing players as they walk with the cores, and moving quickly when you know which corner Taniks will go to.

On that last part, one player should watch Taniks. When he moves to a specific side, that indicates the location of the core buckets. For example, if he moves to white, the four cores must be deposited in blue and yellow. This means the Scanner doesn’t need to be used.

Not only does depositing four cores in one go mean you can skip straight to the damage phase, you will also get three damage sections. This can all but ensure you hit the last stand in one go.

The Core Four raid challenge in Deep Stone Crypt is the easiest challenge in the entire raid. Even if you’ve never done the raid, it’ll be easy to get this one done – plus you get more loot! Good luck getting your own Eyes of Tomorrow and be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more raid challenge tips.

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